Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)



No, you will still be able to play as a supernatural being.


I can see these matching up rather well with the female characters. Especially Tara, will be interesting to see if I can break through her facade and earn some of that dere. :rofl:

I can see myself playing multiple times and romancing them all. Though for Sophia, on her run I’m gonna go darkside and have her come out of her closet.




(i can see myself playing an opportunist mc)


Thank you! Could the anime terms be explained?

  • Deredere: Someone who is affectionated and highly energetic towards others. They are often fawning over the ones they care about. Also, Deredere are rarely embarrased and have no issue with public displays of affection.
  • Hajidere: Someone who is extremly shy and sometimes even introverted. They are often so shy, that they would blush constantly around the ones they care about.
  • Kuudere: Someone who rarely shows emotions. However, they are not always emotionless. They often show their emotions to someone they care about.
  • Nyandere: Someone who mimics the behaviour of a feline. They display a playful and extremly fickle behaviour and their speech pattern will often contain “Nyaa” to some extend.
  • Tsundere: Someone who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time.
  • Dojikko: Someone who is extremly clumsy. They frequently fall, run into things, or trip over the lowest obstacles and even though they are annoyed at their misfortunes, a dojikko always shows their good side and regrets messing things up.
  • Haraguro: Someone who has an outward appearance of being amicable, friendly, innocent, kind and/or refreshing, but uses any combination of the aforementioned traits to hide their real cruel, cunning, evil, manipulative, mean and/or sadistic side.


Thank you! I’ve always wondered!


Hey everyone. I’m really sorry, but there is still one piece of Information, that I forgot to post yesterday. It regards the appearances of the Raiju and the Half Dragon.

Lets start with the Half Dragon. As you all probably already know, if you pick the Half Dragon as your species, your character will sport scales as well as a dragon tail. However, this will change a little bit with the new Prolog. Don’t worry, you will still keep the already existing features, but you will also get some new distinguish Features. The new change will give your character horns as well as pointed dragon-like ears.

Your character would basically look like this:

or like this:


I thought these changes could help, to make the Half Dragon MC a little bit more “dragon-like”.

Next on, the Raiju. I ask you some time ago if you would like to choose the animalistic appearance of your character, if you play as a Raiju. Since a lot of you seemed to like the Option to choose your animalistic appearance, I decided to include the Option in the character creation right at the beginning. You can choose to give your character either the animalistic features of a cat, a fox, a wolf or a dog.

As of right now, you can only choose from These four animals. However I would really like to include a fifth Option. Though, I would also like to give the choice for the fifth option to you. Is there a animal, from which you would like to get its features for your character? If yes, then please post your wish. There is only one condition. Your choosen animal must have fur, a tail and fur covered ears.
In the end, I would create a poll with all your suggestions and let you vote for the fifth option for the appearance of the Raiju.

Last but not least, since I was talking about the appearances of the MC, I thought the following part might fit.
It’s about the true appearance of one the ROs. To be more precisely, it’s about Emilia. Mia is, similar to the MC, a supernatural being of the inhuman kind, which means that she possesses some inhuman features, which she has to hide in public, to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
To give you a example to how Mia might look like in her real appearance, I looked a Little bit around and found the following picture. Again this is only my idea for her real appearance.

Well then, thats it. Thank you everyone for your patience.


prepares for the heart wrenching choice of choosing between half dragon or raiju


What about a tiger? If possible we can choose the color right (I remember reading something about that)? Was hoping for a white tiger. That would fit with the raiju persona since the white tiger I’m picturing would be like Byakko from the Shin Megami Tensei games.


As I said, I would like to include a fifth option for the appearance of the Raiju and I would like to take your suggestions for the fifth option.
I would wait and see what others suggest and then make a decision, for what I include as the fifth option.


Yeah, I read the 5th option poll part, I just quoted the wrong part. :rofl:

Meant to quote the last part, but by mistake quoted the last one on the previous paragraph.


The fifth option for Raiju question wat about a Panther


I wanted a frog but they have no fur :s
Maybe Red panda? It would look something like this


That’s cute, almost like little Masami’s spirit animal from Samurai of Hyuga given human form.


How about a bear? It’d probably be scary to see a raiju in a bear like form.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I like all of them.

Well then, here we go. I hope ist ok that I added a few of my own ideas.

Fifth Option for the appearance of the Raiju MC.

  • Tiger
  • Red Panda
  • Bear
  • Panther
  • Cheetah
  • Rabbit
  • Ratel (Honey badger)

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Well well would you look at the time

It’s high noon…


Umm, this might be a little bit dissapointing for some of you, but I won’t count the votes for the “Bear” option. The reason for that is something, that I realized just now. Raijus are supposed to be nimble and agile creatures with incredible fast Reflexes. Sadly, those characteristics don’t match much with a Bear. Bear’s are rather known for their brute strength instead of their agility and I already got a species which is focused on strength.
Again, I’m really sorry if I might dissapoint some of you, but the fifth option for the Raiju appearance should be something that matches at least a little with it’s characteristics.


I would prefer cheetah ( i think they would fit the original model better. ) :fox_face:
and rabbit ( dont know why, option caught my eyes) :eyes:
Just saying. Most of them would look cool though.


Are you saying bears arent Agile?