Ultimata (Fantasy WIP)

So will there be different kinds of demons that you fight in the story or just succubus and incubus ? And are willing adding more demon races to be playable ?

That sounds awesome, I think I know what I’m gonna play :blush:

Yes, you will meet other types of Demon’s during the course of the story. However, there will be no demon’s who will act as actual antagonists in this story. I’m sorry if this may sound a little harsh, but I’m sick about always seeing Demon’s as the bad guys. I’ve seen so many fantasy story here on this forum which put a Demon in the role of the main antagonist and I simply think it might be time for some new approaches. I mean, there are so many fascinating supernatural races who could pose as great villians and antagonists. It doesn’t always have to be Demon.

Well, it might definetely be nice to have more demonic races as playable options. However, I have already quite a bit on my plate with all the already playable races so I don’t think I will add anything new. At least for now.


You should make an angel the antagonist. You know they can’t be trusted.


Love the idea. Sadly, I already have a Antagonist for the first book. Nevertheless, I will keep your suggestion in mind. Who knows, maybe I might even use it in a future book.


I wonder is Mc mother head or high ranking in the organization that the mc is gonna be part of? Or is she gonna be doing her own thing though out the story and just gonna just see bits of them?

Unlike Yukio and Seraphina the Mother of the MC didn’t joined the D.S.R… Instead she lives a rather quiet life as the owner of a small cafe a little offside the city center of Ashfield and usually tries to stay out of any type of conflict. However, she will still play a important role in the overall story in several aspects. One of those aspects (as you will see in the new demo) is that she helps and teaches her child how to effectively use their natural abilities and powers, once they fully manifest themselfs. There will also be several new abilities for all playable races that you can learn throughout the story by practicing together with your mother (like the ability to turn into a actual fox as a Kitsune). All in all, you can say that the mother of the MC is a very capable supernatural, who knows countless ways to use the powers of the different playable races to their best extent and who might even be quite eager to teach you those ways, if you are willing that is. Though, (as you will see at a certain point in the first book) I believe calling her just “capable” might be a severe understatement.


The MC’s mother sounds awesome! I don’t want to get on her bad side. Wich is near impossible as she is the MC’s mother… what if someone attacks the MC in her presence?


Ah, sorry but that would enter spoilery territory so I can’t get into detail. Especially since there will be an entire section in the first book that revolves around this question.

But back to your question. While the reactions to such an attempt would vary slightly from race to race they all would have one thing in common. The assailant would get a taste of what true hell feels like. No one hurts her baby and walks away in one piece.


I’m excited and curious about the Blade Master subclass will it be like a samurai perhaps?

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It would’ve been awesome to be a Phoenix.
Q:What happens when a Phoenix gets old?
Can you kill a Phoenix?and how?
Is there any chance we can be a Phoenix As MC?

If a Phoenix reaches a certain age their body turns to ashe and leaves behind an egg. A couple days later the egg hatches and a child version of the old Phoenix will emerge. The newborn Phoenix keeps all their former memories and experiences and after about a month they are back to their old adult self.

If a Phoenix gets mortaly wounded it would basically bring the same outcome as if they reached their age limit. Their body would turn to ashes and leave behind an egg. However, from that point on until they reach their old adult self they are extremly fragile. They also wouldn’t get reborn if they die during this period. They have to reach their old self first. So, if you want to truly kill a Phoenix you would simply have to kill them during their “Regeneration Period”.

No. Well, for now at least. I already have more than enough work with the present races, but who knows what the future might bring.

Also, even if you can’t play as a Phoenix you still have the option to be friends and/or romance an actual Phoenix.


Ah, that’s great to hear. If you would like to know more about this particular Soulmancer Class, just ask what you would like to know and I try answer it to my best extent (though I would leave possible spoilers out).

Well, kind of. Though, given the identity of the Blademaster MC’s ancestor I believe the term “Ronin” might be more fitting.


Sorry if you already told us but maybe it’s to long ago and I forgot.
What are the abilities of the rider

Edit: played to much borderlands

Nah, I haven’t mentioned anything about the Rider Class yet so there is no reason to apologize.

Well then, the abilities of the Rider. First, lets start with the Soul Weapon. The Soul Weapon of the Rider is “Consilium”, a pair of armored gauntlets made from silver and green steel with gold ornamentations. Due to the nature of the Soul Weapon (and rather high strength boost that comes with this class) the Rider MC would focus heavily on close ranged hand-to-hand combat. However, this isn’t their only way of fighting. Due to your ancestor being a actual Saint you will also learn quite a lot of miracle-based magic as a Rider. Those miracles can vary strongly from supportive (like healing and boosting of abilities) to highly offensive properties (like incinerating enemies with the holy fires of heaven). Though it might take a while to learn some of the more destructive miracles.

However, the most unique part of the Rider’s skill set comes in form of their familiar. As a Rider you have the ability to summon a familiar (essentially your mount) who will aid you in combat and fight by your side. Though, this isn’t the only special ability that you get from your familiar. Since the Rider and their familiar share an unnatrual strong bond (their Souls are connected with each other) you will also get the Chance to use all the abilities and powers of your familiar yourself, even without having to summon them. Those abilites can vary based on what type of familiar you choose. If you pick the Rider you will get choice to choose between three different familiars during the Prolog, each with the their own powers, elemental allignment and personality.

Well then, that would be all regarding the basic abilities of the rider. I hope I could answer your question.


Thr rider sounds awesome!


About the Blade Master
Q. Can you dual wield a katana?

Yes. You see, the entire Blade Master class is centered around the Niten-Ichi-ryū style of swordsmanship and the teachings of Miyamoto Musashi (the ancestor of the Blade Master MC), which involves around the use of two Katanas for combat.


Holy moly so the ancestor of the Blade Master was the sword-saint himself, dayum my hype just got even higher.


Yup. But thats not all. You see, most of the ancestors of the different races are great mythological or historical figures/heroes. For example, the ancestor of the Lancer MC is the great Warrior Maiden Scathach.

Also, I don’t thing the word “was” really fits. I mean, we shouldn’t forget that Soulmancer can get very (and I mean very) old.