Time Warden (WIP, Update 7/27)

Loving the update and looking forward to what is to come :smiley:

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Oi @Kitty_Gaige

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Definitely love what you have so far but ive also encountered this same problem.


Honestly I soooo want to give some spoilers to see if anyone can guess, buuuuut I shouldn’t :shushing_face:

I can absolutely do that, thanks for mentioning it :+1:

Damn you choice script!!! :rage:
I will eliminate this issue asap

Edit: Should be dealt with


I have hoped for good samurai story. Hyuga is good but little too dark for me.
So question can we become warlord and try unite Japan

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There will be one or two endings which result in the MC ruling. Obviously the contents of each ending will change depending on how your MC evolves as a person.


Oi there @Kitty_Gaige oh poor child, why am I the one to cross every error? :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Once again @Kitty_Gaige


Getting same errors do we need to use a new save

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Yes, cause I did a new playthrough without loading any save and I didn’t get any errors.


#!$@&$@#%$@!!! #@#@! :rage:

Im on it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ok, so I neglected to cut it off before the start of the battle. So technically it is fixed, since it’s not accessible anymore. As you can tell from the errors the battle is winning our fight. But I will prevail in the end.

Lol my POV
Kitty 4 - Errors 0

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So… There’s no fight scene in the play through/demo right now?!?

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Not at the moment no, it’s kicking my butt!!!

Sorry to get hopes up :wink:

Devils… I really wanted my MC to cut them into pieces or disintegrate them into nothing :joy_cat::smiling_imp::smirk_cat:

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All in due time, blood, flayed flesh, and plasma burns for all!





:: Snickers ::

@Empress_Nightmare Ok, here, just a taste to sate the blood lust. WARNING minor spoiler???


Last chance to look away

Despite Diachi interfering the advantage was now yours and with a lunge you hurl yourself at the nearest foe. Before he can do anything your katana has pierced his chest. The look of shock he has quickly fades to something else, resolve you think. What he does next is surprising though.

With no hesitation he drops his sword and grabs the hilt of yours in both hands and holds you in place.

“End it!” He howls and you hear the two remaining enemies charging in from behind.

The look of shock on his face as you let go of your weapon is mildly amusing as you turn away from him to deal with the last two. On the ground your helmet and clutched in his hands the katana both shriek at the same time. "Unauthorized user, release weapon in five seconds or counter measures will be activated.”

“Override, initiate counter measures immediately”

They obviously have no idea what you and your equipment are saying, but the result is all the matters as the impaled warrior screams hysterically. Your katana rapidly shifts and begins flowing deeper into the mans body. The tiny machines that make up the bulk of the weapon attacking organs and tearing the man apart from the inside with brutal efficiency.

But your attention is on the last two as they approach carefully. One of them is shaking from head to toe as his ally screams and thrashes on the ground behind you. The man looks in your eye and you see a mix of fear and anger, you have torn his comrades to shreds and he will not let it stand, no matter how fearful he is. Admirable, stupid, but admirable.

Being unarmed seems to give the last two warriors courage and they charge, howling in rage.