Time Warden (WIP, Update 7/27)

Omg so do I!

You have a great start here, dear author. I did notice that in some places you used the word “well” instead of the word “while.” Was this intentional? Either way, keep it up. I look forward to reading the final product :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Nope, just my fingers typing faster then my brain can make keep up.

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So we can’t be shorter than Kai? Bummer :sweat_smile:

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That was REALLY good! :clap:

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Am I the only one visualizing my Warden as my Earthborn / Ruthless FemShep from Mass Effect ? Armor and weapons included :heart_eyes:


Lol I doubt your the only one and I can totally see it but for me going a different path first playthrough.


Happy Monday everyone! Hope the weekend was good to everyone. I was not at all productive lol. Picked up Valhalla and got distracted!! But dang! One of the best Assassins Creed games ever :heart: :heart:

On to Time Warden, still not sure how I feel about that title. The save system ‘should’ be working now, I hope. Chapter one is progressing and I am working on the initial encounter between Fumiko, her kids, and the mc. So far its going as I had initially envisioned. For now that’s about it. Have a great week everyone.

This encounter will be were you get to set the mc’s height and eye colour for those of you asking :grin: :+1:


Alright! So, you versus fifteen samurai, who’s going to win? Well, the samurai if I can’t decide on how I want to run the combat system. On that note I will be redoing the initial weapon choice to include a melee, and ranged option which you can alternate between.

I don’t have an eta on when I will be updating as I am still very new to the whole scripting thing and I’m going to have to try and figure out how I can run combat. If all else fails I will simply make it a couple choices during each encounter.


Honestly if you can’t get stat checks to work you can always go for the style that is “if you choose the right option like punch him in the guts instead of the face you pass” kinda deal that some people do. Or just don’t do that at all and make combat more of a flavor with fake but cool choices than something complicated, either way works if you add cool looking scenes to the later.


Hmm, on one hand there being so many promising WiP’s such as this one is a blessing and speaks well of the future. On the other hand waiting for said projects to bloom into wonderful completed books is a monumental struggle for my horribly impatient soul, especially since i have already read all the completed games that interest me at this point in time.

Ah ignore my rambling, im just here to say that i look forward to experiencing your story and will most definitely be keeping my eye on its progress.


No, no. I am right there with you! Nothing complete to read and I’ve read through all the demos lol.


Alright, I have a minor update for you. It cover’s a small bit of Chapter One and the initial meeting between the MC and Fumiko. It is a very small update, only around 3500 words, but I felt I needed to get it out there.

I am currently struggling with the first major combat scene and have rewritten it twice now. I’m trying to determine how I want to script it. It’s been a bit of a head scratcher. Toss in some of my mental quirks and it’s probably going to take a while lol.

But it will be done!!!

So that’s my current project, figure out how to run a decent combat scene involving the MC and a mob.



Will it matter what generation we choose? And could you tell us something more about Gen 2, Gen 1 and Gen Null?


That would be good information to have lol, so I have added a section in the original post to explain the stat layout and background for each generation.

Forgive me, I am an insanely unorganized person and things slip my mind all the time :crazy_face:


Love what you have so for. Found a few typos but over all excellent work

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I shall run it through google posthaste, yes it’s cheating, but I doubt Im the only one lol


Weird(?) question - Is Annabelle so interested in MC for scientific reasons? Is there something… unusual about them?

The update wasn’t that small, in my opinion, it was perfect. The story is going well and there is nothing I can complain about. I enjoyed reading Fumiko and Daichi povs “giant”, “silver egg” :joy: how cute, people from 1563.
Fumiko was quite stoic about it all :thinking: if I were her, I would probably be freaking out xD I already like this woman. And her son too.
But my grumpy MC doesn’t like children… it’s gonna be fun :smiley:

“shimmering, rainbow eyes” “fiery eyes, glowing like the sun” - so fancy :sparkles: I love it


Ok so about the generations you could add a brief explanation to it in game so we know while customizing. Doesn’t need to be giant, could be only a (+Intelligence, +strength) by the side of the option that it would work too honestly.
Now for the actual update content:
From now on I’ll adopt those kids and become their mom. Fumiko? Yes, mostly known as my wife. She’s very sweet.