Time Warden (WIP, Update 7/27)

When you were given the post as Warden of one of the galaxy’s most secure prisons you thought that keeping an eye on galactic monstrosities would be your biggest problem, being hurled back into 1563 Japan was no were on your list of potential complications

Playtest Link: https://dashingdon.com/play/happysuccubus/time-warden-working-title/mygame/

Take on the role of the last Warden of a colossal mobile prison, only for an accident to hurl you and your crew back in time to the year 1563. It’s up to you to protect ancient Earth from the terrors that have been unleased upon it. But you are not alone. With the last few members of your crew by your side you wander Japan during the height of a raging war which means it’s not just the giant aliens and genetically enhanced human prisoners you need to worry about.

This game contains, violence, depiction of war and innocent casualties, strong language, drug use, death, and explicit sexual content.

  • Play as Female, Male, or Non-Binary
  • Customize your Warden by picking their hair, eyes, body and even how genetically enhanced they are
  • Romance 4+ individual npcs. From your best friend, to the war criminal who is obsessed with you. A ronin with a joke for every occasion, or a single mother just doing her best.
  • Chose the shape your unique nanotech powered Omni-weapon takes, and change it depending on the situation.
Romance Options

Kiara “Kia” Knight
Age: 39
Generation: Non-Gene (Not genetically modified beyond standard)

Appearance: Kia is extremely short for the year she was born coming in at only 5’5”. She has shoulder length brunette hair she keeps in a side-swept undercut and her green eyes are bright and striking. Her wonderfully athletic figure has caught the interest of many, but she currently only has eyes for one individual.

Description: Kiara is a faithful friend who has been with you since your first command and is willing to follow you into the most dangerous situations, which for a non-gene in your line of work are most of them. At 5’5” most modern humans are taller then her, and this has lead to many confrontations with inmates and guards alike. Some learn to leave the spunky brunette alone. Other’s are drawn in by her bright green eyes and bubbly personality and soon find themselves either friends or at the very least respecting her. The two of you share a unique bond and neither stand on ceremony unless you are in an argument, which as best friends tends to happen often.

Lani McLaughlin
Age: 24
Generation: Gen-Null (Ancestor was modified, inherited some traits)

Appearance: Lani stands at 6’1” and has a trim, slender figure. They have natural red hair that they keep in a french braid which goes down to their lower back. Their eyes glow a soft pink and they have inherited their grandfather’s ability to see in the dark.

Description: One of the youngest guards to ever be assigned to an Alpha-level prison ship, Lani received the position because of family connections. Lani had been raised to take a position in one of the families numerous businesses, but like many children they chaffed under their strict upbringing. When they expressed no interest in the family business their parents gave them a ultimatum. Either do their duty to the family, or join the military. Lani jumped at the chance and immediately enrolled in the GalWar. Very intelligent but not confident in their own abilities Lani is always becoming attached to people who make them feel valued, this has led to heart break in the past. If Lani is given the chance to gain confidence in themselves they have the potential to rise to any challenge presented to them.

Sasaki Fumiko
Age: 27

Appearance: Fumiko has a very curvy figure and stands at 5’3”. Her striking black hair reaches her mid back. Well she looks a few years younger then she is, the stress of her life has taken a toll and her hair has some gray mixed in with the black. Her brown eye’s are dull and tired, but every so often there is a softness to them that one could fall into and never escape from.

Description: A single mother living in 1563 Japan, and attempting to raise three children. Fumiko has been doing her best to provide for her family despite all the odds being against her. Living at the edge of a small village, Fumiko is the first person in the time period to meet the character and depending on how it goes she has the potential to become a close friend, bitter enemy, or treasured love. Fumiko is unwilling to enter any close relationships unless she can be sure her partner would be willing to help raise her children, and that can be difficult as the eldest now eleven years old is a hellion and has been terrorizing the village, bringing their anger and frustration down on his family.

Sato Haruto
Age: 23

Appearance: Haruto is 5’9” with a svelte and agile looking frame. Haruto wears his dark brown hair in a tight bun most of the time, only letting his neck long hair down during the rare time he is in a safe location. He normally has a quirky smile on his face which make his hazel eyes seem to sparkle.

Description: A young Ronin on the run, Haruto is the last surviving member his small clan. When he was ten his entire family was killed when a long-time family ally turned on them. Escaping with his life and father’s sword Haruto spent years looking for a home, and years more training when he was taken in by a generous family with a long history of skilled Samurai. When he turned nineteen Haruto left his adopted family in an attempt to find and kill those who betrayed his family. Despite his history Haruto maintains a wicked sense of humour and has been known to crack jokes at the worst possible times.

Annabelle Hawkins
Age: 232
Generation: Unknown

Appearance: Annabelle has several features that make her stand out, other then the manic giggling. Her unruly stark white hair reaches the ground and trails behind her as she walks and her heterochromatic eyes are drastically different from one another. Well the right eye is a bright, sparkling blue, her left is a harsh red and glows dully. To make it more unnerving her left eye is similar to a cats and can dilate until her entire eye looks black. She is 6’3” tall and has a pleasantly curvy figure.

Description: Annabelle Hawkins is one of the most infamous war criminals in the the 2800’s having killed over thirty five million when she released an experimental WMD on a peaceful colony as a test/demonstration for a number of criminal organizations, dictators, and terrorists. She was caught a year after and sentenced to thirty five million life sentences. During the trial she plead innocence, but her unhinged manner and general cold demeanor, not to mention the mountain of evidence against her she was found guilty. Annabelle was sent to Mobile Prison CC-426, also known as the Wandering Behemoth where she was to live out her sentence. Annabelle is an enigma as all record of her from before fifteen years previous does not exist. Medical exams conclude that she is much younger then the 232 years she claims to be and her gene-mods can not be understood by any known doctor or scientist.


The generation you pick for your Warden affects their starting stats and provides their background.

The Jack of all trades
Your beginning stats all start at an even spread, none as high as the Gen One or Two, but none as low either of theirs with all stats being higher then aby of their weakest.

In this background it was the MC’s grandfather who was a Gen One soldier. The MC was raised in a loving home and their grandfather played a big part in their early development but dying in their early teens well on a mission.

Influenced by their love for their departed grandparent the MC at first pursued a career in the military, but kept butting heads with their parents over this path. As a compromise the MC joined the Wardens which their parents see as being less dangerous, when in fact it is probably more so. Their strong family upbringing can help when it comes to certain individuals met during the story.

Gen 1
The Soldier
The MC will start with high combat stats, but lower stats in anything unrelated to combat.

Raised in a Warden run orphanage for the children of war criminals the MC had a rough early life. Competition was encouraged to weed out the weakest of the orphans with the weakest being shipped off to a standard orphanage, and maybe a normal life because of it. But the strongest stayed, and as puberty began they underwent procedures to make them terrors in combat.

The MC’s life was planned out for them in it’s entirety by the Wardens. After they became an adult they were given a degree of freedom in their life, such as where they would like to be posted, perusing personal relationships, and having a family. But they would remain in the Wardens for life.

Gen 2
The Prodigal Child
The Gen 2 begins with higher stats related to the mind and social interaction.

Literally created by their parents to inherit and run a massive galaxy spanning company the gen 2 MC had a strict and unwavering life. Their days were strictly mapped out from when they woke, to when they went to sleep. Even their marriage partner had been chosen for them before they had been born.

For a long time they did not question their upbringing, but a chance encounter and unexpected friendship changed this and they began to rebel against their family and the expectations held up to them. After several years their behavior had reached a point were their parents gave them an ultimatum, fall in line, or be kicked from the family. The MC turned and left without a word or any belongings.

They followed their friend into the Warden service and found a regimented life that they understood, but one that was no where near as harsh as their upbringing and in The Wardens they flourish. Unfortunately the friend they followed into service died shortly after training ended, but the MC stuck with it to rise to the position of Warden, the highest rank in the service.

Hey look!!! I have a tumblr now!!!

At the moment ‘Time Warden’ is in the very early stages of being written. Well I do have a general layout for the story I do not yet know if it will be a single story, or require multiple games to complete.


Interesting, though I feel like it would be better with multiple time periods if you’re going with a time police style thing (I considered such a game myself a while ago) but 1500’s Japan is certainly a good starting setting. The characters sound fun though. I will give this a try at some point.


The two separate hair questions are a bit awkward if you are bald, since you can choose to be bald in either case. I suppose you’d just choose it both times, but it’s strange to be able to not do that.

Also found a bug, the second choice option in the Labs (that you did read about it) is missing a label name after *goto.

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Should be all better now, thank you!

Haven’t played yet but plan to :smiley: yet thought I would mention based on the content warning you gave. Be prepared for it to be moved to adult thread once you get to some points in the game just to be safe and what not.

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Ah yes, the intergalactic terrorist who has “allegedly” killed millions. yes please, I will take this RO and embrace it, because I have a weakness for messed up characters in fiction. lol Joking aside I am intrigued by the world, both the space and future we start in and the past we end up in. Keep up the good work and we will help where we can! :smiley:


I am prepared lol

Actually I have been building it along side the altered timeline. Primarily cause it will help me build the past. But ya never know, could be a future project about…the future


@Kitty_Gaige found this:

prologue line 545: bad label

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THIS time, I showed it who’s boss thank you. :grin:

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Interesting read!
I look forward for more :smiley:


8046 is creepy. She scares me xd

Could there be option to enter own hair color? (I dream about navy blue :v)

I already love the plot and the world of this game. Writing style great too :ok_hand:

Very promising wip, I’ll follow :eyes:


Excellent, 8046 will be pleased to hear that!

Of course I will add in a personal hair option. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that actually :thinking:


“While” in the womb


Have not played yet but just from the description looks freaking awesome!!


@Kitty_Gaige just did quick run through has my interest still but biggest thing noticed needing fixed is numerous instances of " well " being used when in the context of things I think should be " while " beyond that nothing obvious. :smiley: Looking forward to seeing more.


On it! :+1:

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Anabelle killed how many people? Yeah, but she calls me my love and pulled me in the escape bod with her to save me and escape together :person_shrugging:


I feel it’s a little small to criticize, but I liked the proposal, however, apart from the writing errors, I believe it’s on the right path to something great


People are complex. Not having to face their victims has allowed many people to commit atrocities through out history. Just because you can push a big red button does not mean you could do the same thing if you had to face your victims.

In regards to Annabelle there are a few factors at play. The most obvious being that she is absolutely batshit insane. She is also obsessed with the the mc and ensures their survival in two of the paths off the station.

As to why she is obsessed with the mc well…that’s for me to know and for you to find out, if you can find all the clues that is.


Well that was definitely interesting. Definitely looking forward to your continued writing.

I am curious about something. Wouldn’t 8046 be comvicted to the death sentence or is something like that not around anymore? I mean 35 million is alot for sure.