This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3



[wakes up at 7am with a lot of comments about blood drinking] damn,Timezoned again! :cry:


Bom dia, miss Ritter.


Bom dia! If I say that I woke up to check this tread and the funny things you guys say here will I sound weird? Anyway,How are you doing in this morning?


Hey, I can’t have a chat with you in this thread. I’ll pm you, ok?


Greeting, my friend. We shall discuss about chaos while eating… pizza… :joy:


Pizza and chaos? My two most favorite things :wink:


In case you didn’t get it, I was talking about eating you(since you’re a pizza). :joy:


Thank you, thank you~


Now i feel embarrassed…

But i’m the world’s fist literate pizza…




They are both the world’s fist :fist: and a literate pizza :pizza: How cool is that?


I’m a pizza who can type in English. Both fist or first are great archivements for me :smile:


Totally! So, we can sit down, eat some of my unsuspecting, illiterate friends while talking about chaos or anything else :smiley:


Totally in for the pizza part! Even if I don’t like taking about chaos that much,if it is a possibility to make a new friend, I’m in!


I always find every excuse imaginable to eat pizza! And i’m open to most conversation subjects so it doesn’t have to be only chaos :smiley:


I am having a pizza party and I would love to invite pizza you, your pizza cousins, your pizza parents and everyone of your pizza species.


Even… [shaking] P-Pineapple P-P-Pizza??? :anguished::anguished:


Can I please unread the last 20 posts?


Use bleach,it’s recommended


Yes. Sometimes people whom you don’t like comes to parties too do you have to make sure they leave suffering :slightly_smiling_face: