This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3



I want to lick my elbow and show that to all those people who said you can’t do the impossible but the reality is we can’t have all the good things.



That’s what everyone who ever had a party and I showed up said (or even better “ugh,here comes the weird kid” but when you come closer they pretend they weren’t talking about ya)


that’s true pineapple pizza is the best


As long as your intentions do not involve this my species and i would love to come!


…he’s a disappointment to the family but, sadly, he’s still family…


Revolting! :rage::angry::triumph::dizzy_face: :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I totally agree,my friend! :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish there was a “smell no evil” monkey.


I wish there were no Pineapple Pizza, some things are impossible unfortunately


Me too. My mom actually likes the stuff!


Ok,we had our fun now let’s stop talking about things that aren’t about the game,we don’t want the moderators to shut down Madame Chaos’s tread


Nah. We won’t use guns. :smirk:

Okay. I am out.


Very nice! But please translate to russian!


I think that you don’t understand how much could cost a translation (to russian or to other language)


Would you help her translate it?


a long discussion about a talking pizza in the tread that was discussing the death and despair of the ROs ,that’s … something. .-.


get a fan base who can do both,am I right?


God bless you for saying that.


Rush B, eh?


I’m so sorry, couldn’t help it.


Just look the kingdoms thread. It’s full of chaos, banter and deaths of ROs and also fake spoilers