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here’s a meme for you guys:
Ritter talking about Alyssa (2018)


shiiit, that’s me with clyde. :joy:


we should make another club “pretty please, don’t kill my RO,take my soul but please don’t do it” I’m gonna be the president of the club


can i be the vice? (20 excited characters)


sure thing buddy, let’s all suffer together!!!


i’ll join the club! anything to save my boy clyde and to be with him! :triumph:


unfortunately we only cry in this club,we are really powerless to do anything,we just ask for mercy


Is there even any point? :disappointed: Clyde is almost certainly one of the fake ROs, and even if not, the two of us still won’t get him because he’s straight… It’s a shame, because Clyde’s pretty much the only thing in this story I’m invested in, and I’m not sure how long I want to wait to find out if he’s a dead boyfriend or an unattainable boyfriend…

(I’m being a bit of a downer, aren’t I? :sweat_smile:)


i still have hope. that may be my downfall, but as long as there’s a chance that clyde could be a real RO i will remain hopeful. i’m even hoping madam chaos will even make him bi! besides, the sophia has been known to give out fake spoilers in her other thread. maybe the same applies here!

i shall be optimistic for both of us. :grin:


Honestly,For me the history is super cool, I’m gonna play it no matter what,either Alyssa dies or not it is still a great history and I also want to show support for the author who spends hours planning their story,they deserve some recognition
Edit: I don’t mean to offend no one


The best RO is still yet to come so yeeeeah
And I must say: I’ll be creating a character only to romance him


… you’re talking about the cerlean prince aren’t you?


I’m interested

Never mind… :expressionless:



Oh well, you lose on this one mate :wink:


we still know nothing about this prince you and sophia keep talking about :disappointed_relieved:


Oh, it’s certainly an interesting concept, and I am interested in what @Sophia plans to do with it, but I know from experience I get kinda obsessive over dead or unattainable boyfriends, and I guess I try to avoid them in advance now… :sweat_smile: I’m certainly not trying to claim Sophia’s a bad author.

(I admit that I was acting somewhat over-the-top in my previous post, but all the talk of fake ROs, doomed ROs and straight Clyde is making me less likely to want to actually play the game.)

Maybe he’s the doomed RO… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Third-wheeling even when Clyde is dead. :cry:


@ParrotWatcher I’m so glad you didn’t get offended, I was worried I might ended up offending you even when I was just expressing my appreciation for the game :sweat_smile:


So…how long until the crusade begin? We can’t really call this the realm of chaos without a sporadic mass offering of conflict and strife to madame chaos, can we?

All joke aside, I find the choice of using term ‘rebel’ upon the Laven rebel rather peculiar. What’s their goal? Is it really overthrowing the goverment or is it just to have a territory where Lavens can live in peace? And does it really count as a rebellion when all you do is claim an unclaimed territory (if there’s any left) and create a community/nation there?


What happend to your other proyect? you are not gonna finish it first?