This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3



WHOA. Saying how you want to kill all ROs is fine by me, but dont you dare say a Clithus clone has no soul


And the mother, and any pets, and that shopkeeper who gave me a discount, and the chief (after I can get his stuff)

I refuse, the proof is irrefutable.

Gingers, red heads, same difference. They’re both soulless in the end.


Actually its gingers who have no soul :japanese_ogre:


Defending Clithus now are you? It’s treason, then.


Hey there is no reason to bring the Sophia inquisition to this thread


What’s up with my name?

What’s up with my picture?


He was talking about his name and picture…


Well… This is embarrassing…


I could see the problem. The name Sophia sends shivers down my spine


**Let me whisper sweet musings in your ear

Sophia, Sophia, Sophia

Anyway, you’re telling me in the fifteen years of me being alive, I have never been scraped, or had a nosebleed in public? And I got off of school for the tiniest cuts? And Clyde landed on me from a tree when we first met…


Well, that will end. :upside_down_face:


In Sophia’s defense a kid jump on me from a tree and landed on my back and I was fine. Except my back…that hurt, like a lot


It’s going to be Clyde isn’t it?

Maybe I can take a hint from dad and scram before something goes down…


I’ll give you my most innocent and angelic smile. :slight_smile:


Oh I can do better :blush:

So when is mom, going to die? From sickness or getting healed by our blood and being burned at the stake for being a witch?

Does our blood heal us?


Who said that she will die? And who said she will live? I refrain from spoiling anything. :slight_smile:

By drinking?

…I didn’t plan this WiP to become Vampire-like. :joy:


Ah… no passive instant healing, could’ve helped explain the no incidents in fifteen year thing :sob:



Well, the Laven’s wounds heal fast, but they’re not really invincible.


Hello hello~
I’m kinda new around here, but i hope nobody minds me and my personal predictions :smiley:

First off, I must say i love chaos. It amuses me so i’m looking forward to this! I admit my heart has been broken only once… Fred’s death in Harry Potter and it has remained numb ever since…

Also, i got pretty curious at the infamy of Madam Chaos and i must say i’m a fan of your evil creations :smiley:

As for my predictions for this story, here they are:

-Clyde and the Cerlean King are NOT the fake ROs

-The Cerlean Prince will be the one who gets killed

-I do not know anything about other ROs to make other predictions, but i would be pretty careful while pining for Alyssa… (she seems most likely to not end up with MC, but it’s not like we know much about other ROs)

I might be 100% wrong because they’re simply predictions after all and the reasoning i based them on is shaky at best…

But i do take delight in not only chaos, but the tears of unsuspecting/innocent/naïve readers as well, so if you do not mind, i’ll continue to lurk around and feed upon the chaos you’ll create…think of it like chaos parasitism on my part :smiley:


Welcome to the thread, you’ll fit right in.