This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3



I was thinking radiation by shaking all the water molecules in my body (90% sure thats how microwaves work)


@Sophia who’s your favorite Romance option in the story ps am team savage :wink:


For the male ROs, it would be the Cerlean Prince.


I don’t think I like any of the women here. I mean, I based them from people I know. In other words, people who I am not attracted to even a single bit.


So you are killing off all the female ROs? How 'bout you do a little switcharoo on the genders there. (No, I dont mean turn every female RO into a trap)


Oh? Marvelous idea, Mr. Micro. May I implement that in my story? :smirk:


If I’m the one doing the murder and I’m called a Lady Killer by literally everyone in the game, then yes. Go ahead


Someones mind is more evil than mine.


You underestimated the power of an American middle schooler (I mean hatred wise, not at literally any other skill)


I am terrified with @Dark_Stalker. I see that he has been “replying” for several minutes now…



We run to the river, Riverun… :man_facepalming:

Hey, since it’s my first post here, I’m being serious…mostly… and reading through the story!

Alyssa has long blond hair

*Crosses her off the list of people that I have a desire to date

Alyssa grabs Clyde’s clothes on the branch and gives it to you.
And gives me food…
**Erases cross
And discounts, I’m being tempted more and more, better to become the best of partners to guilt the chief into giving me those benefits should something happen, oh and piss off Clyde. Though she did that to help mom, and I didn’t give them to her :laughing:

  • (Losed 50 Gold)

    • Lost
  • No,I’ll save it.

    • No, I’ll save it.


Pun intended. :wink:

…what? It’s clever! :joy:


Narcissism intensifies

If we are going about killing the ro’s I recommend them all being accidents with fault on the mc, them killing each other and/or forcing the mc to kill them, it will be funnier that way. Oh I hope we kill Clyde in accident :blush: after of course he rescues us from some angry mob about our blood, just so some more people will get attached. And Alyssa can be part of the mob.

Basically the mc should be all alone by the end.


don’t give her any ideas! :sob:


I like your style, consider yourself hired.


She has already wrote at least half of what we mention in Kingdoms. She already thought of whatever you could possibly say


(flips her hair) You were saying? :wink:

(Ahhhh I can’t like anymore…)

Anyways, the Lavens are ruled by one rebel leader whose name is Eliza. And yes, she’s a red-haired woman.


I am innocent. :slight_smile:


That’s what I’ve been waiting for…:drooling_face:


you are not :face_with_raised_eyebrow: i know that smile by now


Of course they’re ruled by someone with no soul.

You see the name? The picture? I want a story where the mc will be alone. Everyone deserves a tragedy, it’s the best form of entertainment :blush: