This Blood of Mine (WIP) Last Updated May 3



This tread feeds people who live for suffering… :anguished:
Edit: Not that I don’t love the tread,I love it very much,we have so much fun suffering together!


I prefer @Ritter.

(20 sleepy characters)


Don’t let them change your murderous mind, kill all the romances, if needed, for the sake of the development character


understandable, but… ouch :pensive:


You rang? :smiley: (20 flattered characters)


Please be reminded that I hit on to all women I pass by. This is to make my sister @_l1ttleliar proud.

Anyways, I had a good sleep, but I’m still going to kill one RO. :slight_smile:


No prob! (Also if I stopped responding is because I fell asleep, Nevermind good night y’all)




Okay okay okay, let’s stop with the private and personal stuff. (Lizzy will kill me if we discuss about them)


you got it, madame chaos! you want me to delete my last post?


(whispers) Yes Please.


it is done :+1:
(20 characters)


@Sophia are there any ROs you dont like? (In the game)


The Vermeil librarian. This character will always respond with an intellectual statement and for me to have that, I have to research facts, which is extremely tiring to do.


And now we know who dies.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Don’t test me, young man.


Do your worst
(20 less threatening character)


(Inserts a character named Micro and later plans to kill him off by the end of Chapter 1)

(Considers naming the character Andrew)


Please, Micro is the size of my social life. Call me Andrew


Don’t hold back pull out everything for this death. Stabbed 8 times, ran over by carriage, struck by lightning as he lay broken and bloody.