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Good Night Oh Madame Chaos! Watch out for the Boogeyman!


At this point that seems sadly probable… :disappointed:


night, sleep well and sweet dreams! :smile:
hopefully that ro isn’t clyde


First off you already said you were going to sleep in first sentence second WHICH ONE?! :fearful:

Also good night, sweet dreams.


[X-files theme playing in the background] we will never know


Is it possible for the ‘Madame of Chaos’ to have sweet dreams…that don’t involve the tears of her heartbroken readers? :thinking:

Like I said before, I’m only interested in these two as a friend myself and seeing how they react to learning their longtime friend’s actual origins.

I’m hoping Clyde and Alyssa do stay alive just to see how they both deal with the truth about their friend’s heritage. But if I was to take a random guess about if the hypothetical RO who dies was one of the two, I’d say that Alyssa dies, causing Clyde to leave to become a knight, which in turn makes him become one of the people who may end up hunting down the MC due to knowing their blood origins (possibly going through constant conflicting emotions between his honor as a knight and his past friendship with the Mc).


Well,To each, their own,I guess??? It would be cool if she dreamed about giving us a happy ending tho :sweat_smile:


Yeah; as it stands Alyssa feels more like the “doomed” character, in that her death would be more important to Clyde than Clyde’s death would be to her… :thinking: Of course, believing that would be far too optimistic of me… :expressionless: (Plus in that case, he’ll still probably be the “ends up with someone else” character :sob:…)

I do think that having the doomed character be variable (either by direct choice or whichever had the lower relationship stat), and the survivor being romanceable would be more fun for everyone involved… :sweat: Plus it would allow for angst, especially if the MC had to choose which one died. (No, but seriously, @Sophia, think of all the Clyde angst you could get out of that… :innocent:)

And then made that dream come true! :smile:


May she hear you from the world of dreams,buddy


wait… didn’t she say that one of the fake ROs dies for someone else’s character development?
just remembered that after reading some posts. it seems pretty likely that alyssa could be the one who dies, resulting in character development for clyde!


I think she said our character development. so yeah alyssa.


this is us tryin’ to figure out who the fake ROs are


200 new posts, why this always happens in Madame Chaos threads?


200 posts of people begging her not to kill their favourite characters, and her laughing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i know i said i’d install whatsapp if i end up falling for the cerlean prince (or king) and i hold my word to that BUT
i have another offer for madame chaos…

@Sophia i will be your best friend if you let clyde live and let him be a real RO (+ have him be bi)


You don’t know what you are getting into


She’s like Khorne, blood for the blood God(ess)!


:smiling_imp: perfect…
i’m ready


You see kids…the loop hole here is that she never specified that he couldnt be married off to your stupid brother who should never be forgiven for his sins of taking Melissa…I mean Clyde CLYDE



*Insert here popcorn Michael gif again