The Wings of the Sabrefly (Update 7 - 30k words)

Typo: Ratatouille


@andymwhy – One thing that bothers me is the “body-types” … I look for an “athletic” build (my mind thinks of a gymnast or runner type of build for athletic) but you do not have one. The “built” option and the way it plays out puts me in the frame of a body-builder, and the others are not as focused on the athletic feel…

I dunno, I seem to be the only person bringing this up so far.


@Eiwynn that’s a great suggestion. I’ll add it in.


Well, I guess I’ll just jump on the train here… Eh heh. :grimacing:

Let’s hope it goes on rail for you, the writing. I like what I see down the line so far. :wink:


Well this thread derailed quickly. Terrible puns! :heart_eyes:


Mini-update: @Eiwynn‘s athletic body-type has been added to the game.


Flatterer. :grin: Welp, time to switch tracks then, I suppose…

Wish I could slap Ed… Groping me when I’m out, stealing my money, and very ‘charming’ the way he talks about women around my gal… :unamused:


A slap option can definitely be added. Just to put him back in his place. Sadly, it would have to be condition specific: your physique now determines if you can continue working after being hit by the barrel. The slap would have to fit with that too. His character is there to show how… crap your life is. Your only two friends are a quiet guy and an a***.


Fair enough, and ta! Off to practice my slap then, mwha ha haa! :laughing:

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Minor update: I’ve added a title screen to the game as well as the instant reaction to slap Ed (female only). The big update will come later.



The demo is now 20k words long. The story has split into three arcs here - two of which are playable to a point. The next demo will expand the third arc.

F Arc - To be written
K Arc - playable as female and non-binary, and male under certain conditions.
T Arc - playable as a male (I will change this to include female and non-binary in a later update).


Topic: Imagine you are a bounty hunter. The person you are chasing is already on the train to the place you need to take them. But they’ve been caught by another bounty hunter. What do you do? When do you do it? (How close to the destination?). Great answers might be used in the story!


I guess that would depend on a few things… for example if you were to simply kill the other bounty hunter in a show of force, and then take custody of the bounty, would that get you in trouble on the train? Or is it a lawless enough place that it’ll make people stear clear for the rest of the journey?
If that isn’t the case, probably try to make a deal to split the bounty, and then kill/double-cross the other bounty hunter after you’re off the train. Possibly not even interact during the journey, and simply observe/come up with a plan, for when you’re off the train… hard to say really.

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We also do not know the rules and laws (both written and unwritten) of this universe … in the USA, bounty hunting is regulated by a set of 200 year old laws federally, while each state imposes further rules, restrictions and regulations on what a bounty hunter can and can not do.

It sort of feels like a “free-for-all” in this game, so I’d plan to disable the other hunter with poisons, then take the bounty away from them while they were invalid. This train ride being so long that food and drink (especially) would be a focal-point.


I’d say that’s a pretty good summary. The world is developing, and technology is progressing well. Perhaps like Wild West America with larger cities and towns.

All great suggestions, two of which are already pencilled in. Maybe I’ll add all four to the game! (I won’t say how many, but there are more than three bounty hunters…)



The game is now over 22k words, but I haven’t updated the demo yet. This is because I have been working on the Frogger arc which splits into four different mini arcs, and each playthrough will only see a small part of that. Once I have tied up these mini arcs and brought them all to the same point as … the K arc and T arc (play the demo to work out what K and T stand for) then I will send the update. Hopefully within the next 6 hours, otherwise it will likely be a full 24 hours before the update.

Edit: Also, the T arc will now be playable by all, regardless of gender. The K arc is open for all, but males have to make a specific early choice (1 of 3) to access that arc.


Oh goodie. :relaxed: Looking forward to reading it once it is up.


Looking forward to the next updates hehe

As for the topic that you launched before: I believe that I would do anything to recover my “hunt” (spying and investigating your steps) I wouldn’t do it at first, but I would start planning to make this recovery before the final train stop

A meticulous and cold plan (very Machiavellian haha) I like to work w/ surprise element :smiling_imp:

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The demo has been updated. This is a large one and takes us to just over 24k words. It adds the path where you stay with Frogger. The demo will end when you get back to your cabin, for better or worse.

Different items you may or may not pick up in earlier scenes can come into play here.

Fun Fact: The original name for the game was going to be Bounty Hunted. Sadly, as great as I thought the name was, I wasn’t the first to think of it. There is already a movie, a book, and a game with that name.


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