The Wings of the Sabrefly (Update 7 - 30k words)

The AKE, a most impressive train that traverses continents, is set to take you from the edge of the world to Amoria, the scene of your crime. You have been caught and are being taken back to face justice. However, the journey will not be simple. The bounty on your head is high and your captor isn’t the only bounty hunter with an interest in you.

Set in the low-fantasy Lands of Terre, you must use your gift to survive. As dangerous as the bounty hunters are, they at least want to keep you alive. Not all the inhabitants of the train feel the same way…

Play as male / female / non-binary
Choose your own body type. If you are skinny, be skinny. If you are fat, be fat. Or take an athletic/well-built approach. The choice is yours.

DEMO: Things are hotting up in the demo. One of the less savoury parts of the story has begun and you are able to learn more about your power.
Play the 30k word demo now:

All feedback is welcome!


Oooh. It’s kinda gritty, I like it! You’ve earned this Pigeons favor.


Interesting plot. I’ll be following this work very close. Also found this


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Good spot! I’ve just updated the files with this corrected, alongside some other little errors I spotted. There should be no crashing before the demo end point now!

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Ooh I loved the demo


The demo was interesting and I’m looking forward for the next update. The starting scene reminded me of Skyrim ngl :joy:.
Hey, you. You’re finally awake…


The Lands of Terre



The game has just been updated. 15k words. The demo should be a little longer now and should end naturally.

Edit: It may not seem like it yet, but quite a few important decisions have been made by the end of this demo. The next update will either be a stats page, where you can see that better, or the West Killborn stop, where some more characters are introduced. What would you all prefer to see first?


wkillborn line 133: bad label captured_again

Bad label here. I suggest implementing save load feature for the demo – players need to restart when they encounter a bug wall. Also to upload the stats file, even an empty one. As clicking stats will give you infinite loading screen, that forces you to restart.

// ah, I saw that you didn’t place the label at all. Instead of leaving it where you stopped writing, I suggest avoiding ending bugs by using something like *goto end_comment “This is the current end of demo”.


wkillborn line 123: bad label captured_again

wkillborn line 144: bad label captured_again

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Minor update:
I’ve implemented the basic stats screen that shows more as you progress through the demo and game.
I’ve tidied up loose ends in the demo and it will now end naturally when you reach West Killborn.


Can I ask you how you made the map?
I have one for my WIP but it’s far from being fantasy-ish.

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May I know what application you used to craft this magnificent map?

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Sure. I used a site called
It’s $5 for a month and pretty easy to use. All images you make can be used commercially.
It’s great for world maps, but also towns and villages (and apparently caverns and dungeons, but I haven’t tried that).

Here’s another I made on the same site for one of the towns in the game:


That’s great. Thanks for the info! They really look great :+1:

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The stats screen is now fully implemented. It changes as you progress through the story. Aside from character stats, you can view information on characters you have met and images of all the towns and cities in the game. I think I have removed all bugs but if you find anything, please let me know.



The demo has been expanded - over 17k words now. The demo ends with the first big choice of the game: Do you stick with the bounty hunter Frogger, or do you leave him? The choice you make will determine which of two story arcs you go into next.

Working with Frogger to evade the bounty hunter Woon.

Working with (a new person) to avoid both Frogger and Woon.

These two arcs will eventually merge again later, but in the meantime, which would you like to see first?


For me I would say A because I like frogger so far.

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I would say B, just to introduce this new person, I like frogger though


The name Oui Oui Ratooi still makes me laugh lol