The Wight King(WIP) - Chapter 6 added (12/01/2023)

She doesn’t need to help her case she is my favorite the moment we met her the best of them all so far haha.
Exploring with her was the best part actually scratch that every moment with her is wholesome and the best

I’m fine with the encounters being hostile with him for the first arc, particularly as he has no idea over the MC’s agenda besides them being ‘unnatural’. However, I’m glad to hear he’s not going to be the main antagonist and there’s a chance we can get through to him and potentially get him on side provided we aren’t playing an evil character and planning mass murder.

I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself here (lol too late), but imagining my MC and Asterius teaming up is just too cool. I mean, an undead and a paladin? Crazy. It would make for some uncomfortable fights with all that holy magic flying around, but would be unpredictable and a lot of fun.
But then, if Asterius teams up with us, would that be going against the will of his god and potentially lead to his fall? :thinking:

Okay, that just made me like his character even more. No way am I killing this guy if I have even the slightest change of getting him on side (and getting with him ahem)!

Another thing I noticed:
In most of the chapters, except the last one or two (where you used the correct term), you frequently used to term ‘lied’ instead of ‘lay’. I noticed it about 10 times. Eg. ‘The fortress lied to the west’ should have been ‘The fortress lay to the west’. ← Note: that wasn’t in the story, just an example of how you tended to use the word.
‘Lied’ is only used in reference to telling a lie (‘she crossed her fingers behind her back as she lied to him’), whereas when referring to the position of something, you use ‘lay’ (‘the dog lay on the floor, gnawing on a bone’).

Just something that sort of stuck in my head.

Just to be clear, I don’t dislike Helena as a character, and she’s not a badly written character by any means.

Thing is, I get super into roleplaying my MC, particularly in well-written stories that fully immerse me in their world.
My MC is a pretty serious dude, duty-driven and not a touchy-feely type nor someone who is used to being helped (nor requesting it), and not used to people like Helena in his ‘social circle’, which probably would have been incredibly limited and filled with types just like him. So in short, he and Helena are very different, and Helena is probably equally as exasperated over his seriousness as he is over her joking nature. :grin:
Actually, It’s kind of fun imagining Helena trying to find a joke that would get a laugh out of him; determined to break his wall of stoicism, then finding he doesn’t get her jokes, then tries explaining a joke, then just giving him a deadpan stare and throwing her arms up in surrender before walking off (cos explaining a joke is the worst). :laughing:

That being said, I think it can be really interesting when you get two types who are really different and are forced into a situation where they sort of need each other to get through it. I’m nt sure to what degree they need each other yet, but I’m sure we’ll shortly find out! I do really enjoy roleplaying characters who grow as people through the challenges they face together, or even finding common ground despite being so very different. It will be interesting to see how it goes with Helena. :slight_smile:


To clarify something, paladins of this world don’t worship gods. Not in that sense at least.

While it could be described as a religion, paladin faith is based on an allegorical cosmic force they call The Light. It is more of a philosophical entity, and what paladins draw power from are ideals from which they derive their oaths. There are many kind of oaths a paladin can take, depending on what matters to them, but it’s that oath that gives them strength rather than worship of a deity. Justice, truth, fortitude or such, and all of it is heavily dependent on each paladin’s interpretation of what these ideals are. They are very similar to angels in that way, and their powers are of a similar nature.

Paladins can fall when they betray themselves, when they go against their vision of their ideals, which is when they feel they’ve broken their oaths. In a similar way that a cleric can fall if their faith is broken. If Asterius believed that teaming up with you was the right thing to do, that wouldn’t be a breach of his oath and it wouldn’t shake his faith.

Tell me if I’m not being clear. Because it’s probably much more comprehensible in my head than in my words. XD

I see, I was a bit confused about the correct way to use these words. I’ve yet to really integrate some of the more specific rules like this one.

I mean, if you disliked her it would be fine. I’m fully expecting people like her or Cahldwei to not really be universally loved, and neither would I want them to be. Regardless it’s a fine opinion to have.

Glad to know she’s not badly written though, that would be something I’m more concerned about.

All I can imagine now is that you’re playing as Batman, but he’s in plate armor. XD


Will there be more fighting? The prologue was really cool with the MC being all badass and strong, but the later chapters were kinda boring for me (mostly just dialogues)

Yes, there will be more fighting soon


So, what’s the history of the undead, the citadel, and the newly gained fire powers the MC has gained?

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That’s a vast question. I’ll try to keep it short.

The “History” of the undead dates back to the old necromancer-kings, the four Thanatarchs, but there were undead long before them, they’ve always been there. Asking me about their history like that is a bit too broad of a question. But I’ll summarise the important points. And I’m going to assume that you’re not talking about the Wight Kings but the undead in general.

The four Thanatarchs were the most important figures of the history of necromancy as a legitimate and widespread practice acknowledged by the magical community of the times, which was pretty much exclusively noble cabals of sorcerers and witch covens. Each of them was an exceptionally powerful undead overlord, risen to prominence on their own terms.

When the Four finally fell, necromancy had started to take on a dark legacy that made it reviled by many, especially after the avent of new orders of divine casters, like the paladins and other cults. The rise of Aquilea pretty much drove the last nail in the coffin of what the necromancer-kings were. Necromancer cults had become enemy number one in the eyes of many, and slowly were pushed back to small, isolated groups that couldn’t afford the notice.

In the modern world, in an age far from the old sorcerer dynasties, necromancers often hide their presence, hedge mages or actual apostates, sometimes descendants of the ancient necromancers, the teaching of necromancy is tightly controlled and its uses limited by the Grey Tower. The last true necromancers have disappeared, some think them extinct, others think they’ve gone into hiding, biding their time for a revenge long in the making. The only true remaining threats from necromancers are for the most part the crimson emperor and the last lich cults.

We can also talk about vampire dynasties, the rise of the crimson emperor and the great blood purge. Or the wars of the lich cults. Radamanthe’s purge of the undead…

I mean, you tell me if there is something that would interest you, but I would need more time to answer. XD

Dreadspire’s origin will be explored in the story, but to keep it simple, it’s a legacy of the Wight Kings, passed down to each successor and improved upon each and every time. It’s probably the most important place for anything related to necromancy, but most importantly for the wights.

Same thing for Balefire, it will be talked about more in the story, it’s an old power, dangerous, hungry.


Thanks. So, since the MC is an undead, what makes them so special from all the others?

Is Helena somehow connected to the MC?

What are Wight Kings and is MC one of them?

how does one become an undead like the MC?

Why was Asterius and his clan in the tomb when the MC awoke?

What made the MC awaken and become an undead?

P.S: Sorry for all these questions, you just have a very good story going here with lots of depth and it all intrigues me so!


@Cooldude89979 some of those questions questions I think should be left to finding out in game namely the last 2


Are there any Wight Emperors also can you add more save slots

From what I’ve read, there’s no such thing as wight emperors. The wight king is the highest tier of undead

Hello! I recently discovered this WIP, which is astounding because I see is very popular. I think this popularity is deserved, the world is captivating and the characters are interesting. I’m excited to see how all of this ends.

I also noticed, like 99% of players want to be an evil powerfull MC, but in my case, I want my MC to try to be compassionate and good. One of my favorite tropes is that characters that are expected to be evil or merciless fight against their nature/destiny, characters that try so hard to be good when being evil is the easiest option.

And finally, the author is kinda vague about mentioning the RO’s identities :eyes: is it too spoilery? Ps: I’m not demanding anything, is just curiosity.


Wight kings have no master, they are risen by the curse of their own volition. A wight king is a force of ruin and change, whose powers make all pale in comparison, the curse that animates them is more than mere reanimation, or a puppeteering force of magic, it is an ancient spark of divinity stolen from the empty hearth of the abyss.

What makes them special? Nigh immortality, infinite potential, being the destined sovereign of all those who are touched by death.

Depends what you mean by connected. They are connected by their circumstances, she’s connected to you in the same way all undead are connected to the wight king.

I think I answered that question often before, if you want more information you can find answers looking through the thread or in the lore glossary that’s linked in the main post.

There’s no emperor, only the king and their knights.

Yes for save slots that’s on my list.

Thank you very much and welcome.

I wouldn’t say it’s the majority but perhaps the most vocal. If studies are anything to go by most people seem to play games naturally leaning towards a good character.

Whether that’s because of some kind of social effect or because of these “evil” options being hot garbage (my opinion) is debatable.

There’s also the fact this is an “undead overlord” game, which would naturally attract a certain set of expectations, especially with the release of stuff like Overlord and the long culture of evil undead in rpgs and medias in general.

But yeah you can absolutely play a wight king that is not cruel or tyrannical.

It’s not necessarily that it will be spoilerish, it’s mostly that a lot of these characters haven’t been introduced yet, I’m not sure it would mean anything to the people knowing people they haven’t met are going to be options.

There’s also a bit of me wanting to make the chemistry happen slowly as the characters get to know each other. It kind of defeats the point if you know for sure ahead of time in my opinion.

I can talk about most of them though.


Eyy! I just finish the last chapter and, wow its AWESOME! thanks for all your hard work, i have a cuple of question :D,
I can (quite) understand good enough all the different types of magic, but the eternity one is a little abstract (well, all of them are abstract but this one is more xDD) can you tell me i little about it if is not a bother to you?
And i have a question, about the domination and empathy, if empathy is something like mass control, emotion control and i guess is more than that like comprension of the world and universe, understand everything from nothing/void, what is the difference between that and dominance, when the last one can twisted the rules of space and time to do the exact thing but with more control about everything else? I mean, i always liked the empathy powers and i usually choose them, but its look like the domination ones have practically the sames powers and more, maybe is because i didnt understand them well enough

And thinking about eternity/empathy, its very similar too, right? i mean, the eternity like cicle, like the all (concept) from the nothing (concept) and empathy like the understanding of the universe and their life, i dont know if i can express myself clearly enough sorry!! Im not native as you can see xD

In summary, will you be able to explain in a more concrete way the different types of magic?, if you have time for it, obiously


How old is the mc

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I said before that it’s meant to be vague right now, because your character is only starting to dabble with forces they have yet to understand. But I’ll try to give you the condensed version of what Eternity is meant to represent and be able to do.

Eternity is the aspect that’s closest to the abyssal nature of the wight king’s undead curse. It’s meant to embody a form of universal entropy, inescapable cycles, inevitability. It is pretty much the opposite of ruin.

Where Ruin is a destructive aspect, it is also one from which springs energy, potential, new possibilities. Meanwhile, Eternity is an aspect of preservation, from it springs nothing, stagnation that spells inevitable death.

In term of abilities, Eternity could strengthen the curse’s semi-immortality, make you impervious to some forms of magic and the influence of chaos, allow you to mess with the natural order of things, affect causality around you. One of the most basic powers of Eternity will be control over ice, mainly as an environmental power.

Domination is like a hammer. It’s a tool, a tool meant to serve you. It’s forceful, uncompromising, it only serves to enforce your vision on people and the world around you. It doesn’t let you know or understand anything. It’s all about control. I think you might have thought it’s psychic control, some form of telepathy, but it’s not, you should imagine like a raw form of authority that’s above thought.

Empathy isn’t meant to be controlling, it lets you see and feel things that others cannot, it lets you access to a superior level of consciousness in which surface thoughts and emotions become as real as the physical world around you. While it can be used for manipulation, it’s first and foremost about perception. It’s also a power that lets you connect to others, it goes both ways, lets you broadcast thoughts or emotions, feel through a great number of people, almost like a subconscious hive mind.

To be honest, these are concepts, I’m also trying to figure them out. XD

Their depth will probably evolve along as I write the story.

Between mid twenties and early thirties. The MC died relatively young.


Hi @bl00dragon

I had some time to think on your update, so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Starting with the gang, since you indicated that you wanted feedback on them:

As a group, I found them to be interesting and all of them seemed to have potential. I enjoyed getting to know them all, and found it good to do so.

My MC clicked with the elf archer the best, but she also felt comfortable with the foreign fighter as well.

Both the cleric and the magician made my MC uncomfortable because their knowledge of magic and the “divine” of this world is greater than her self-knowledge.

Part of that, I believe, is that as a reader, even after your recent posts, I do not “know” both magic and the divine powers as if I were a native of the world.

Another thing that I was concerned about was that my “ancient-style” of armor and perhaps my speech might be tells to the group that I am an undead. If a Greek hopolite was walking around in the 1500’s in the gear from their era, I’m pretty sure there would be questions.

Perhaps there are explanations why they are so accepting of undead, or perhaps there are reasons people would be wearing old armor and talking like a ghost from the past, but none of that has been put forth …

As always, I enjoy your writing, I love the eyes, aurora and weapons you allow for our customization. I just have not seen the aurora as much as I had thought I would.

I hope these thoughts help.


I can’t wait for Malik to say it’s time to split up.

I’m glad you like them overall. They tell me as a creator I can’t have favorites but…

I think that’s a fair point to bring up. Though I think I can justify this.

In this world, magic is in everyone and everything, raw, unrefined, diluted. Everyone would know about magic, but that does mean they would “know”. Magic is an impossibly vast and complex subject of study. Mages and clerics, for the most part, are specialists. They know what they’re talking about, because they’ve been taught about it, it’s a key part of fulfilling their function in society. And yet, even the most learned of wizards would be hard-pressed to answer in good honesty about how divine magic “works”. In the same way an Alchemist wouldn’t “know” witchcraft or druidism.

Our world is made up of a number of forces that are part of every day life, known to us, harnessed by us. Hell, even part of us. But how many people actually “know”?

In the MC’s case, they’re a hardened warrior whose time on the battlefield has left in a state of perception that is far above that of the average joe, an almost instinctive sense for magic that was necessary for them to survive. They’d be able to tell most types of mages from each other, what kind of magic is being cast, maybe their general abilities. But they lack the knowledge that those specialists have. They’ve only ever dabbled with their own magical potential, it was never properly brought out either, that’s why Octavius had to help them with awakening it.

As a reader, you don’t have all the keys to understand, but the MC is just as ignorant as you are at the moment.

Does that make sense?

Maybe I wasn’t clear about the origin of the armor. It’s relatively old, but it’s still plate armor and a pretty unique design which can’t really be traced and pinned down on a particular period. It is a bit conspicuous for someone to walk around in that kind of armor but most people wouldn’t really be able to tell that it’s suspicious, it’s not uncommon for frontier rats to be wearing whatever they’ve scavenged or stolen.

I agree that it would be really silly to not question someone dressed in the full hellenic soldier get-up in the middle of late medieval plate armors (and really funny). But the MC didn’t die centuries ago, just about ten years.

I think I should also mention that the undead haven’t been a credible threat in this part of the world for a very long time. The first thought of people when meeting a strange-looking person wouldn’t be that they might be a ghoul in disguise.

In this age necromancy is more a “touchy subject” of wizard study than a real menace, except in the mind of paranoid inquisitors and the most elderly, who remember the necromancers of a few centuries ago.

With the coming of more magic, auras will be more present. And when I work on earlier chapters again that’s also something I’ll keep in mind for times when it’s appropriate.


Thank for taking your time to respond me! Now, about the new team (i forget to express my feelings toward them lol) I LOVED everyone of them, its true that the magician makes my MC feelign between pity (The poor guy doesn’t know where he’s getting into lol), understanding (cause his need of knowledge) and a bit of irritation (he is too much curious for his own sake) but at the same time is like: bro, i feel you, i, practically, am the same lol

I think my favourite is, without dude, the warrior, i found him cute, friendly, trustworthy and the way he talk and express himself is honest and bright, my type lol. Seriously, i hope we can stay with (
him) them a lot because this troop stole my heart from day one.

My second fav is probably the cleric, i found her very sweet and strong and, idk, someone who is probably very interesting to known and to chat, she trasmit peace and calm.

My least favourite (for now at least) is probably the huntress, i normally dont go very well with people who has a personality so conflictive in a sassy way lol, but I’ve still taken a liking to her

Again thank your for all your hard work, this chapter was amazing!

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Are the stats a little off or something?? I’m on chapter 3 currently and I have to say I’m really enjoying this. Very well written so far and you definitely have me immersed!! I’ll probably read it again once I finish the current chapters; just to test out other choices. But, what’s nagging me is no matter what I do, every time I check the stat page, Only two of the bars in the personality section seem to be moving (Aggression/Serenity & Cocky/Dignified). It seems like the choices have no effect on the other personality traits.

I tried being ruthless, but it didn’t move. I tried compassion and it didn’t budge. But if I choose to be dignified or serene for example, the stat changes. All the others seem stuck.

Now, I’m on chapter 6 and I’m left with more questions. Are the choices and stats just there for interactivity? or Do they actually play a part in the plot, dialogue etc? Hopefully my questions don’t come off picky, like i said I am enjoying the reading either way…so apologies if I am coming off that way Lol.