The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I’m trying to work… I really am …but my eyes constantly shift towards the clock and my mails … :eyes:


Going off of what happened with the first game’s release, Seraphinite will likely create a brand new discussion thread in the #hosted-games subcategory, and this one will be locked, having served its purpose.

Regardless, there is also always the General Discussion Thread if discussion ever needs to be moved.

Also, don’t take my word for it, but I predict that spoilers might have to be blurred so as to let everyone enjoy the game at their own pace. To learn how to do that, please check out the Formatting Commands Thread.


As much as I love all the Choice and Hosted titles, there is something about how the original Wayhaven was written where my eyes don’t gloss over some of the words on each page and fall directly on the choices. It always felt like every single line had enough importance to the story that I didn’t want to miss it. No paragraph was so long that I ever switched into ‘TLDR’ mode.

I am legitimately hyped about the release on Steam.


Same with me! I don’t know how to improve it I tried several options




I always find it funny how I can search for an app on the google play store and not find it unless I follow a link.


Haha, looks like I’m going to be behind on all my work for the next week.

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I was looking for “The Wayhaven Chronicles” and Book 1 showed on top, Book 2 way down.
But if you add Book 2 - it came up right at the top for me.

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That’s why I shared it! I was surprised the search worked for me this morning. Normally it hates me.


Noticed it popped up on Hosted Games at the choiceofgames website. Still looks like I have to wait 2 hours to play though. Does anyone know if “play the first six chapters now for free” will save my progress when the game officially releases?

I know for sure that it does if you play the game as an app on your phone. But, sadly, I can’t say anything about the website as I have never used it before.

I don’t think it will, since you don’t have a saving function and it is the ‘demo build’ - so a different beast.

I played through that there was no save option

Gotta ask, but is it being released on Steam?

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awesome! just 2h woot! thanks!


OK thanks guys :slight_smile: I’ll wait the few hours before starting then! Prefer to read on my computer and I prefer the choiceofgames website interface.


You’re welcome! :relaxed:

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