The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

It usually does, at least from my experience. It will stop at the end of the demo until it’s fully released and then give you the option to buy it and continue from the point you left off.

It’s not like i can read right now but why steam takes sooo long lmao

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Welp, it’s out on iOS.

It’s now available in Steam too! :sparkling_heart:

It’s still not out in the hosted games app though

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So I can’t play it yet :confused:

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Its out on Steam! ITS HERE! ADIEUX LIFE! ADIEUX FRIENDS! Welcome Love Triangle! :smile:

Edit: Oh cool! So I dont have to use my save right? If I use recap, it work like a save right??? Cose I have too many, and I dont remember who smooched who…

The Smoochie Chronicle! :smile:


We’re totally vibing in this part xD

And no, recap isn’t the same as your save. Stats and relationships will be lower compared to what you could have achieved playing the first book. Yes, other parts are the same, but your character might be quite different from what they used to be in your actual saves.

That’s one of the reasons why I use special names for all my saves :slight_smile: Like, the name of my character + their RO (+the kind of romance I have with them sometimes). For example: Katarina_NateBold. I have over 20 saves like this, and the special naming system really helped when moving them to Book 2.


I feel your pain

Oh well…thats okay.

But I gotta see beyond the demo…before I go and use my precious saves .

It is out for the hosted games app as well I just purchased it!! congrats on the release can’t wait to play it.

It is? I’ve been refreshing the app and it hasn’t popped up for me yet :thinking:

It’s here!!! It’s on steam and apple. Beyond excited!!! I don’t normally post but I had to share!!

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Now I have to wait until after work in 6 hours. I instantly bought it after cyber stalking for hours lol. I want to save it for Friday since I’m off on weekends but I don’t think I can. :grin:


In the Omnibus too

Oh nvm it finally popped up for me

On google play too

welp, there goes any chance of sleep tonight. but i’ve been banking on that for months lol. congrats @Seraphinite! throwing my money at you right now!


I don’t see it on Google play store. :broken_heart:


I usually get a messege from COG when there games release, but i have indeed just found it on the playstore, so ive downloaded and will now purchase and play so guys its been a blast, but im going to get food and drink and begin reading, see you in the book 2 discussion thread…whenever that shall be :grin::+1:

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