The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

@EvilChani Thank you for the quick response on that! Hope you had some fun on your weekend too!

@Qorder Was it a preset character you were using for this? Do you remember which one?

And as for the interruptions, it is a favourite of mine :smiley: But it may just start to ease off during Book Two and the romances really start to get somewhere…


@Seraphinite I’ve experimented with some starting choices. It seems “Pre-made character and short recap.” results in a blank name regardless of the choice of preset character, as well as their gender and orientation. “Pre-made character. No recap.” however results in functional names.

Another possible bug: the character Alan Reedman is supposed to be intimidating/stoic, but his/her/their personality has 30% intimidating and 70% charming. And Lucas/Lauren/Lee Langford’s personality is supposed to be sarcastic/caring, but there’s no caring personality… perhaps you mean charming or friendly instead?

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@Qorder - This is brill, thank you! There was some issues in the beta with pre-made characters, so this may be fixed for the main game, but I will double check!

Progress Report (Book Three)

Another super busy week! It just flew by and now I’m like ‘How are we half way through February???’ :smiley:

Really pleased with how the plan is coming together though. I would like to do another expansion of it before I begin writing, but I’ll have to judge that by my schedule.Still, expanding it is going well. I went from one page of A4 for a chapter plan to 10 pages! And that’s only one version. This particular chapter has two completely different versions of it…It’s gonna be so cool, but this is why planning is so important. Doing all this now will mean when I come to write I’m not slowed down by trying to think of things or forget variations, especially with so many branches to consider! (So yeah, that’s a bit of advice if you’re getting into interactive fiction- plan REALLY well!)

Though there’s N’s scene for that version of the chapter that I’m a bit back and forward on. I like it, well, I love it, but I don’t know if it’s placed well in that chapter. So I’ll have to think on that and possibly move it. But I’ll keep going on other chapters in the mean time and think on it as I go.

There was also one character thing that I’d talked about being unsure of before and thought I’d settled on. Well, I’ve properly managed to sort that now, yay!! I know that’s all very vague, but it had been making me very anxious for a long time and to have that super settled is a huge weight from my mind!

So yeah, things are going smoother now on that end!

Hope you all remember to love yourselves and each other this Valentine’s! <3


Alright. Alright. Someone help me.

These books are pretty much perfect for me. Love them @Seraphinite

Dose anyone else know of books like this? I’m sure you’re imagining them as I ask the question. I got one problem though.

As much interest as I have in supernatural romance, I’ve been looking for “normal guy meets extraordinary and interesting girl”

And as many pages as I’ve been though on good reads I’ve found nothing that fits quite like this. I feel like the only guy in the world might want such a book. (As untrue as it is) So they just aren’t selling any.

I’d much rather have a Male character I can connect with, that gets swept away by someone exciting.

I’ve also seen some books where the guy is also some supernatural something-or-other. But that’s not exactly what I want. ;/

So either book two comes out, like now and I dont explode.
Or I need some halp.
Pls. Am dying.
(Cany physically do more replays)


Unfortunately, this is not a thread for this. I do remember someone creating a book thread for those who are currently reading novel variety or the CoG and HG recommendation thread.

Let me look for those specific thread.


Here’s the thread for those asking for book recommendations:

And CoG/HG/HC recommendations:


Dude I’m like the same, I read one of these and I just want more and more, I honestly can’t stop myself from reading these, espically wayhaven, I’ve reread it so many times just like many other stories their so good.


Thanks personage!

I’ll get to that some time.

In my mind Rebecca always missed mc birthdays and he always hold it against her. I just have to ask did she miss them or did she try to be there. If true I would love to scene about that.


She was always there for birthdays stuff.

"More like working late and weekends. Rebecca always tried to be there at important moments and when the MC needed support.

But those absences still built up.

Thank you so much for the ask! :)"