The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

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this big you got 881 peaple to lov your work how do you feel


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I noticed Sera hasn’t posted a weekly update here for a few weeks. Is there a book 3 thread that I’m not aware of?

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She probably forgot to post here:


Aah, sorry about that guys. The past couple of weeks have just been so intense!

Back to normal updating now though!

Progress Report

Blimey, what a week! It was a seriously full one :smiley:

I steamed ahead on Book Three planning and am seriously so eager and excited to start getting writing in April! I managed to figure out which scenes go in the final plans, but a lot of the scenes left will either go for other books or become Unseen Scenes on Patreon!

Planning had to be put on hold for a couple of days though as I got the copyedit version back from Hosted Games. I spent a couple of days just focusing on that, adding in any edits, testing, and checking through other edits to ensure Book Two stays on vision.

So I sent that back yesterday and that’s pretty much completely my side of things done now (as far as I’m aware, anyway, lol)!

So yeah, I’m super pumped for getting into the starts of Book Three writing soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! <3


cool hear hope you stay safe


Thanks for the update, cannot wait for book 2, especially during these current crazy times in the world, hope you and everybody are staying safe :+1:


I love this series so much!! and I know that it is a scary time right now but we are in this together! :heart: :heart: :heart:


God I have been gone for to long, what have I missed?

Book two will be out in 1 month.


:sunglasses: nice to have something to look forward to right now

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I honestly can’t wait for the second book and I’m really excited that you’re already working on the third book with only a month left for the second to come out.


jesus that’s amazing!

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Are we ready for the Carnival?! :carousel_horse:


Progress Report (Book Three)

A good week this week!

The final stages of planning for Book Three have gone super smoothly, so I think I’m all set to start writing next Monday! Seriously exciting, especially the opening, which is an idea I’ve had for a Wayhaven book for years :smiley:

Got a couple of final things to do before that, which I’ll work on over the weekend, like printing out all the variables so I have them to hand and things.

Still working on the side project for Wayhaven too, which has been going well!

So yeah, a really smooth week with lots going on!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend, and I’ll update you again next week <3


Definitely. :slight_smile:

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I will stay on this earth on both Wayhaven are out :relaxed: