The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Shoot what did I miss? What’s going on, on May seventh?


The Release of Book Two


Progress Report

This week feels like the first week in a while that I’ve finally started to get back on top of things :smiley:

I got a bunch of romance progress plans done on Book Three, as well as some plans to put into effect for later books…

Obviously I can’t even give a hint or sneak peek at those seeing as Book Two isn’t out yet, but it’s gonna be seriously awesome and some things I know will make a lot of people very happy :smiley:

I know how long Book Two is taking to get released, but I seriously appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support <3 I am doing everything I can to work hard on Book Three in the mean time! Wayhaven is gonna be a long journey, but I am always working on it!

I’ve also still been progressing hard on the Patreon content for December. Incredibly excited for patrons to see that too. I’ve been planning it nearly all year! I do seriously love this season, lol.

So yeah, a good week of getting back on top of things and starting to organise my explosion of ideas into something a bit more workable, hehe!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll update you all again next friday! :slight_smile:


I haven’t been participating in this thread and I am sad now-:sob:

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Patience that’s what you call it ? I’m dying inside why can’t it be may 7th yet ? It’s killing me, seriously though can’t wait for book 2 and 3 .hopefully there will be a Christmas scene ? Wink wink :wink: I can’t wait for my vampires and thank you for all your hard work , can’t wait to see my mc and the romances evolve


I love 1st book of Wayhaven Chronicles and really cannot wait for 2nd book coming in May 2020. It is still half of the year and the wait will probably kill me slowly. But it is worth the wait! Thank you for writting such awesome story :slight_smile:


Wayhaven is definitely one of the best titles in here, the story is engaging, the characters are solid so far, and the world is just exciting.

Put me in the cryo chamber and wake me up in May 2020.


Will it be possible to actually worsen your relationships with the team members during this second book? Like if I do some questionable decisions (or just being an huge jerk) , will they remember or just quickly forgive/forget them?

I don’t think you will be given jerk choices to start with. You may be professional with the team, but Sera has said that you will start to become friends with them as part of the story.


My big gay heart pounds at the love triangle between Nat and Ava but I think at the end I would choose Ava. No offence to Nat she is far to good for my MC that’s for sure.


Brain: The Fury of 6.001 suns burns Bright-

Brain: Cancel the Fury Power Startup sequence!

Me: cool, their both wonderful and i’d romance everyone eventually in alternate universes. :innocent: don’t tell them that :sweat_smile:


So I have no idea if this has been answered or not but is there a save at the end of the game cuz I wanna replay it to remember some things but I would wish to be able to save what I have chosen ?


Wayhaven Book 1 have a save option at the end. However, Book 2 is a different story. It will only have a save option at the end once Book 3 entered the publishing queue.

Do note that it the new policy by Hosted Games and the author has no control over it.