Upcoming Hosted Games Releases -- 2019


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Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by @nauhziy: Released January 17th.
Keeper of the Sun and Moon by @daydreamsincolor: Released January 24th.
Dragon Racer by @ToxicDreams: Released January 31st. :steam:
JRY’s Tudor Intrigue: Released February 15th
The Paths to Greatness: Released February 15th
Sordwin by @ThomB: Released March 7th Sequel to Evertree Inn. :steam:
Totem Force: Released April 4th :steam:
The Saga of Oedipus Rex: Released May 16th.
Who was the real Robin Hood? by @Christy_Waites: Released July 1st.
Scratch by @Cloudbuchholz: Released July 1st.
A Sensei’s Story: Released July 1st.
One Minute Mysteries: Released Jul 22nd.
Samurai of Hyuga 4 by @MultipleChoice: Released Aug 29. :steam:
Birth of a Superhero by @adrao: Released Sep 19th. :steam:
Tokyo Wizard by @adrao: Re-Released Sep 19th. :steam:
The Parenting Simulator: by @hustlertwo. Released Sep 30th.
Death at the Rectory: by @Felicity_Banks. Released Sep 30th.
Moonrise: by @NMCannon. Released Oct 17.
War of the Gods: by @Barbelz. Released Oct 17.
The Oldest Dream: Released Oct 17.
The War for the West: by @MahatmaDagon. Released Nov 14. :steam:
Breach: The Archangel Job: Released Nov 14. :steam:
Street Jam: The Rise by @Tevin: Pending release. Releasing Jan 9. :steam:
The Shadow Society: Copyedit. Releasing Feb 6th? :steam:
The Soul Stone War: Copyedit. Releasing Mar 5th? :steam:
The Aegis Saga: Copyedit. Releasing Apr 2nd? :steam:
Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two: Copyedit. Releasing May 7th? :steam:
The Floating City: by @Felicity_Banks. Draft revision.
Critical Mass: The Black Vein: Pending assets.
Fate of the Oracle: Pending assets.

Because someone asked me, to clarify: Hosted Games go on this list once they enter the publishing queue, meaning once we’ve received a full copy of the game. HG WIPs won’t show up on this list.