Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)

Awww…Though since Alty is gated behind relatively high Astrid approval it may be (much) harder for my Nephilim mc to date the guy too now. Which may be frustrating because I see my mc having the kind of dynamic with Cyrus where he may have a crush on the guy but doesn’t want to mess up a developing friendship (particularly since he’ll have fewer friends with the new opening) with awkward dates. :worried:
For my Nephilim mc to date Cyrus, Cy would have to initiate something, which we know he doesn’t do…at least not in book 1. :worried:

Kol is nice, but far too shifty for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Two weeks to go :tada:

Yakov fluff

“How many feet of snow do you think it would take for them to cancel classes tomorrow?”

“Considering we live on campus?” Yakov hands you another phoenix marshmallow without you having to say anything.

“Touché.” You skewer it expertly and hold it over the dying embers of the fire Altair has conjured up earlier. He and the others had left a long time ago, though, leaving just you and Yakov in the pale moonlight.

“How cold would it have to get for them to cancel classes, then?”

You shiver, half because of the cold and half to see what he’ll do, and he draws you closer to him without seeming to think anything of it.

Despite the cold, you decide it’s been a rather nice night.

Cyrus and Altair in high school

“Did you submit your application to Solanaceae yet?” asked Altair, adding another sentence to his essay, then backspacing the entire thing because no, that didn’t make any sense.

“Yeah, finished it two weeks ago.” Stupid Cyrus and his ability to get things done.

Altair groaned, rereading the last paragraph he’d written. “Why do they have seventeen supplementals, anyway?”

“They only have six.” There was no sympathy in Cyrus’ tone. “And you could have just worked on them before instead of waiting until the last minute.”

Cyrus was sprawled out on the couch like he owned the place, which with how often he was over at the Adtaz house, wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. It also meant that he couldn’t see Altair glaring at him, which was for the better, because Cyrus would just say it was like a puppy getting angry—you couldn’t take it seriously.

Altair hit him with a throw pillow instead, and Cyrus looked incredibly indignant for a moment before chucking it back at him. “No need to get angry just because you’re incompetent.”

Altair ignored him and typed another few sentences before looking at the next prompt. “…What did you write for your roommate essay?”

“That no member of my family should ever be allowed near our dorm.”

“…Yeah, I should probably add that to mine.”

“And that exchanging greetings once a week is the most he should expect.”

“You can keep that one.”

Just checked the code—Altair’s romance doesn’t require any Astrid relationship.

At the moment, MC has the option to choose a new RO in the sequel. It’s currently ambiguous about who initiated it.


I just want more Leon fluff and I’ll be happy kawaii%20blush

Until the game is published? I’m so happy oh my gosh!! We’ve all been waiting for this moment and it’s just two weeks away :heart:


Yay! However from the old beta I seem to remember that if the mc doesn’t get along with Astrid they, naturally get far less opportunities to meet Alty and build his friendship high enough to even start a romance.
I starts right at the beginning, I think, if the mc doesn’t go to the dorm and the simulator with Astrid they don’t meet Alty early on and miss the opportunity to score friendship points with him then, and so on and so forth. It’s good that his romance doesn’t require Astrid’s approval, but can we even get to the threshold required to initiate a romance with him, if we don’t associate much with or (pretend to) like Astrid? I do remember that starting the romances as soon as possible and getting the nice dates in chapter 7 was only possible by a razor-thin margin for some RO’s. Cyrus being the one I noted back then. Miss even one interaction or make even one response in an interaction that your prospective crush dislikes and you could forget about starting the romance early. Of course back then my mc used to warm up to Astrid pretty quickly, now that’s going to take much longer. Going on vacation with Altair however does require positive Astrid points and if the mc cannot go they obviously lose that time to develop the relationship further or learn about Alty’s big secret.

I can help you there, I like these interaction scenes. How about one of those scenes with Leon and Cyrus gossiping about something or, rather someone, like you hinted at. :grin:

Ah, Cyrus, always so effortlessly cool and collected. :angel: Poor procrastinating Alty. :smiling_imp:

And there also seems to be a bittersweet note to it even there, poor Cy, possibly avoiding his own home. :hugs:

Are you sure, what with the delay of some other things around here recently? :worried:

Hope this one gets on Steam too, but I don’t suppose CoG have told you anything more about that now than when I first brought that up two weeks ago, have they?

Can my mc stipulate that for any and all members of his paternal family (he wouldn’t mind more or well any visits at all from his normal family, sadly it seems that’s not allowed. :frowning_face: ) in the second part? Oh, what am I thinking, of course not since he’s just a charity case with very few and very limited “rights” and privileges. :unamused:


Oh my God, Y E S. Leon and Cyrus being shady is something I have to witness before I die. And they do have one common enemy: Astrid. @daydreamsincolor Pretty please? Can we have a shady Cyrus and Leon moment?


Hate to say I told you so @Fay . But Keeper seems to have been moved back a week due to whatever is clogging up the release pipeline and could possibly be moved back even further if Dragon Racer is going to jump the queue (considering that was slated to be an X-mas release last year). :unamused:
Wish CoG would tell us what the delay is about, though I’m guessing something to do with Apple crap, as that seems to be the most usual cause for delays. :unamused:

Now, sadly, three.

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Dragon Racer is still in copyedit. It’s not coming out anytime soon.


So, is it Apple again? If so since I still have a couple of days off I might write my frustrations away by sending them an angry letter.
Really stoked for both Gladiator and of course Keeper. :persevere:

Noted. It’s still the only one listed on Steam tho.


Oof. 3 weeks? That’s rough.

Hey, dragon racer! I loved that WIP and I really loved my chaotic dragon companion :two_hearts: So glad that it’s being released —

I spoke too soon :sob:


Dragon racer is the reincarnation of Dragon booster.


Love the Yakov fluff.

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Winter short with all the ROs

The Brownie Café was packed when the eleven of them arrived.

“That it’s tradition is a stupid reason to do something,” grumbled Seraphina, shaking snow out of her hair.

Astrid laughed, stomping off her boots. “You’re saying tradition is a stupid reason to do something?”

“It’s a ridiculous practice,” Seraphina continued. She pulled up a chair to where the others had taken seats by the fire. “A snowball fight has no clear rules or winners.”

“We won, obviously,” replies Leon easily. He’d been the first to shrug off his coat, after Cyrus had unceremoniously threw a handful of snow down his back.

Cyrus rolled his eyes, tugging off his gloves. “In what universe?”

“It seemed evenly matched,” said Cressida, sipping her hot chocolate as she joined the rest of the group.

“You didn’t think to get any for the rest of us?” Cyrus snapped.

She shrugged. “MC and Kol are coming with the hot chocolates, and Thalia was getting whatever holiday sweets this place is offering.”

“Who trusted Thalia to get the sweets?” asked Yakov, frowning.

“She took the initiative herself,” said Altair. He stole a phoenix marshmallow from Cressida’s hot chocolate, and she batted him away halfheartedly.

“Well, she better have gotten the chocolate dragon egg brownies,” groaned Astrid.

“I’m sure she remembered,” said Katia comfortingly, warming her hands by the conjured fire.

“Well, if she didn’t—She did! Yay!” Astrid’s face went from overjoyed to horrified in a split second. “Wait, no, THALIA—“

Still at the register, Kol glanced back at the others, then at MC. “We don’t know them, right?”



Where can I find the flowchart that showed all the magics?

The chart I think you’re referring to was drafted very early in the process of the game—it’s not very relevant anymore.

The main types of magic in Keeper are ritual magic, physical magic (e.g. telekinesis, elemental manipulation), psychic abilities, and celestial magic. There is overlap between these categories, though (e.g. control magic would fall between physical and psychic magic).


@daydreamsincolor Hey, so I read your tumblr blog and apparently some characters have “spoilery” powers. Will MC get the chance to use/learn the powers or is it only restricted to those characters?


MC will have the chance to use Cressida and Katia’s favorite powers, but they probably won’t have the chance to use Leon or Yakov’s.


Ever wonder what the other characters think about Seraphina? Read more to find out.

Read more

Altair - “Seraphina’s…kind of intimidating, honestly. But she also seems pretty lonely.”
Astrid - “She’s a total ‘holier than thou’ type.”
Cressida - “She likes to think she’s smarter than other people.”
Cyrus - “I like her, and she annoys Cressida, which is always a plus.”
Katia - “Seraphina’s wonderful, amazing, and completely brilliant!”
Kol - “She’s incredibly smart. It’s kind of scary.”
Leon - “She’s tolerable when she’s not bossing you around”
Thalia - “She’s pretty anti-fun. Not cool, Red.”
Yakov - “Seraphina’s a good person.”


I was half expecting her to say she’d never met Seraphina but she sounded nice… :sweat_smile:


Same. I’m pretty sure that she assumes that everyone is nice, even Reyna.


Well that’s not only her, I remember from the beta that even Reyna gets more respect and empathy from the magical authorities then our mc does, particularly with that new prologue. :unamused:

Wouldn’t that depend on the mc’s species? I mean the mc can, after all, be a mostly human punch or gunslinger mage (as soon as we can actually obtain a decent gun that is.)
In any case the mc can only barely control the “powers” they’ve got now. And with the new opening my mc kinda starts out hating his supposed “powers” and the whole charity case magical university deal they saddle him with.

So I’m really hoping for the kind of backtalk to Petrova where my mc can tell her that it is his firm belief that his “powers” are only dangerous to himself, not others, as proven by the new version of the Gorgon encounter, where they literally wouldn’t manifest to even try and save his own life. :unamused: