The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

How can I be so excited about the third book when the second one isn’t even out yet!?


Oh man, the time to call F echolian pet names is coming.

Please let me give him a soft pet name in echolian :sob:


@Seraphinite I’ve been wondering about one particular question… Will we be able to get a few scenes where our MC & ROs get a little :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper: with each other??? …I’m talking about sex scenes… :no_mouth::smirk:

PS. Of course, I’m not talking about explicit scenes (I would prefer it, just my opinion) but something more adult than the typical romantic scenes in some games.


So I wonder if learning is under the knowledge stat ? Gonna have to do a new game in book one.not that I’m not complaining :smiley: i love Felix and his jokes . I’m so excited for book 3 ,still waiting on 2 :joy: .


Sera has said in the past that she will write sex scenes with the ROs. If we decide to have sex with them, we will be given the option to have a fade to black or a more explicit sex scene.




Sis, hold on. You’re creating another whole ass language???! WHAT?! As a polyglot, i for real, cannot wait to add Echolian to my repertoire and have people ask what tf is that language so that i can high-key gush about Wayhaven lmao


So looking forward for this book


So you are creating a language now? Is there something you cannot do?! :open_mouth:

My Detective will have to raise that Knowledge stat because if there’s anything I’m a sucker for, beside shameless flirting, is con-langs.

Seriously, I really commend you for your hard work, it’s almost unbelievable how you do it and very inspiring.


Progress Report (Again, technically Book Three progress, but it works here for now to keep things active, lol!)

Another busy week and time is just flying by!!

Worked on the Book Three plans again, which are coming along well. I’m trying out a different way of planning this time that I hope will help ease the writing process. Picked up so many things I can improve on during both the planning and writing process as I’ve been writing One and Two! :smiley:

Also continued on with Echolian. There’s a couple of specific phrases and terms I was thinking of bringing into Book Three so wanted to get those definitely sorted now, even if I don’t end up using them.

I’ve also started on some exciting stuff for Patreon in December! I love winter and Christmas, so want to make sure that’s a fun-filled month for my amazing and supportive patrons! Also it’s my time to say thank you!

So yeah, a busy week of taking on the first steps of Book Three!

Hope you all have the most fabulous weekend! <3


Oh I’m so excited , now I need my vampires even more so . Waiting patiently for book 2 , and it’s killing me :heart: thank you for your hard and wonderful work , and maybe we’ll have a Christmas scene in book 3?


May 7th l believe is cog release date


How do I fast forward irl?


We just gonna have to wait my friend
Just eagerly patiently wait.

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Super excited to read book 2<3, and its awesome that your already thinking about book 3. This is probably one of my favorites.


Dude I want to be patient but I’m way too excited for this too come out and I’m keeping track every day to see if there are any new updates.


Is it may 7th yet?


Shoot what did I miss? What’s going on, on May seventh?


The Release of Book Two


Progress Report

This week feels like the first week in a while that I’ve finally started to get back on top of things :smiley:

I got a bunch of romance progress plans done on Book Three, as well as some plans to put into effect for later books…

Obviously I can’t even give a hint or sneak peek at those seeing as Book Two isn’t out yet, but it’s gonna be seriously awesome and some things I know will make a lot of people very happy :smiley:

I know how long Book Two is taking to get released, but I seriously appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support <3 I am doing everything I can to work hard on Book Three in the mean time! Wayhaven is gonna be a long journey, but I am always working on it!

I’ve also still been progressing hard on the Patreon content for December. Incredibly excited for patrons to see that too. I’ve been planning it nearly all year! I do seriously love this season, lol.

So yeah, a good week of getting back on top of things and starting to organise my explosion of ideas into something a bit more workable, hehe!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll update you all again next friday! :slight_smile: