The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I pray for a full and speedy recovery, as well as sending my best wishes. Take all the time needed away for yourself and family.


I…its may 7 right…?

Hope your momma gets better that’s the worse. Also I cannot cannot wait for book 2. You are an amazing writer keep up the great work! :+1:


Approximate release date May 7, 2020


Just wanna drop in and remind everyone that May 7 is a tentative release date. It could come out sooner, it could come out even later—lots of things could happen that can cause either or.

I think I addressed this rarher succinctly before, so forgive me as I quote myself:


Progress Report

A busy week of catching up this week! But I think I’m finally starting to get on top of things. Hopefully by next week I really will be on top of it all again.

But also this week was the save game import testing, which ended up being a bit of fun :smiley: I had to go through Book One to make sure I had save games, and going through that was a treat!

Then I sent it off to the amazing testers who were kind enough to help out that extra bit more than the beta, and it seems their save games imported perfectly too! Yay!!

So that’s a huge weight off my mind. Gonna do a little bit of shifting on a couple of stats but then send the final scene files off to Hosted Games!

Which means next week I will be starting the first very early planning stages of Book Three! Pretty excited about that. My brain is already bursting with ideas :smiley: The story is already known, but all the fun bits are still to be worked out, as well as the flow and things.

So yeah, a great week and still some catching up to do, but very exciting!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! <3


Your already planning book 3 ? Wow. That excites me , cause I’m waiting um patiently for 2 and (trying to be patient ) :anguished: hopefully there will be ballroom scene in this one (wink wink) keep up the hard work and we do appreciate it :hugs: and sending prayers to your mom, she’s doing better , right?


Thank you always for the detailed updates!

Take time for yourself, you deserve it for all your hard work. No one will complain if you take a vacation for yourself. :kissing_heart:


Is it bad that im already super hyped for book 3 :joy:

Appreciate the update, great that the savegame import is working, means my 50 saves wont go to waste :yum:… ( not actually 50, more like 13 :grin:)

Have yourself a great weekend also :blush: all of you :+1:


Basically me


basically all of us



Im feelin like I’m about to explode!!


I couldn’t do scars on the shoulders/neck (or make his hazel eyes just a tad more green), but for a sense of him & his observant gaze, the closest I could come in chibi form of Agent Fuller…


…I would die for him???


that is always a fairly decent question. but the one that is the better one is would you live for them.


You mean to tell me that there’s a sweetheart under that scary glare?


Come to “M for life” club. You’ll be surprised.

not before “F for life” club. I expect more fun surprises there anyway :laughing:

Hi guys,

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Progress Report (this is techinically a Book Three progress report, but it seems appropriate to keep it here until Book Two is out! :smiley: )

Bit of a slower week this week, which was actually really nice :smiley:

I did two major things this week: started early planning on Book Three, and got 85% of the Echolian language sorted!

I really want Echolian to come up more during the series (with the MC, especially those with language proficiency, getting to possibly learn a little), so having that sorted means I can finally add that into plans for future moments—with F’s route featuring that more for obvious reasons!

And the planning for Book Three has gone smoothly so far! I plotted out a very general, skeleton ideas for a few of the first chapters that I’m super happy with. For Book Three, I’m able to jump into the story much quicker as there isn’t as much catch up from the introduction of Book One like I had to do for Book Two (wow, I hope that sentence makes sense, lol!).

I’m very excited about Book Three’s storyline, along with the progression of the romances…

There’s a couple of characters I have been so excited about introducing and I’m chomping at the bit to get writing on them in Book Three, hehe! :smiley:

So yeah, a great week with a couple of major things begun!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, and I’ll update you again next week! :slight_smile: