The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

As much as the complaint of female MCs being overly submissive and awkward in otome (ugh!) and romance games is completely 100% valid, may I just say that being shy and being submissive isn’t exactly the same thing?

As for me I enjoy playing an MC that’s a total badass in all situations EXCEPT for romance. I like that contrast of character. It’s amusing. :upside_down_face:


Same for my M character. Adding she is aromantic she is only for sex and friendship she will not admitting feelings she doesn’t have or now she have.

Characters should have agency to not have to be fallen in love year’s in silence.

If i fall on love i need five seconds TO Asking and tell the guy. I don’t go all lame years suffering in silence. I don’t understand that for me has zero sense.

For me is You have feels for someone you go and tell him to face. I don’t get shyness. Or wait centuries that My love interest notice me… I go and ask. So I just expect could directly choose in A and M at least negate feelings in character at least M and A are ready because I can’t understand suffering in silence inside like those intimacy products advertisings


Dezh isn’t aromantic, she just… doesn’t get it. First guy she was with screwed her on a bet and walked after trying to act like he cared, and the second was Bobby, so she doesn’t trust anyone saying they care. She’d rather be told up front that it’s all about sex, like M is doing. And M is making it clear it’ll be a one-time thing and he’s done, so she knows what she’s getting up front, and she’s fine with that (and eager to get on with it).

I’m not saying she won’t fall for M (she definitely will) but it’ll be without her realizing it. And when she does realize it, there’s no way in ten freaking hells that she’d say it to him outright. And she really would feel like a gigantic loser, “Great, I’m in love with a guy who will be banging someone else as soon as he spots his next target. I need to go hit things now.”

It’s forced “angst”, which is why I hate A’s route. The MC I put with Adam would not put up with his shit for long before she flat out told him, “Look, are you interested or not? If not, fine. I won’t bother you again with my unwanted affections, but if so, pull the stick out of your ass and act like an adult.” That’s why I’m sticking her in the LT–she’s too stable and self-assured to be with someone who seems emotionally abusive and is too emotionally constipated to deal with being in an adult relationship.


I am expecting that in A route my character will bang and have relationship with humans. Because I am not a monk waiting a guy take knowledge of his feelings. I don’t get angst for me is stupidity.

I am or Black or White no bullshit. So my character will have relationship and acts like an adult while teasing Big guy… to show his big guns. :wink:


Meanwhile I’m staying here with the triangle route, because while my MC likes N he doesn’t know why he likes A making them have a competition of making the other confess while having a mostly normal relationship with N and beating himself over not being able to choose.

Just want to direct everyone to the discussion thread for TWC here:

This thread is mainly for feedback, which I can’t deny that some post did provide but some can be discussed further in the discussion thread.

19-21 Chapters. We also have a FAQ in the first post of the discussion thread if you like to know further.


Can’t wait for the whole game! Torturing myself by not playing the demo !


had the same problem, So I Just stopped torturing myself going through the demo and first one, and Looked At Two other favorites


FINALLY!!! I remembered my password!

Anyway, @Seraphinite I have been dying for the past week wondering if you still did updated demos.

I remember being able to go past the current place on the demo waaaay up top.


You might be mis-remembering, unfortunately. The demo you see up at the top is the full demo. Seraphinite will not be updating it with future chapters.

We’re all just going to have wait patiently for the game to come out to support our favorite, feathery author! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No she posted it somewhere within this chat or somewhere else.

I swear I’m not insane! I remember going to the carnival!

Made it spoiler because I don’t know if it is xD

It looks like it’s more of a snippet rather than a demo. Are you by any chance a patron?


She does post snippets and other fun stuff on her Patreon if you are interested in that sort of thing. But the only demo I know of is here.


That’s what Unit B plans to do at the end of the current demo chapters, but the demo has never been updated past the current chapter to allow us to enter the carnival. That’s something we’ll have to wait for in the full game.

And no, I don’t believe it needs to be a spoiler considering it’s part of the game’s synopsis:

(emphasis mine)

You might be remembering Seraphinite talk about the chapters she’s been finishing and sending to her testers (and no, I don’t believe she’s looking for new ones either, just in case anybody was curious). She also sometimes posts snippets of these finished chapters for us to salivate over, lol.

I believe she's up to....chapter 11?

For anybody wondering, Sera has guesstimated that there will be about as many chapters in Book Two as in Book One, so possibly around twenty-one.

idk why I made this a summary. I just like playing with the formatting of my posts. :grin:


The slacker is also on vacation. Still I think?? The nerve!

But on the good side as far as I know her plan is to write full time when she comes home. So hopefully Soon I will be able to stop crying myself to sleep waiting for this one.


I must be going insane. That’s all I can say right now



I think that’s the most exciting news I’ve heard from her all year! It’s so amazing and inspiring that Wayhaven is helping her achieve her dream of writing full-time!!


Aw, that’s alright. There’s a thousand posts to pour over and lots of updates and speculations, it’s totally within reason to mix things up, as I’m sure I and many others have, even if we’re regulars on the threads.

Also, that sounds like something A would say when they enter the carnival and are overwhelmed to see all the flashing lights and squealing attendees.


It’s certainly does now that you say that! XD


I honestly cannot wait to see how Mason/Morgan will act at the carnival!


I would Imagine much they same as the do everywhere else? Standing around being to cool for school and trying to get in your pants…