The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

XD now that makes me wonder what book he/she achieves this

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I apparently made a Patreon account back in 2017. I think it was one of her snippets. I’m not crazy! XD


So muslim month of fasting just ended a little while ago, and I promise you that starving yourself and depriving your body of fluids of all kinds, from before sunrise and until sunset, WHILE working at a fast food joint felt a heckauvlot easier than waiting for your second book to come out XD

I hope you’re doing well and that life is going easy on you. You’re an amazing writer and enjoy your work. Good luck with everything


I’ll be honest with myself waiting a year or even two to read this book would be far easer for me (that would suck if that would be how long I wait but eh) than a month of fasting while working at say Taco Bell (my favorite fast food) that might just make me cry. Just the fasting portion alone is difficult enough
You are strong in will.

As for the book yea @Seraphinite good luck with everything and you are indeed a great writer Stay safe, and happy.


My friend you’ld be hella surprised how easy it is to fast XD and it will make know of a love for cold water that you never knew you had (especailly if you work in the kitchen at fast food, surrounded by all the food and heat. Also you cant drink water as a part of it)

Try it. Apparently it has health benefits but SCREW ALL THE HEALTH TALK!!! Do it so you find out how beautiful really is. Like, just try it, you dont have to do it an entire day but still, try it out

Tip: Drink only half a cup of water, if you drink too much water, you’ll get full before yoh can enjoy the food


Wait, wha?

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lol I’m talking about Sera’s avatar! it’s a floofy feather! :smiley:


For a second there I thought the author was an actual bird, but then I realized how dumb that was an just fall back into confusion

Time to go play through Book 1 for 30th time.

Also I only just noticed that neither books have achievements


Progress Report

At a much-bigger-than-expected word count of 86,285 words, Chapter 11 is now complete!!

Woohoo!! :smiley:

I’ve even done my first set of edits for it as well as a playthrough to check over continuity, etc!

I’m actually SUPER excited about it, hehe. I was a bit worried one branch would feel weaker than the other, but I ended up loving it just as much! So eager for you guys to see all the variations of it, as well as the rather large decision to be made at the end…

I have some prep stuff for Chapter 12 to do, but I should be starting writing Chapter 12 today! It’s seriously nice to get progress done like this. Incredibly motivating!

So a great week of writing, and hopefully to getting right into Chapter 12 already :smiley:

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and I’ll update you all again next Friday! :slight_smile:



Not only have you already completed set goals for June by finishing Chapter 11, but you’ve also started working on another one. That’s good to hear. Are you proud? You should be.

We can only have so much fun watching the TV garbage they put there these days :slightly_smiling_face:.

Keep it coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this normal? I played the demo and played the love-triangle choice. I flirted with Adam and Nate boldly many times but both bars didn’t seem to affect…

Hey everyone! Sera is away from her computer at the moment but asked if I could drop this by for her, so here’s the weekly update!

Progress Report

The Wayhaven Chronicles— Update 28/June/2016

Just a quick update today, but I will do a longer monthly one on Monday for you guys!

Did really well this week considering it’s been and will continue to be a bit up and down. But super pleased with what I’ve done and how much!

I finished all of the common scenes for the beginning on Chapter 12, which included M’s friend scene, as well as one of the LI scenes! I’ve been waiting to write these particular LI scenes for a very, very long time…

Hoping to work on some stuff tomorrow too to help myself a long as I confused myself with my plans on this chapter, lol! Things aren’t in the order I usually do them so my brain was like ‘Wait, what’s going on???’ :smiley:

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and I’ll talk to you all on Monday! :slight_smile:

And that’s it! Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Must have posted this from Internet Explorer.

I’m calling it, it’s A.


@Seraphinite I love how I found M’s necklace. I just bought four different ones. :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait for the whole book to come out, this series is by far, my favourite of all CoG entries! (And I miss Mason :heart_eyes:)


By far my favorite COG ever. Cannot wait for the full book and all the sequels :slight_smile:


Monthly Report and Goal

June was a great month, I completed my goal as well as all the common scenes for Chapter 12 and one and a half of the LI scenes!

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two currently sits at a word count of 477,085 words. So it’s now already bigger than Book One, and by far the biggest thing I’ve ever created :smiley:

Hoping chapters will be a little smoother than the beasts that were Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, hehe (also Chapter 10, which was a terrible mess of coding. I’m so sorry @spunkycatninja who was amazing and awesome to be able to edit around that!) . Though I know there is another massive one coming up with a lot of variation and choices (but it’s a seriously awesome scene!), and the outcome of that in the chapter after is also heavily variant based depending on choices, outcomes, etc of the previous one.

But for now I’m focusing on a chapter at a time, and trying not to think too far ahead.

This month’s goals I’m really going to try and push myself. I would like to get Chapter 12’s LI scenes done and Chapter 12 finished, Chapter 13 finished, and get Chapter 14 started!

Gonna be a super busy month but hopefully a majorly productive one, hehe!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! :slight_smile:



Sera you are so incredible I have no words :sob:


I’m sure you’ve heard this already but your making seriously awesome progress and while I can’t wait to read this do take breaks sometimes if I was doing this much i would be soooooo tired.


Gotta admit that as a heavy smoker and somone who usually plays a detective who has no issues bending the rules, I really hoped that my MC would as least be perfectly fine with M smoking in her office… perhaps even getting a full-to-the-brim ashtray out of a desk drawer and lighting one, too lol… oh well, given how great TWC is, I’m not about to make an issue of such small details :blush: (I do find that we (smokers) are really underrepresented in works of fiction that are otherwise trying to be inclusive of everyone, though :confused:)