The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Gotta admit that as a heavy smoker and somone who usually plays a detective who has no issues bending the rules, I really hoped that my MC would as least be perfectly fine with M smoking in her office… perhaps even getting a full-to-the-brim ashtray out of a desk drawer and lighting one, too lol… oh well, given how great TWC is, I’m not about to make an issue of such small details :blush: (I do find that we (smokers) are really underrepresented in works of fiction that are otherwise trying to be inclusive of everyone, though :confused:)


are smokers people who need to be represented? i think working towards POC representation and LGBTIA+ representation seems more important than those facing nicotine addictions. i think the story is really strong as is, but it is up to the author.


There’s also the case that I don’t think you can really promote smoking in these games because it will cause problems through the app store. It’s just best to headcanon that type of stuff anyway.


You’re awesome.

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I think you may have misunderstood what I meant by “inclusive of everyone”, I wasn’t referring to POC or LGBT representation but lifestyle choices like smoking… like choosing whether or not your character drinks alcohol, if they’re vegetarian etc. Those things are well represented, smoking isn’t. But it’s interesting that you automatically thought of race and sexual orientation.


Depends on your level and willpower ability to not drink too much. Then it’s definitely a problem, same with any addiction that goes too far.


We could get into a huge discussion about the difference in restrictions and regulations of tobacco vs alcohol depictions in media, but this isn’t really the place to discuss such a thing.

The only thing that really pertains to Wayhaven is the fact that alcohol isn’t a restricted substance in the appstores, neither for Google Play nor for Apple, but cigarettes are because of how much more legislation is in place to prevent anything that could be construed as a positive depiction of it.

And besides, M-mancers will have the option to state that their character smokes in the game, so it’s not like Sera isn’t forcing the player to have an MC that hates smoking. She’s just trying to find a good balance between offering player choice, not getting flagged by appstores, and still having the choice give some depth to characters and their interactions. Much the same can be said of the way she handled the drinking scene in Book One.

Anyway, if you’d like to more specifically discuss the depiction of drugs/drinking in video games, please consider starting a new topic, as this wouldn’t be an appropriate place to have thar conversation.

Also! Happy 4th to all my fellow Americans! I’m about to dig into my dad’s bbq and god I’m so desperate for a summer barbecue scene in the later books.
N grilling, F running around with a super soaker, A chasing after F with another super soaker, M hiding on the roof to avoid getting super soaked.

A  d r e a m.


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It sure was a great month! Good job on completing your June goal @Seraphinite! I knew you could do it (๑و•̀ω•́)و

Wow that’s a lot! Is that word count for chapter one til chapter 12?

Just reading these make me super excited! !
(ノ*>∀<)ノ Can’t wait to try all the choices once the game release just to see UB reactions and also that juicy LI scenes ><

Chapter 13 already finished? Man you’re so freakin fast! Anyway a big good luck for this month goal!!


@Hani_Fina - Thank you so much <3 Haven’t completed 13 yet, though it’s my goal for this month and looking more achievable than I thought, hehe!

Progress Report

Chapter 12’s writing is finished!!! Woohoo!!!

I have to do edits and rewriting for bits, but I will be able to complete those today and tomorrow, so on Monday I will be starting Chapter 13 :smiley:

I really enjoyed writing the LI scenes for Chapter 12. I mean, I love writing all the LI scenes, but these were more informational/downtime scenes with some stuff that I know people have been keen to find out, as well as a couple of major progression moments for a couple of the LIs!

Chapter 13 is looking like a nice straight-forward one, and F’s friend scene is in it and that’s gonna be a ton of fun to write, hehe!

So yeah, a real push forward this month already!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! :slight_smile:


Talking as someone who also smokes here: Imo this isn’t really a habit which needs representation. I dislike it in older movies too when almost every second character smokes in them. The reason why I think too much representation is bad in this case bc it’s easy to make it look for younger audiences like it’ s a “cool” habit. No need to encourage “edginess” by making every “bad guy” type character smoke or drink or have other addictions.
Tbh I’m not sure if I like in TWC either that M smokes. Bc of the whole being a vampire thing it takes away the seriousness of the consequences there.


Progress Report

So as some of you may have seen, Chapter 13 has turned into a bit of a bigger chapter than planned :smiley:

It was supposed to be a more of a linear info/friend sort of scene, but has instead morphed into something with varying scenes at the beginning, then a split LI scene which has two slight versions of each depending on a very small dialogue choice from the early chapters, as well as a varying scene after that based on a choice made a couple of chapters back…

Yeah, I really need to rein my brain in when it comes to writing, hehe!

But saying that, I’m so, so happy with how it’s coming out! The unplanned stuff was actually a surprise to even me, and just kinda came out as I started writing. But it felt so organic and natural to the flow that it just HAD to go in once I started.

And even with all of that added, I should be able to get it finished tomorrow! So major whoo for that!

I will definitely be starting Chapter 14 next week!

So yeah, a great and exciting writing week :smiley:

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and I’ll update you all again next week :slight_smile:


you too


Do you know the meaning of the word…“Rest”?


Ah you mean the word that describes weakness.


Vampires don’t Need to sleep.


Zombies either… only weak hoo-manz…


No rest for the wicked? :sweat_smile:


And money don’t grow on trees.


is there a changelog in here somewhere?
other than tumblr

or do i have to scroll the 1059 comments to see them?