The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I think you might have missed some of the bold responses. I mean, I hate A’s route (he’s a complete and utter dick and the only way my MC I had romancing him can tolerate him is in the LT, at this point), but you can still be bold. Hell, that’s really the only way to play his route that I can stand.

I think what may be throwing you off is the forced emotion that shows up whether or not you want it there (like the deflating when he makes it clear he doesn’t give a shit about seeing you again the first time at the facility). There wasn’t any forced blushing, though, just forced thoughts/emotions. That’s actually why I can’t stand his route–based on the bold choices (and other choices), our MCs should have the ability to be nonchalant and even hostile toward him, despite the physical reactions. So if it were more like, “ah, shit, I’m attracted to this asshole and it’s just getting worse!” it would be a bit more palatable. The closest we get is getting to roll your eyes at him throwing the tree out of your way (I wish we could sneer at it, lol).


YES YES YES… EXACTLY but i had blushing (so maybe a error in my character creation misclicking something) My character is there like a lamb to be slaughtered. I was expressing myself… WTF DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BIG BOY… CASANOVA?.. I am not here for you and I am not Twilight protagonist. So you in your corner and I in mine… I was expecting that a asshole bold pc that Put the things clear to A that Pc is not a servant. A route to be two assholes that fall for each other but doesn’t want admitting it.

Pc is passive and forced feelings everywhere that was big part of my annoyance

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I don’t know about the blunt options, but agressive flirting ends mostly with holding his stare, no blushing and girlying as I remember. And A even was amused by it^^. I’ll take a deeper look later

I think something worth considering is, this is just a demo, so all the stats of your MC’s personality will not be carried exactly the same.

So, for example, if your stats are really on the sarcastic side, once you load your saved game, your MC will be more accurate to previous games than what the demo shows, if that makes sense?


Yeah. It has sense. i was just surprised A needs a hard asshole girlfriend lol so i gope it will be in final game. I have to play other paths


Personally, I think a lot has to to with the fact UB are in book 1, written to exclusive narrow extremes. Combine that with a partly preconceived MC instead of blank slate, and this is what happens. Furthering this is also some of the choices can be misleading too.

Now that book 2 is opening things up, it should get better.

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What does this mean? :thinking:

I actually thought she did a really good job with the choices. I didn’t feel misled at all. Is there an example of what you’re talking about so that I can make sure we’re talking about the same thing?

Thank you for stating this. It’s also a good reminder that this is just the first 6 chapters, so seeing things like bold and shy or optimistic or pessimistic, etc., etc. etc. will probably come into play as the story goes on.


I know but I thought It was needed put public that could be a concern. I am a extremely extreme case of player that Won’t buy the game if the bold assertive choices aren’t there as I have no interest in the other extreme except maybe for beta testing purposes. I understand that shy , romantic,awkwardness submissive are more popular; so that are focus but a little less text that show player passive accept whatever they told her him could be on point.


All in all, my issues were still relatively minor, so doesn’t bother me as much as it may sound, just what I felt.
1st- well A is grumpy and angry, that’s entirety of their character
M is grumpy and horny, entirety of their character
F all jokes and games, entirety of character
N seemed a bit different based gender, female N is more rounded and down to earth, but male N is too overly kind and too sensitive that’s his entire character
virtually nothing else really comes across with them except a couple times, they seem very one dimensional for most of the time.

2nd- this is more a case of meaning and intention not quite coming through on just a couple of choices, like reading something as flat when it was meant as a joke or such.

Male N and female N have the same dialogues minus flavour text. So I feel like you saying F!N is rounded is because she is a woman so it’s ok for her to be kind and sensitive, but if it’s a male it’s too much :neutral_face:

As for your analysis of the other characters… I am not sure if you are being very sarcastic to try to drive your point, but if it’s not the case… well, I couldn’t disagree more.

On their POV scenes, you can see how the UB has a lot more to their personalities than what you state here. Assuming on book 1 that this general traits are the entirety of their character is a bit weird imo.

Surely you don’t expect to get to know all the facets of the RO on book 1 when it’s a series of 7 books?


on your first point, you might have something here, I’ll have to take another look. Also for the record I nearly exclusively play with M!Bravo, so going from memory on that.

on second point, not sarcastic, but as a very flawed person I DO tend to over simplify things. Either way, I do like the story and all, but to me that’s generally how they come across at first and only a few scenes do we get to see more.

on third, well of course not, I knew this was a series meant to develop and explore over time. That’s why I said book 2 will be nicer getting to see more of them we didn’t in book one, I just said it differently.


Oh, I see. I mean, if we are talking about first impressions, then yes, you are pretty spot on. But having a more “flat” personality on a first meeting is to be expected, imo. I mean, at the end of the day UB is a team that has been working together for decades, and MC is just a human they just met, is to be expected that they won’t show them everything until they get to know each other more : )

Also, I want to apologise if you felt attacked with my previous comment. The gender roles things make me jump straight away :joy:


For M, I think the biggest point is that he’s not just sex and anger. There’s more underneath that you can catch glimpses of here and there, the fact that M’s level of loyalty to A, F, and N is extremely high, likely higher than you can conceive (well, I can conceive it because I’ve written similar characters). It’s just a matter of getting beneath the surface to see it, which will be a long and arduous process taking most of the series. But my guess is that you’ll get hints of it here and there. You already got a hint in the demo, when M vamps out to protect the MC–I doubt that would be a reaction they had to anyone but the team and the MC.

For A… it’s not that he’s just an asshole with no sense of humor. He’s in love with the MC–he’s just so fucking tight-assed that he refuses to show it or give into it.

For N and F, there is clearly more to them that what they show. For them, it’s likely some tortured past that they managed to overcome, but also some seriousness from F (which you see in the demo when they say they want to get better to protect the MC).

So I don’t think it’s as simple as you said. People are, most times, more than what you see from them in the beginning. It’s just that getting to see that “more” is going to take a very long time for the “asshole” characters.

I really don’t feel like we’re forced into submission with any of the ROs. Even with M, the shy MCs aren’t submissive, they’re just… well, shy, and thankfully, you don’t have to go that route.

The part that bugs me is the forced emotion and the lack of distinction between sexually bold and emotionally bold. My MC with M is just as blunt and willing to have a one-nighter with him (and would, at this point, flat out ask, “So are we gonna bang or what?”), but she has A’s level of emotional constipation, so when the auto-dialog kicks in, I fear she’ll be forced to be emotionally direct (and worse, being shown as desperately and hopelessly in love with someone who has no interest outside of banging her like a Salvation Army drum on occasion), and that is not her. Plus, she’s oblivious about emotions, so being forced to feel something takes me out of the story.

What, in particular, makes you feel like the MC is forced to be submissive? Hell, if the MC is forced into submission to anyone I think it’s with Rebecca, and that really pisses me off. I so want to be able to tell her to go fuck herself when she gets bossy and/or protective with the MC.


Oh no you’re fine, I also tend to come of harsher than I mean to be. And Yes, you brought up something I hadn’t thought of too. I didn’t realize I may be doing that, so later will make a run through or two and see.


I think, and this is from the top of my head, that at first we will be able to start our relationship with M like fuckfriends if we want to, but eventually, the game will force us to have feelings first, I think.

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I hope you’re right about being able to start as fuckfriends. That does help.

But I do have a problem of being forced to have feelings before M has any, because that makes the MC a pathetic loser.


I almost snort my diner with this :rofl:

In a way I agree with you, I would kill to see M being the one having their feelings first. At the very least, I hope we can manage to have them being the first to confess, that would please me.



Does that mean anyone who falls for someone first is a pathetic loser, are you just being biased with the MC, or is it something else I’m not getting here?

No, that isn’t what I meant. I meant specifically for my MC with M.

For my MC, she’d feel like a stupid, pathetic loser. And would likely freak the fuck out in her head and try to shut down emotionally so he wouldn’t suspect it (since she figures he’d head for the door as soon as he suspected she might want or feel more). She’d also be dreading, even more so than before she had the feels, what she knows is coming (after all, this is M, so he will find someone else he wants to bang at some point, at which point he’ll walk away and never look back).

Given that she’ll get no signs that he gives a shit about her outside of sex (since Sera has stated that he won’t actually have feelings/recognize them for a very long time), it’s inevitable for her that she’ll feel like a pathetic loser, which is why I’d rather it be written that he has feelings first. Or, at the very least, let the MC be resistant to those feelings and ignore them.

And, of course, my MC with M would never admit she was in love with him (aloud), anyway, unless she thought he was unconscious and didn’t hear it. In her opinion, that’d cause a Road Runner “whoosh” and a M-shaped hole in the wall (and she’s probably right).


Ah. I see. My curiosity is sated.