The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

im not judging or criticing in anyway, im telling @Seraphinite what i think and in the most honest way i could find, nothing wrong with it


That’s all cool :smiley:

That scene is very short. It’s also quite an emotional bit with plenty of feeling. The bold/shy options won’t always be just flirt options, but refer to the tone of the dialogue in an romantic emotional sense. It’s a romance, after all, and the MC needs to show care as well as at times just being super flirty.
I’ll never be able to get in every option people would want, and I totally understand that the way you played your MC might not have fit there. Not every choice option will, it’s the limit of interactive fiction and also the way the romances are structured. But I do try my best to get them all in there where it fits!

But if you’re concerned if the bold flirt options are gone, they aren’t. You’ll still be able to make A flustered or awkward with those super forward moments :wink:


I did not notice the Bold/Shy stats.

plays the demo 10x


it was only for that route, its seems like all the choices so far in Ava route are more friendly than romantic or flirty, what i did miss was the caring, flirty or romantic choices that we have in the 1st book, somehow that did make the scenes seems more cold to me and kind off after Reading the 1 book, maybe for those that have not read it, they dont find it wrong, for me it was. nvm :thinking:

While i agree with you 100%, this is a thread for the author to receive feedback from the players so the players will state their opinion even if it’s a bit judgmental. The author is in no way obliged to do what the players say and can do whatever they want with the feedback.

All these messages here come from people who love wayheaven after all :smile:

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Yeah, and Sera already said this is supposed to be that way, and as such, it won’t be changed. Once you get that answer, if you keep going, then it just comes off as you trying to hammer your opinion.

Sera addressed this question, and after that, that’s it, don’t you think? :slight_smile:


Very true. :slightly_smiling_face: At this point in the demo though, there has barely been anything with the ROs. I was just trying to point out that the worry might be for nothing. There is more coming. It’s only half the demo after all, and the early chapters are us getting our feet back into the world of Wayhaven as the detective.

I realize looking back at my post that some could mistake it for trying to head off ANY type of criticism, and that was not my intent. In fact, I expect she will get some once the full demo is released (can’t please everyone after all).

I have faith that Sera will take what she can out of the feedback and do what she deems best for her work.


somehow you think is okey since this is the start of the 2 book but you have to know that from a continuity book the 2 book should feel in line with the 1 book, after all is a sequel not a prequel. (thats why i did find that weird and thats why i voiced my opinión)
I trust Sera and know she will make an amazing game like the 1st book is, it was never intended as criticism or judging for my part since is only my own opinión on the game so far… :wink:

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Iv’e literally forgot about the patreon ur gonna put up because I was so excited about the full demo ahhhhh, those drawings will complete me. Iv’e been saving my teenage part time job checks for this throw’s money at you.


@anon4518890 I wrote this response, but it’s freaking long, so I’m hiding it. Take it with a grain of salt, if you want, but maybe it’ll help some. :slight_smile:

A few things to consider...

As someone who gets what you’re saying (I had a serious problem with the whole idea that the MC, who was supposed to be part of the team at the end of book 1, all of a sudden wasn’t part of the team at all and becomes part of the team in book 2, like book 1 never happened), maybe I can help a bit. First, there’s this from Sera, explaining why UB had no contact with the MC for the two months that passed since book 1:

Yes, it seems contrived, but it’s there for plot reasons. It’s also a reality check: things were intense at the end of book 1, and everything that was going on with Murphy kinda escalated the MC’s contact/relationship with everyone on UB, friendships and LIs. They were all spending a lot of time together, which resulted in the MC getting closer to some members of UB and developing the hots for one (or two) of them. So it got all heated, or comfortable, between them all and then reality kicked back in. UB went to do their own thing without the MC and the MC was back to how things were before UB.

I think, like me, you might have misunderstood the position the MC took. I figured it meant them actually taking part in patrols and being more involved with the team. But, the fact is, they’re just a liaison, not a ‘real’ part of the team. Kind of an outsider, I guess? UB handles all patrols alone now and “keeping an eye on the MC” (direct quote from Rebecca) without being seen, even by the MC. They don’t need to be around the MC to keep an eye on them and don’t need the MC’s help with patrols or anything else. The MC is just a local contact, basically. When someone else gets murdered or ‘trouble’ comes to town that affects the whole town and is supernatural-related, I imagine the MC will work more with UB, but UB has their assignment, for which they neither require nor want the MC to do.

In essence, book 1 ended with one huge step forward, but the two months between that and book 2 served to reverse about 3/4 of it. And now you get to drive with the emergency brake on, so to speak. With A & M, you get to drive with the emergency brake on and stuck in neutral. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for A, I"m not seeing what you see. In UB’s basement house (whatever the hell you want to call it), A rushed to the MC’s side when Murphy was mentioned because they felt the MC’s reaction to it. They admit they’ve missed the MC, and they say this:

“You should want that. Your life is precious, and the thought of someone taking it concerns me. Greatly.”

That, to me, is the opposite of cold. A isn’t saying they’re worried because it’s their job, they’re genuinely concerned for the MC’s safety because the MC means that freaking much to them. Then they apologize for not stopping Murphy and are clearly upset over it. Right before they shove the stick up their ass again, anyway, and try to get all distant. But that’s just A. That they’re already saying all this sweet crap the first time they lay eyes on the MC in two freaking months says a lot to me, and none of it makes A cold.

But that’s just how I see it. YMMV, but try to remember that spending two months away from a new friend or a possible romantic interest would basically serve as a bucket of ice water on the relationships. Whatever you managed to build with them is kinda reduced and you have to start all over again. I just hope this isn’t something we have to endure every single book or it will get frustrating quickly.


I agree, not to mention for a strong character like A… they always tend to have “2nd thought” , they might be warm to a person because it is a new feeling but after a while they always cool down and reconsider whether they really need s relationship … they will most likely will think that , they had been a strong and independent individual for such long, do they really really want to change their style just to accomodate someone ?

That is perfectly the same thing that might happen in real life … you might think someone had been slowly warm towards you but the next moment he/she will be telling you that they need some space of their own :slight_smile:

This also indicate the different in character between all those ROs , we can’t expect a smooth relationship with all of them as if they all react the same :slight_smile:

Well… maybe that’s what happen to Bobby too, start with warm, then cold and back to warm again :-):sweat_smile:


Talk about ice and cold :joy:

Yep. I like it when each character have their own reaction its makes me want to replay the game over and over again just to see what this choice will lead to :grin:


Hahaha… yeah, imagining A had been such independent for many many years , all of a sudden MC walk into their life for few months , and starting to expect a regular smooth caring / flirty relationship , which i think is illogical for A’s personality :slight_smile:


Yeah. Maybe they slowly warming up to mc that’s why they act like that?

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i dont think you did get what i wanted to say at all, i can understand if somehow Ava distanced herself from the mc, but the choices we are given in the 2 book are kinda more in the “friendly zone” when in the book 1 was more romantic, flirty or caring . After all the mc is (us) and i did find it pretty restricted in the choices we have in the 2 book. (Also have in mind that is only in the Ava route, the other routes feels more in line with the mc and Ros after the end of the 1 book…)
Of course this is only my opinión and you may see it different. :wink:

Alright at this point I’m not sure what qualifies as Adam/Ava “being sweet” or “romantic”. Everyone finds the RO’s reactions different but so far in the demo A has reacted as kind/tender as they can to the mc without giving up their whole “shoving down feelings” personality. They’ve been acting the same way in the demo as they were in book 2. In fact I feel they opened up a tad bit more becuase they were worried about mc and what happened with Murphy. But honestly you may have picked the wrong choices, it happens. However for now like others have said maybe just wait until the full demo is out so you can judge more past 3 chapters? And even if what I’m saying isn’t what you meant we should probably continue this personally messaging, or in the general discussion thread because a lot of people have had input but it seems your opinion/thoughts aren’t changing and we don’t want this conversation to drag on forever right?


there is nothing to worry if you debate about the game in a respectful manner, i dont think i can be more clear about what i mean in any of my replyes so i agree is a good point to stop writing about this since not many people are getting what i mean (and just to clarify you i was talking about the choices we get not the personality of Ava):wink:

What dkisma is referring to, is that the choices we have as the MC on A’s route, are more on a friendly tone than in a flirty tone as it was on book 1. He is not referring to A’s reactions per se, and more to the dialogue choices we have.


I thought the choices had much emotion though. For example:


As well as

Those seem to have as much emotion as book 1’s dialogue with A…I mean the shy flirt options are right on but I guess its the bold flirty choices dont seem as forward or super flirty as before in book 2? Its probably the wording. These were like the only 2 choices we have so far tho.


Fabulous idea. :+1:

Here is the thread for general discussion. Please direct further debate/discussion to that thread so that this thread can stay more focused on feedback.