The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Love your books @Seraphinite! Downloaded The Lady’s Choice and The Crossroads on and can I just say that you keep improving? :smiley: Wayhaven’s Book One just blows these out of the water. Kudos and good luck!


a simple choice with M? Never.


Okay, I don’t know if anyone has brought this up until now (what with everyone talking about the romances - which is actually the main focus but still…) I wanna ask - where is MC’s father? I mean, the detective didn’t come out of nowhere, did they? I don’t think the story ever covered the angle of dad. Is the daddy thing going to be explained in book two?

Where the MC’s father is is a mystery to us right now–Sera has talked about him and the situation a little bit on her tumblr, but currently the only thing we know for certain is that he’s not around


So just out of curiosity (actually really a burning desire to know) will the detective be able to change Mason? Aka turn him into someone that actually loves her for her and not someone who just wants to screw her.

Change them? No, not really. But M does eventually realise on their own that their feelings for the MC go beyond just the physical aspect. Just takes them a bit of time.

So it’s more of a character development on M’s part than you actively changing them. That’s not to say that the MC and their actions won’t have an effect on them.


Changing M would imply that they are not already perfect and since they absolutely are, no. M will always be M.


The detective will never be ‘able to change’ any of the vampires. As Sera is no fan of the idea that people need to change for their lovers.
So M’s personality will stay as it is.

But the feelings will come, as Winter said c:


I understand the worry, but you have nothing to fear. As @L_M said:

And to piggyback more onto this… you’ll see other sides of M as you get to know them. It won’t always be about one thing with M.

also adding:


Progress Report




So yeah, very happy about that, hehe! I actually also finished my first set of edits too, so things are coming on a pace with it.

I’ll be concentrating on playthroughs today to edit further—make sure there’s no bugs, it all runs smoothly, and the narrative flows as I want it to.

Definitely still on course to get it out at the end of the month! It may not be the full edited version, but I will update it again when I get that (also gives me a chance to fix any pronoun issues or bugs that people may spot even after the readers have gone through it, lol!).

A great and productive week! Hopefully next week will be just as much so! Once I hand it over to my readers, I’ll be starting to really push forward on Patreon stuff to also get that ready to go out at the same time as the final demo.

It feels like it’s all coming together very suddenly! :smiley:

Hope everyone has the best weekend! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! This gets me so fired up for what’s to come! I NEED MY UNIT BRAVO


THE END OF THIS MONTH IS SO CLOSE!!! ヽ(´ω`○)ノ.+゚*。:゚+


Congratulations, Sera! :sparkles:

We’re all super excited for more Unit Bravo! and I’m excited for the Bobby scene


I wish I could like post more than once!! (Well, I could unlike and like it repeatedly, but that’s not what I meant haha)


hope see mc father or more family member


First i want to say i love your books and can’t wait to spend my money on Book 2 second is there still not a date for the release of book 2? Sorry for asking its just I’m addicted lol


Nope! We don’t ask authors for release dates as it gives undue and unnecessary pressure :slight_smile: Nonetheless, Sera is pushing to release the final demo (of chapters 1-6) by the end of November, so that will be something to look forward to really, really soon!
In the meantime, you can entertain yourself with the Asks sera answers on her tumblr, or join in the discussion on the general discussion thread. You can check out the fanworks thread too!


YOUR THE BEST!!! :smiley::kissing:I loved the first and now 2nd :hushed:!:heart:


Also, you should check Sera’s Tumblr every Friday, since that day she gives us a weekly report on her progress! That will also be the quickest way to know when the game will have an estimated release date.


what will you never fight if it monster my choice is fairy because love them

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