The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Sera has actually answered this before on the tumblr.

Essentially, since the blood is “dead” it’s not as enticing, and therefore Unit B doesn’t really react.

irl period blood is not dead, but this universe has vampires and faries, so some weird biology is a given


Oh, I didn’t know someone else had asked that before. lol Well, that answers that question. :joy:
That’s probably a good thing, too. Cuz then UB would have to stay away from the MC for a week (give or take) each month, which could still end up putting her in danger.

im rarely active on here and actually haven’t been on here since TWC1 came out. decided to check out the wip section lastnight and LO AND BEHOLD BOOK 2!!! ive never been more excited haha.

M was my first choice the first time i played book one so i went through and played his route for my first playthrough on this one and JESUS i cant wait for this to go farther. his route interests me the most, especially the romantic aspect because we haven’t seen much of it yet. i love the heated flirtations and such but i really wanna see what happens when my smitten mc tries to pursue something more… domestic? definitely doesnt seem like M’s thing lol.

i just spent the last 7 hours playing through all the different options and replaying the first book up to the patrol scenes. hooray for a day off of work lol. i’m probably going to spend another few days playing through the first book fully, multiple times for each route to get myself back into the world and all that.

the scenes for the A/N love triangle are giving me all kinds of emotions. N is so oblivious and so in love i just cant imagine ever breaking his little heart, but i’m leaning more towards A after the whole near-death experience in the last book. the whole thing is just so complicated and the scene from adam’s perspective outside UB HQ in this book is making me fall apart.

it’s so rare that i can find something that i love so much that it consumes me like TWC does. please keep up the great work Sera we all appreciate you so much!!!


Truer words have never been spoken. lol I have FOUR different love triangle routes saved right now. I don’t know why I want to torture myself so much - I just couldn’t help myself. :joy:


Same :joy::joy::joy: I became a huge sucker for the triangle and each character.

Btw I was wondering (spoiler warning idk how to blur this on mobile) but how does one capture the killer? I was only able to do it on my first playthrough but I’ve completely forgotten what I did. I still got bit every time too :joy:


I’m pretty sure you need above 55 (or was it 50 :thinking:) in one of your stats, then when it comes time to finally take down murphy- choose accordingly. For example if your mc is social/talk based then pick the option to distract Murphy long enough for A to inject the dmb into them. IIRC science is the easiest stat to level up, and combat was the hardest.


Oh I see. Thanks, will try again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@miffy as @booksforbreakfast already explained, you need to leave into your highest stat at the confrontation.

If you’re still having trouble or would simply like a detailed explanation, you should check out the FAQ under Book Specific Questions.


Oh thanks! I had no idea. I appreciate the advice :smiley:

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@rose-court linked you to the FAQs that explain this, but here’s a bit of advice…

If you’re romancing anyone but M, it might be worth it to let at least one of your characters get bitten. It isn’t the ‘best’ outcome, by any stretch of the imagination, but you get kind of bonus material you don’t get otherwise. If you’re romancing M, I advise catching the guy–getting hurt buys you nothing extra at all, lol.

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ooo interesting. Thanks for the tidbit :blush:

You’re a writing monster! How do you write so fast??? Sooooo excited!


@NatsDemilla - Routine. Like, I seriously don’t think I could do it without being so strict with my routine, lol :smiley:

Sorry I’m not around much on the forum, guys! I tend to limit my social media sites so as I can make sure to really focus on writing. But I am very active on Tumblr and Instagram if people are looking for more interactions, asks, or snippets!

Progress Report

Good week again this week!

Got a chunk of Chapter Six down, especially as I added choice response options into each of the LI POVs that weren’t supposed to be there, lol! Ah, I do like to complicate things for myself :smiley: But this is how writing is, you just got to go with it when it feels natural to the flow!

But I did get all the LI POVs finished, which I was super pleased with.

Chapter Six is currently sitting at 11,752 words, so already past the half way mark on meeting my minimum word count for each chapter. I’m pleased with that too considering it’s one of the shorter chapters!

I got Chapter Four edits back this week from the always amazing @spunkycatninja ​, so I’ll be working on those next week as well as continuing with Chapter Six. I’m really hoping to push to get the writing on Chapter Six finished by the end of next week, which may be possible, even with doing the edits. Got my fingers crossed for that!

So yeah, good progress again this week :smiley:

Hope everyone has an absolutely brilliant weekend! :slight_smile:


I literally wait for Fridays only to see your updates.

Unit Bravo took my life.


For being the “good guys” UB sure is taking a lot of civilian lives lol


vigorously nibbles on the juicy plot that infects this place oh so juicy! I need more! Keep up the great work my friend! For this series from when I first bought the book to this point has been nothing but complete and utterly juicy from the obvious plot and how you the MC plays through learning more and more about these characters!


Progress Report

Had a busy time with work this week (it’ll be quite hectic on the work side of things from now until Christmas, unfortunately!), but still got some ways into Chapter 6.

Some of the scenes are taking a lot longer than expected.

For example, I had what was supposed to be a simple choice option scene with M that ended up needing three different variations in each choice response. The whole thing with variations ended up being just under 3,000 words, but the player will likely only see 70-150 words per playthrough of that scene. Worth it though if it helps give a smoother more personalised experience!

I’ve also made a tentative decision: My goal for the final demo and Patreon release is gonna be end of November.

It’ll be a push, and it may need updating again after that to include polishes and edits, but I really want to get something out before the end of this year!

So yeah, that’s my target :smiley:

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! :slight_smile:


Tbh, take your time. Just know we’re all here rooting for you and your success :>

Happy writing!


Don’t strain yourself, I need you healthy to keep writing this wonderful story haha


Thank you so much for the support and care, guys <3

That has really put a massive smile on my face now! :slight_smile: