The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Just thinking about replaying over and over to find different A and N scenes has me so excited! Can’t wait and wish you the best!!!

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I am happy for you

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You rock! Please have a great week!

My friend Gene says he’s looking forward to more no romance scenes. I think he might mean the actual plot.

There will be plot, but there will also be romances and friendships. You can choose to focus on the plot but that’s not the original focus of the book. It focuses predominately on relationships with the people around you, and what scene they trigger, certain reactions etcetera…
Again, you can still focus on the plot, but this is a romance novel and there’ll be a lot of relationship- the two go hand in hand, so you may not feel fulfilled if you’re just sorta trying to follow the story but don’t really care about 75% of the choices, which again deal with the characters in the story, and your level of relationship with them, be it good, bad, excellent, not so excellent…
Also for any other general conversation, it’s best we move it to the The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers) just so we don’t go too off topic and end up filling this wip.


Can’t wait to spend my money on this book you know what take my whole wallet :joy:


But it’s worth it :grin:


Well you can you just don’t want to…

Well the game from what I understood was leaning towards romance slightly more than plot.
Personally it feels 60% romance 35% plot, 5% Scooby-Doo grim fairy tails edition.


Guess who’s back?! lol
I still can’t get the first book out of my head. Which is making waiting for the next one so difficult! I mean, obviously, I’m waiting as long as I have to, but maaaan… :scream::rofl:
And the demo is certainly helping. I can’t wait to see how this book is going to end. Maybe the MC starts actually hanging out with UB? Maybe… a date? :heart_eyes: If so, it’ll probably depend on who you’re romancing. lol

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Ummmm i guess the Vampire Frank Sinatra and his Lich Buddy Mozart.


Progress Report

So, Chapter 6 in underway! :smiley:

It’s going really well, pleased with the first part. Onto the LI POVs at the moment, which I admit is one of my favourite parts, hehe!

Posted a couple of sneak peek things (a Farah Patreon reward peek, and a snippet from Chap 6) on my Instagram this week too for anyone who wants to take a look.

So yeah, just hammering away at Chapter 6 and getting it out of my head onto the page, lol.

My hope is that I’ll finish the writing for the chapter next week, but I’ll be more certain of that by mid-week next week!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:


:eyes: !!!


Ah! I can’t wait! The LI POV moments are my favorite part too!! :heart: They’re always so cute!!


I basically just made an account to say that I just went through Book One and I enjoyed it a whole lot more than I thought I would. I think this is one of my top favorites, if not the very top, right now. I’m so looking forward to Book Two and am super excited lol! :hugs:


Love the sarcasm. But no, not Sinatra or Mozart - though I do find it ironic that you chose to mention one of my favorite singers and one of my favorite composers. Nice work. :wink:

I felt the exact same way before I read Book One 'cause I usually hate the romantic genre, but there’s always exceptions with me. lol

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I swear i’m not a Supernatural with Barely controlled telepathy…DON’T TELL THE AGENCY!
Cries hiding in corner


Don’t worry, your “secret” is safe with me. lol

I swear any post or update from Sera takes my breath away :o


Uhhh, this might be kind of a weird/gross thing to wonder, but I just realized… For those with female MCs - what happens when the MC receives her “monthly bill” and she’s around UB? :hushed: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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