The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

Is there a beta tester for this book?

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You probably have to message the author that but usually the authors(in general) ask for beta testers on the thread but since this is book two I don’t know(I know there’s a editor she works with tho))

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If you want to leave general feedback, this is the thread for it.

If you want to beta test, you’ll need to wait until Sera has the book written. At that time, she’ll set up beta testing while I’m editing the last few chapters. She’ll set up an email and links and all that stuff for those who get approved. :slightly_smiling_face:

But that is a long way off right now.


Oh okay. Thanks @spunkycatninja @Alexis


Ah I get it. Thanks.
I thought complete demo mean it going to be release soon.
Thanks for the clarification.


I know it makes no sense for it to show up, but I almost wish there could be a round 2 in book 2 between the Kettle and my Detective MC who thinks the best way to fix electronics is a nice, solid thump :wink:

I can almost imagine Tina keeping score, taking bets, that sort of thing.


Sometimes it works, you know.

Works with people too.



But would it work on Bobby? :thinking:


Electronics or thumbing? :smirk:


Both. Maybe we have to put a recorder in Bobby lol


Well, considering no amount of Science skills (and little chance of Detective MC developing a X Men mutation) will ever allow us to harness the ability to turn Bobby’s electronics against them, I’ll have to go with the thumping by using Bobby’s own recorder against them. :joy:

Also possible well dumping (still holding out hope for that option.) :laughing:


Would that be on or off the record? :smirk:

Come now, let it all out! :grin:

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guys put money on bobby to die in book two because to me he a jack ass

That’s why he/she needs to stay around. :wink:


noooo way, i like Bobby :smirk:


Just wanted to say I loved the 1st book(have read it like 50 times)love the demo and love u so much for creating this wonderful world for us all


@lisa_mcveall - I’m so happy to know you enjoyed and are looking forward to what’s to come, hehe! :smiley:

Progress Report

So, I managed to do my edits on Chapter 5 and do playthroughs for it!

Really pleased how smoothly that went. I will be having a couple of readers go over it tonight too, get first opinions on it :smiley:

I was a bit disappointed with how short it was to play through the chapter considering the wordcount on it, then realised just the huge amount of variation in it—big and small. Which does mean it should make it fun for those who replay it a lot in different combos of characters!

A lot of interactive fiction writing is realising how much won’t be seen in one playthrough, but putting that extra effort for variation in anyway to make it fresh and fun for multiple playthroughs!

Next week I will definitely be starting on the long awaited Chapter 6, lol. It’s not too long a chapter if I remember rightly, more of a transitional one, though there is a conversation in there which is going to be…interesting to write :smiley:

So yeah, another good week of progress!

Hope everyone has an absolutely brilliant weekend! :slight_smile:


It’s so good to know that everything is going well for you! :hugs:

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Good luck love your game.:kissing_heart:

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I got the first game a while back but I just finished for the first time and I’m in love with it, I can’t wait for the 2nd to be finished