The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

not that i’m aware of :thinking:


This is my My Detective Jason Savage


Wow,he looks a lot like Jacob from Far Cry 5,did you take any inspiration from him? And can you please tell me more about your MC? I would be delighted to hear more about such a badass looking guy!

There’s a thread where you can talk and hear more about other people’s detctives and just talk about wayhaven things in general so this wip doesn’t fill up. However there are spoilers so watch out.
In case you didn’t know here’s the link. The Wayhaven Chronicles General Discussion (Book Two Spoilers)
Happy wayhavening!


Progress Report

Well, I can certainly say my vacation gave me a HUGE boost in creativity :smiley: Even with the back-log of actual work I came back to, I was seriously hammering through Chapter 5!!

Got 9,213 words written over 3 days.

It’s flowing easily, I’m loving what I’m writing, and I’m super excited for people to read it!!!

So yeah, it’s been a really good week and I think I might get Chapter 5 finished next week if it keeps going this way. Even with the extra split scene I am planning on putting in at the end of it, lol.

And it was good fun to share some writing progress thoughts this week with you guys on my Tumblr :smiley:

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend! :slight_smile:


I am glad you are taking time in making this that make it good story to read


No better feeling than getting into drive after a break. Don’t over exhaust yourself though. x)


So finally played the demo and loved it so much! Told myself I wasn’t going to play until full game but couldn’t help myself hehe Ah you’re pacing in writing, how the story flows, and especially the different approaches to the LI’s is still great! I just really love the many ways MC can interact with LI without worrying about making wrong choices, truly a heavily romanced cog as promised. Well, keep up the good work and rest well Sera! Can’t wait for your patron too!


My Detective is based on Conor McGregor the UFC fighter


Ohh that’s neat,never heard much about him tho,once i watched one of his interviews and he seemed pretty confident lol

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Anything updated since I last tried. I was doing a no romance route or " my Canon playthrough" as I call it and the game sorta ended right after I met Team annoying / Sparkles / in my way /Quirky at their hideout.

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It’s still the first 3 chapters only. She will update it when she gets to chapter 6.
Here is the post where she says that:


awesome! I didn’t know that…

What if we go through love triangle scenes and when we have to choose between Adam and Nate at the end, can we like not choose neither one of them??

You can’t. You have to choose in the end.



:heart_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::hugs: REALLY REALLY outstanding the goosebumps i felt was intense. I will definitely get book two. Thank you sera!!!:grin:


Question if I choose to romance Morgan, is the only thing she’s interested in sex or is she in love with the MC?

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Morgan’s romance is a slow burn romance. At the moment, all she wants is to get with the MC in a physical manner, lol. But give it time (quite a bit of time :D) and those feelings will develop.

Don’t worry, this is definitely a romance series and romance will happen for all the LIs :wink:


But will I ever learn to love myself :stuck_out_tongue: