The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I literally cannot choose between Nate and Adam, so I’m playing through as the Love Triangle.

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Make sure to pack a box of tissues and some ice cream. Trust me, ice cream always helps.


Just to clarify, the love triangle will force you to choose between one of them, there is no poly relation here. So if you can’t choose, maybe you should play both routes separately, you know, to not get your heart ripped into shreds.


but some of us are weak…and will do the separate route but still want both…and know there will be lot of kleenex in our futur…but…:sob:…the angts is just soooo goooood…how can one poor soul say no to that !!!


Easily usually you say nope not this time all the way to the choice and then you hover your finger over the choice for several minutes and you choose it anyway.


Excellent news. Keep up the good work, Sera.

Have a good weekend as well.


I am so bloody excited I’m literally shaking! I just really love Wayhaven Chronicles :sob:.


Demo is great.i can hardly wait for full game to come out.for me the one thing to watch for will be how love triangle between nat, detective and ana will fold out.loving the suspense shown in demo.also we don’t get much info about what difficulty people of wayheaven will face this time…hope to see updated demo soon…love you Sophie!!! Your writing make my day


I loved the first game and this demo blows all my expectations! Felix is so adorable :heartbeat: I’m glad the writing is going well for you and I can’t wait for the full game :slight_smile:


I’m really late to the discussion - but I just wanna say that I love the varied dynamics you have made possible between the MC and Unit Bravo in Book 1! :slight_smile: This demo is lovely too~


Progress Report

Early update this week as I’m going on vacation tomorrow! Woohoo! :smiley:

I didn’t start Chapter 5 this week as I didn’t want to get part way through it only to come back to it after vacation. I’d rather start it fresh after my break and just keep going with it.

So this week has mostly been editing Chapter 4, which I sent over to @spunkycatninja to look at and edit, which she is very kindly doing! Another chapter nearly done and under my belt, hehe!

So yeah, not much happening this week, but back to full steam after my break.

Hope you all have a fantastic week and I’ll be back on Monday 17th September! :slight_smile:


We’ll miss you! :kissing_heart:

Have a fantastic trip!


Hell yeah! You guys are rockstars. :sparkles:

Have a fun and/or relaxing trip!

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Have a fun holiday :grin:

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Have a fun vacation Sera! :smiley:


Oh I’ll be able to handle having to choose after more time I think. I just couldn’t decide after the first book, so I chose the love triangle option. Still, whoever I end up choosing at the end of that heartbreak, i’ll go back and replay and choose the other character later. I love them both to be honest.


You might have caught this before, but in the current playthrough, there is a slight pronoun gender disagreement with Ava:

She stiffens under my sudden attention, and I notice her bring his hands together, the fingers of one rubbing over the palm of the other.

After ‘bring’ it reads ‘his’ when Ava is female.

There is another one as well:
Their attention falls on Ava, who is glaring out of the window, a hand raised to his mouth.

After ‘raised’ the pronoun ‘his’ should be ‘her’


Exactly why I have desperately steered clear.of the triangle…

Seconded :grin::joy:

Pregunta y’all, Does being friends with your romantic interest change anything ATM?