The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (WIP)

I feel like Morgan’s romance must be the most fulfilling out of them all. Morgan just wants to get laid but ends up getting in love. Disgustingly romantic.


For you maybe, only thing full filling for me is when I can finally put my fist in that assholes face.


Really? Because the only thing I want against M’s face is my own! Seriously though, they may be a pain now but once given time they’ll be like that one cat who’s always grumpy but makes an exception for you, and they’ll be super loyal. Also we should probably continue this on the general thread if we’ll talk more about M :wink:


Gentle reminder that this thread is for demo feedback. There’s a general discussion thread for talking about Wayhaven and the chatacters already.


All the other ROs are super loyal to you as we when you romance them. I don’t like them, if you do that’s fine but I can’t feel anything but hostility from them and towards them. Anyway that just how I feel. I would only romance them and wait till they catch feelings to break their heart, and say it was only for the sex.

@spunkycatninja ok got it :+1:

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You could headcanon this but you are aware that you can’t break up in future books? Just want to clear that out.


Then I’ll be a horrible person to them at every opportunity I guess.

I think Morgan would respond: don’t know but I can teach you to love yourself winks

I willbe a freaking supernatural killer feared by everyone (is that possible ? :yum: )

It isn’t, sorry! :disappointed_relieved:

This game’s premise is predicated on the idea that you’re at least alright with the supernatural—that you’re okay with the idea of them enough to work together with them, and the Agency (let alone Unit Bravo) would never work with anyone who would actively go out and kill supernaturals.

Now, helping the Agency find and take in supernaturals who are dangerous is another matter entirely and that’s actually the premise of the subsequent games, I believe (this last part is only speculation).

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I didnt make myself very clear,sorry. I was talking about being a feared and respected hunter that can deal with every kind of supernatural. (More or less like the winchesters, if possible i would like to not be dependent of the team to save me in evvery book.I like the badass line :sweat_smile:)

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Oooh! In that case I’m not certain, but I would certainly hope so!

Sera has mentioned that the MC can get training, but how far it goes and whether or not the MC will gain a reputation is unknown to us right now but it would be super cool if we could!


Hey hey someone hates the team and wants to kill them? Is that role taken because I was gone from the thread too long? Fine then I will make my character the long suffering “straight man” ( lesbian woman but still) to their antics. I won’t hate them. But I kinda wish they’d get stuck in a cave for a few years since I could get a break from them. And as long as they take the assignment of protecting the City seriously and don’t try to “socialize” with me. We’ll have an affable business relationship. I’m never going to willingly hang out and get a beer. I don’t even want to smile at them. But we’re forced to work together might as well be cordial. ( And my only romance will be my friend in the bottom dresser drawer that uses batteries)

Yeaaah,like that grimm series. I admit that i enjoyed the supernatural girl diyng of fear when see the MC (I laught hard, with no reason)

The MC can get training, indeed, but still I don’t think we will ever be the super badass that can handle supernaturals with ease and alone. I suppose that we will indeed become more capable, but still need to work hand to hand with UB to take supernaturals down.

Umm, I guess we will be able to take things like thralls down by ourselves much more easily than it was on book 1, but for high tier supernaturals I am 99% sure that we will never be able to have a one on one and not die.


Our MC should be like DC universe’s Question, concentrate on investigation and deduction or Book version Sherlock Holmes , which tend to avoid direct confrontation as much as possible but solve cases using wisdom and intelligent :wink:

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Would you say that all of the romances are a slow burn in their own way? Such as getting A to be more emotionally available to the MC, N being comfortable voicing their opinions and disagreements, F being more serious when it comes to being a couple, etc.?

Or is this something that will vary depending on the LI?


I don’t think F can be any more serious than they already are. And I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way, F is already really really serious and mature about their relation with the MC. They know what they want and they are super honest and open about it. I don’t see how you can get more serious than that.

I wouldn’t consider either F or N slow burns. The relationship with them will start early on, and from there, their relationship will grow like any real couple would. So, I wouldn’t consider it slow burn and more the natural development of a couple?


@Jukka_Sarasti - As @Meira_Litch says, the romances will be individual in the speed they progress with A and M being slooooow, and N and F being smoother.

N and F have no real barriers to hold the romance back, where A and M do (emotional barriers, that is, lol).

But each route will still contain romance and plenty of moments. Wayhaven’s main focus is on the romance, after all :wink:

Progress Report

Chapter 5 is so close to being finished!! And I’m so happy with how it’s going, hehe :smiley: The split scene at the end—though not planned—is something I’m so glad I added and I hope people will be able to have as much fun reading and interacting with as I am writing it!

Got about 13,700 words written this week and Chapter 5 currently is just over 23,000 words. Which means I already hit my 20,000 minimum word goal for the chapter! Yay!

I should be able to finish Chapter 5 by Tuesday, I imagine, if it goes as smoothly as this week.

Then it’ll be onto Chapter 6…

So yeah, a super successful and productive week!

Hope everyone has the most fantastic weekend :slight_smile:


Soo if i cant make the supernaturals cry for help please tell me that i can be a genius, like, really really smart (REALLY SMART):grin::joy::yum: