The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

This was absolutely amazing! I’ve only finished M and N’s routes, but I’m blown away with the detail and individuality of each route so far! You’ve absolutely out-done yourself, which is hard to believe considering how good book 1 was :heart:


I’ve had a blast with this! Is Book 3 Demo out yet? (can you blame me for asking?)


Made a whole dang account just to say that this is one of my favorite series ever and a fantastic sequel to a great story. Sera did a great job. Much love and I can’t wait to see where the series goes from here.


Holy shit the Adam/Nate route is pain in a high concentrated form. Owww. My feelings are hurt and I feel awful. Adam, sweetheart, no. You’re worth something too. ;___;


Congrats on a most worthy sequel😍. All the routes are so good… Mason cannot be hotter😝. Can’t wait to learn about Nates secrets in book 3. My theory: he is a siren…his singing in the warehouse scene, turned on a ship in the mirror memory, and his double rating on the supernatural scale (8 and 10). Can’t wait to find out the truth!

"Their magic is strong, but…" Nate taps his fingers on his chin. "Going up against Trappers might be difficult for them."

I lean forward. "Why?"

Mason leans back against the wall. "That doesn't explain why their magic is bad for going up against Trappers."

I’m assuming there is a code error here? The dialogue doesn’t make sense IMO. Was a paragraph commented out accidentally? Readers please take the spoiler tag seriously, this is dialogue that comes in pretty late in the game.


barely finished the story with M’s route and wow…

not only do we get to be physical with them this early on in the series (which btw was beyond amazing​:drooling_face::fire:)) but to have them start at least being comfortable with you about their past (no matter how little of info), etc is heartwarming :hugs:… also, everything about Sanja’s fortune telling to M was chefs kissyou’ll trust her more than you trust yourself” like WOW!! THANK YOU QUEEN SANJA FOR BLESSING US WITH YOUR WISDOM :pray: also, them being oblivious/shaking off their feelings for MC after every action they do is what I can’t wait to see more of in the future books. … yes, M, keep having second thoughts about what the MC is doing to you🤩

enough with my deep love for M, did y’all see Falk…and Alpha…heart eyes mf meme

leave it to Sera to create b-side characters who’ll have our hearts no matter what!!!


Damn the Love Triangle is so good but so heartbreaking. A fantastic emotional sequel. Does anyone know how many books are being planned? Is it too early to tell or is Book 3 going to be the finale.


So far, 7 books in total are planned


Anyone know how to get falk to sign the treaty, I managed to save sanja but still piss them off to get them to work for the rogues and just I feel bad huhuhu…

I managed the treaty by Being pro Agency but admitting flaws, being logical (You can call him out for seeing his own way as being flawless as long as you admit that humans make mistakes.) being non-confrontational (I never attacked them once), telling him that you will try to get them their own land, and saving Sanja.

You can actually get Falk to have a ‘crush’ on your Detective, I got a scene where I could let him cup my Detective’s cheek at the end, and he checked her out twice beforehand to the point that Adam got mad because he wanted to speak with the Detective alone.


Thanks for this! Gonna try it out :smiley:

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It’s 5 am I read through all but N’s route. It was wonderful:)

I am really surprised by M’s route. Never thought he could be my fav now ^^’ .

Good night for everyone;)


GUYS OK so i had to delete one of my comments bc i dont know how to hide spoilers and I dont wanna ruin it for anyone but A’s ROUTE HAS ME DYINGGG OMG. I physically can’t get over it im inconsolable. I need to replay it to see all the interactions i missed out on and im sure my eyes are gonna die from the strain tonight but f*ck it its worth it. SO well written i am geeeeeked rn. I wanna try the love triangle route as well ~for the drama of it all~ but I cant make decisions for the life of me so idk if das a good idea.


Can somebody PLEASE confirm if there really is going to be seven books? I would fucking die of happiness if that is true?

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here’s a post about it on her Tumblr from 2019 confirming it

she speaks more about the future plans for each book, etc if you search on her Tumblr


A good sequel. No real intensity with any antagonists, but a lot of friction in my Nat/Ava triangle. Hoping the triangle comes to a great conclusion in book 7 as I feel how mine ended while I did seemingly end up with one, there is still a lot that I feel needs to deepen & get even more tangled up in as It pains me being torn between the two when I care so much about them. As of right now I could see me pulling a reverse and switching later depending on how the rest go, but I would prefer somehow struggling until the end for both (Yes I know I am just hurting my soul with the drama and tension but I love it and I will have to choose one eventually). I think that the next book should be longer than book 2 as it still felt the same length as one even with being double the word count, and that we need more friction, shock value, and for me love triangle drama. I really want the experience to fully satisfy my question of “who do I really want” in the end to be 100% satisfied, and explored. All around I think it was a good addition to the story, and while it lacked the intensity of a major antagonist, it more than made up for in the romance aspect.

To be perfectly clear. I would love for these things to happen:

  1. Have a shocking development and gain powers/turn into a supernatural being of some sort/etc (Maybe die & because of the vampire blood in you, you become a vampire. BUT, because of your own blood with unique properties you become (silly sounding I know) a super vampire, and then have to deal with that or adjust to that. Maybe make it more of a struggle than normal vampires because of the original bloods unique properties.
  2. Have a intense antagonist like the first book. I can’t deny while I thoroughly enjoyed the romance aspect a lot more in book two, it felt a little empty without that but I can definitely see the slow build that I think will work in the long run of the 7 books.

Basically we need a huge book, bigger than both combined (Not really because of all the paths, but the story itself) that is more intense in the antagonist area as well as the romance. Everything needs to go into overdrive while having an insane story that satisfies all these areas. I think this series is already my favorite and has potential to be locked there forever, but completely depends on all of these aspects as the series continues.

P.s. I love both of them (Nat/Ava) and think if nail all of these it would be the perfect ending to the series, though it pains me to know I can’t have them both. Like literal pain, you have written this so well. Like I literally FEEL like I care about both. I yearn for Ava, yet feel the pushing away hard. Love Nat’s acceptance and openness, but in the end I still feel guilty and looking between them.

I NEED MORE!!! Saw a rumor of 7 books in total…AND GOD DAMN PLEASE YES!

Sorry about the story, just dying inside after book one and two and needing the last 5 books as my triangle continues to unfold with the rest of the story. For now I will suffer knowing I am far from done with neither Nat or Ava, and I am sure the same is for the story. WHY DO I SUFFER FROM SUCH A GOOD HEART STRING PULLER! SERA YOU MONSTER <3

I think I actually do love Nat & Ava XD </3


There’s no poly, Sera has talked about on her Tumblr


Heart Shattered. Do you at least know if I may be able to change my stance in the future?


If you mean stance on A or N I’m not entirely sure (cause I never do it lol), maybe this will help