The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

Does this mean you interpret that we will get to choose probably in each book?

I think she said once before that you’ll date N in the LT while also having feelings for A. I’m not to sure on the topic I’m hoping someone else can help.

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On the subject of the A/N love triangle, does anyone know if starting a relationship with N automatically ends the love triangle, or does it still continue after? (I’m talking about the very last scene at the end of the book by the way)

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God I hope not. But I need to know this too.

I hope this is the case, because I would hate to be locked down now. P.s. How do I put the spoiler messages for later posts when I want to talk about them?

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Here is a helpful thread that can tell you how to blur and hide spoilers, along with many other helpful commands!

@SlaveToTheGames You might also want to check out the FAQ for the Wayhaven Chronicles, as it has lots of answers to questions you might have.


Thank you!


Yall I just finished N’s route and :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: its so sweet! I literally died at the end during the kiss scene man holy shid. twas not expecting dat to be honest and it did not disappoint. :hugs: :hugs: Also, feel free to message me and talk more! making friends is always fun u know?

I’m still in my 1st run, don’t know what’s going to happen and I won’t spoil it for myself by reading the thread (yet)… But.
Thank God - and, even more so, thank Mishka - for Mason. So. Very. Much. :hugs:


Well, I tried figuring out if I choose to begin a relationship in book 2, does that me I am locked in forever? But I find varying things confirming and then saying maybe. I need to know to decide my last choice </3 I found something saying you will be locked if you choose when and if you can and you can’t break up. So I guess that confirms?

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No you are not locked in forever.

There’s an FAQ that says the relationship with N only happens because N is upfront about their feelings, whereas A denies it, making N go in for the kill earlier, if u will. The MC can date N, but still have feelings for A, and this route is apparently the only one where flirt points still matter. So I assume you can flirt with A while being with N (lol idk how dat sit with me but f8ck it we ball). I think the final and main decision between the two happens in the last two books or so. Thats all what the FAQ told me doe


I read at one of Sera’s ASKS that you can’t break up with a RO. So I am pretty sure it is true.

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The LT is different I believe

I’ve confirmed that accepting N during the TL does not lock out A, I don’t know how it’ll work , but we can choose to go for A later on. There will be a moment where we make the definitive choice, probably after A finally comes clean about their feelings.

Can we talk about our Detective’s sudden and recurrent sensitivity to light? Who else noticed it? It happens wayyy too many times to just be a coincidence if you ask me :face_with_monocle: Does anyone have any theories?

Aside from that, I’ve only done two runs with detectives who were on Nate and Mason’s route specifically and I am on freaking cloud nine. These boys. These boys. I am so full of emotions. Now I have to decide if I wanna do F’s path next for even more fluff or if I want to save them for last so it’ll be like a balm after all the pining that I’m sure will be in A’s route, lol.

This was so amazingly good, Sera! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I didn’t see anything like that, by any chance does your playthrough involve getting bitten by Murphy?


I would just like a definitive. I saw Sera said LI can’t be broken up with, but there will be multiple times to choose who to be with in the series before the BIG choice near the end of the series. I just want to know if I can pursue the LT route but if in this route I choose one, if it locks me in or if this is part of the LT route. It seems kinda conflicting here unfortunately.

I’ve been given a definitive, yes. The LT will keep going even if you accept.
@SlaveToTheGames It’s comfirmation from those involved with the series, since I also had doubts about it.

You sure you aren’t confused with the ability that you are given to change who your LI is in the beginning of each book, but it will just pretend like they were it the entire series thing? Needing to make sure.