The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

Whichever romantic route you choose in Book One is the one that you’re locked into for the entire series, including the love triangle. There will be choices between then and in later books where you will be able to choose moments with A or N over the other, but not in a way that will resolve the love triangle. That moment will happen sometime later in the series. We don’t know when exactly, but certainly not in Book Two.

So go ahead and play your LT detective(s) however you like knowing that whatever choice you make in Book Two, you’re guaranteed to still experience a whole series’ worth of ANGST and PINING and MORE ANGST.



Really, you didn’t? owo I’m even more intrigued now, lol. And Yeah, it happened both with detective’s who were bitten on the wrist and on the throat. But the detective didn’t really start having a reaction until after Falk disease touched them.



Maybe we are becoming a vampire!? JK, I know we won’t be able to become one. But it is quite interesting


Thanks just want to make sure because at the end it says Begin Relationship with Nat I was like…wait a minute? But? I thought? lol

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Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments, guys!!! You don’t know how relieved and happy I am to know you’re enjoying it :smiley: After putting so much into it for so long, it’s just blown me away!

Sorry I haven’t been on much. I’m incredibly nervous about the release so haven’t been around much. I am way more active on Tumblr and Instagram in general, though, for those who have queries or want to chat about Book Two!

As for the LT question, if you choose to begin a relationship with N while in the love triangle route, the others were right that it doesn’t end the love triangle. There may be times in the upcoming book the end the love triangle early, but I will make sure those are obvious to the reader before making that choice.
So enjoy that angst of being in a relationship with N and having that pining A still there in the mix, hehe :smiley:


Thank you for confirming my suffering lol. This series might make me a masochist and possibly cry between choosing lol. I wish I could heart it multiple times. This is my favorite series, and cannot wait for the rest! And while I want more of everything and think the romance could have more (cause I absolutely love it), you have done by far the best writing for romance I have seen in a cog book.

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That’s the most cruel and yet delightful thing I have ever read. And will definitely go out of my way to experience :kissing_closed_eyes:


I love all of them :heart_eyes: buuuuut Farrah is officially my ride or die. She’s just too damn adorable. I need that in my real relationships.


Ok. I finished my first run…
Luckily I still have the others routes to play, because

Adam is a big, emotionally constipated grumpy bear that I love, but will kill me!!! I love slow burn, but the guy is making me (and my detective!) wanting to rip my hair out of my head! (in the best way! I love slow burn and all the pain that came with it.)

Mason has revealed he’s a much better and gentle friend that I thought (he’s an actual teddy bear) and Felix take the cake and topping: I had moments I just stopped reading to laugh!

I absolutely love Falk! I hope we see him and his people again!

Overall, a great book, love it! Going for the others routes now!


Congratulations on the release but why is it still not in my country? :cry:

Just finished my first Reading, I chose Adams Route, and wow I did love it. Now going directly over to the hopefully hot stuff, I expect in M’s route

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I just finished my run with Nate… my heart. I’ve fallen in love with this vampire all over again.

I really enjoyed the way the supernaturals were handled this book. The fact that Falkes group is kinda in a grey area for whether what they were doing was right was really cool. My detective managed to get them to sign the treaty…and now Falke has a thing for her?? At least it seemed he did. Either way I hope he can remain friends with the Detective. I always enjoy learning new folklore and I am going to look into them myself.

Felix is such a cutie! I love that he basically played wingman for Nate most of the book in N route. And I am glad to see Adam seems to be more open now (the smallest amount but its progress).

For the scene in the sewers, I chose to save Sanja over Nate as I knew it was what he wanted and and I did not want Sanja to die. Still seeing him hurt ripped my heart out.

Also I did not tell Tina or Verda about the agency stuff and have sworn to keep it secret, as I do not want them to get hurt. Adam of all people told me “do not loose your connections outside the agency” and now I am worried they’ll become distant for my Detective. Maybe I will tell them later on if there is a chance.

This got really long, oops. Sera you have outdone yourself once again with this book!
Time to play M’s route I think.


Just completed my walkthroughs(one with Natalie and one with Morgan)Damn! I have no words to describe. Both paths are so unique that they almost feel like different games. @Seraphinite You surely surpassed the expectations. I can’t wait for book 3. Gonna spend time exploring the other paths until book 3

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While this type of story is not my favorite, I really enjoy Wayhaven. Obviously the focus is romance, but the story remains interesting, the new supernatural are relatively original, and it sets up an interesting overarching story. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy good character development. It’s easy to get attached to the characters. The romance aspect feels a bit soapy (I don’t know how to say it, and don’t mean it in a really bad way, it’s more like amusing to imagine to supermodels head over heels for little ol’me).

I like the little details you can only discover if you go one route or the other (also really curious about N’s double tier, my money is on double personality when they lose control over bloodthirst, and the other N being a tier X)


I felt the same. While I don’t think two was as strong as one. I still enjoyed it and I am still looking forward to three. But I am also a little disappointed in the romance itself. Maybe I just made some really bad choices but I actually sort of feel like the relationship went a little backwards. But I’ve only done one play though so far and it was with captain repressed so maybe some of the others will feel like I’m moving forward.

I went the triangle route and A was indeed all sort of repressed, but in this case it’s because they think the MC and N will be happy together and don’t want to interfere, so I found it was fitting their character pretty well. I think if you are going for N or F you won’t have an issue with them being repressed I think😅


so this is a summary of me playing A’s route multiple times and still getting the same feels: yes mam, YES mam, YES MAM, and finally GOODBYE MAM because you almost killed me from the slow burn feels and I can’t thank you enough for it.

And for real this is one of the choice games that makes you feel engaged the whole time and wow it does things to your heart.


Hhhhhhhhh my heart. I’ve played all the routes. Hhhhhh…I’m going to die waiting for more.
Loved it so, SO much. And now I’ve read it and am so very sad.


Ava is still top tier material, even if that route is already wounding my heart with desire. Like seriously. If your goal was to make the reader feel like the MC, mission accomplished. God I’m still so tense. (Man, I need me a girl that makes me feel the way this character does.)

Followed by Morgan. Sex scenes are very well done. I am both surprised and not at all surprised that she’s so passionate. Super intrigued by their backstory. There’s more I’m sure but um…yeah. <3

Farah/Nat taking up the rear. Their routes are not bad at all. Love how much fun Farah had at the carnival, and how open they always are with their feelings. Nat’s adorable.

Another fantastic game. I don’t know how you do it but it’s utterly amazing.