The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

Why don’t we use the general thread? As a substitute for the time being, I mean.

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The general thread can be use for discussion as long as it is on spoiler tag. I do remember that the general thread was made for discussion while the demo thread is solely for feedback and bug reports.

Agreed. I’ll go ahead and update the Discussion thread to reflect a strict Book 3 spoiler rule, as the WIP thread—by necessity—will have to discuss the topic rather freely.

I’ll also be keeping this thread open as I imagine the demo will bring in new players who may have questions or need help with the game, but this means that this thread must also be spoiler free if discussions veer off here and there. If you notice a discussion focuses more on Book 3 than Book 2, please gently remind users to take it to the appropriate threads.

And please, if you see any more complaints regarding Dashingdon in any threads, flag it, don’t engage. I won’t tolerate any kind of entitlement for what is essentially a one-man volunteer service that has done more for this community than can be properly expressed.


Is Douglas a Romance Option if you’re playing as a Female MC?

Nah Schoolboy Crush for female Mc and hero worship for male mc

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Nope. And there won’t be.


Douglas’s hero lol

One thing that I noticed and liked in Book 2 was that if you reject Falk’s advances, he apologizes and remains friendly. He does not fly off the handle or use his powers to harm the detective (unlike supernaturals in many fairy tales).


Hey, I just finished book 1 & 2 today and from all the ROs I would say I really enjoy Felix’s and Nate’s route.



Perhaps due to him being the youngest, Felix has so much energy and passion. There’s alot of PDA involved. (I’m not complaining. It’s actually super cute)



I like how he takes the time to get to know me and “woo” me. Not really woo since we didnt go on any dates but the fact that he’s super sweet, caring & gentle makes me melt…



It got me feeling like he only wants me for sex. I prefer a committed rs but being with him feels like im just a fling/sex toy to him. :confused:



Oh boy. It’s so intense!! I don’t even know where to begin…Somehow i got the feeling like he’s making things so much complicated. Perhaps due to his orthodox thinking (seeing that he’s over 900 years old) I dont understand why he constantly see us being together as a danger? Coz honestly, i think that our love is worth the dangers and all the challenges. I dont care if being with him puts me in danger coz at the end of the day, I know that my life is worth living coz i have someone to die for and it just instantly makes everything worth it. I know he would do the same for me. So why deny it? It’s hurting me more knowing that the person I love is so out of reach and isn’t keen on overcoming the hurdles with me.

God. This game makes me an emotional mess. This is the first time an interactive novel book has made me feel so much emotions. Everything just felt so real and natural. Oh god i can’t wait to resume my adventure in book 3.

Also, @Seraphinite i’m curious to know… does the no. Of crescents on the book cover has got something to do with the no. of sequels you’re planning to have? Or
Isit just the design? From the book, it seems like this is the design of the access card for the agency coz i remember MC stating how there were 7 crescents on it.


Guys, I did M. In book 1 she was unbearable but in book 2 she becomes much better.

Since M is promised by the author to eventually evolve and get feelings, I see nothing wrong with the relationship’s focus on physical aspect untill he gets there. I actually like the dynamic we currently have. You don’t lose anything by giving him a chance, at least. (The fact that he is allegedly not seeing anyone else while romanced doesn’t hurt either).


Hello, I have the steam version of both games and I can’t import my character from the first one can anybody help?

I’m afraid that this is an issue that is beyond the scope of what the forum can help with. In this case, you should contact Choice of Games directly by sending an email to


I don’t think theres no discord wayhaven.

Someone should create :thinking: good idea with such discord

Ok, I don’t know much about Discord and I never had a channel, but I did it.
Someone would like to be an admin and take care of the channel? :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I just noticed these comments.

There’s actually been a lot of Wayhaven-centric discord servers, however non of them are official, so I didn’t feel comfortable linking to any of them. I think that Googling Wayhaven discord servers will bring up quite a few, though I can’t speak for how active any of them are.


So I was replaying book 2, and was able to save N instead of Sanja without her dying. This was a first for me and for this particular detective I prefer this outcome.

However, I now find it nigh impossible to get the maa-alused peace route now?? Even after looking for and following a guide, Falk keeps signing the treaty.

This specific detective is one of the only two of my many detectives that doesn’t trust the Agency because of their sketchiness and Rebecca (the other is hyper emotional and an absolute coward when it comes to the supernatural despite an an OK relationship with Rebecca).
As such, he would not actually advocate for the treaty, but would be smart enough not to inspire hostility in them (unlike that other detective I mentioned lol).

This was the guide I used, was there some sort of typo maybe?/any advice on how to get maa-alused peace and NOT treaty?

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There is nothing wrong with the guide as I have used it to without issue. I think its just the peace route is like hardest route to get as I struggled with it too. One thing to remember is if Sanja lives you automatically get treaty plus 2 which makes it very easy to trigger treaty path if you’re not careful.

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