The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

From what I saw on Sera tumblr the “full demo” will be split into 3 parts/demos:

  • First part/demo will include chapters one and two.

  • Second part/demo will include chapters three and four.

  • Final part/demo will include chapters five and six.

Sooo you would have to survive the urge to read it 3 times! Like… 3 times:see_no_evil:

I see what you mean tho, for me it’s different because I could read the demo a week before release and it wouldn’t reduce my enjoyment of the full book. However, considering that we are probably quite far away from the full release… I would say that at least the first demo is rather “safe” to go for it. :grin:


A year at least, probably.

@Chaneyi Allow me to put it to you in this way; suppose you really wanted to try out a dish, but don’t want to because you can’t have it back in your home. So you decide to wait until one of your nearby restaurants “import” the recipe in order to taste it.

So…do you want to taste it now, knowing that you’ll probably crave more for it later, or will you taste it later, when your taste might change by that point?

Huh, that got serious.


This analogy assumes that you’ll grow tired of the WH books. Which I don’t see happening :grin:


Haha, oh my taste won’t change at all. I have no doubt, that I will enjoy the beta and the full release, no matter when I read it.

When I said it diminished my enjoyment a little, it was more in regards to me regretting reading it so shortly before the release, because it felt like I robbed myself or more content. Does that make sense?

It’s like the BG3 early access coming at the end of the month. I wanna play it badly - but will I be tired of the first part of the game upon release, because I played it so much in the early access?

In the end - I’ll likely read it, because it’s only 2 chapters (will refrain from the further betas though) and because the full release is ways off and when I reread then, it’ll feel fresh again.


Stranger things have happened. Like A holding our hands by their own volition.



This makes perfect sense to me, I remember reading the demo for book one ages ago, and remember thinking that the demo actually seemed much longer than most others I’d read. So I was a little concerned that I had gone through a fair bit of the content already.


And to include full chapters seems like a big chunk of the full book, doesn’t it? At the same time, Sera’s chapters vary in length and I don’t know how many she’ll include in B3, so it could just be a small part.

I just don’t want to end up, having the feeling I already read half of B3 via betas, before the full games comes out. So, I think I’ll stick with the first beta and then wait. Gives me a little taste and whets my appetite for the main course.

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One small step for most, one giant leap for A… :joy:

Ohh I on the other hand, don’t mind. Gimmeee all possible bits and chapters! I will take them all. :sweat_smile:

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I’ve done some very loose maths that is probably not accurate.


So looking back on Seraphinite’s tumblr, we can see that the first two chapters took up about a 3 and a half months.Assuming the other chapters are the same, and we
add on a week or so for branching, the full demo will be available in about 7 and half months.Add that to the current 3 and a half months, we get 11 months
(give or take).And if it takes as long as the other games, it’ll still be another year till completion.

That is why I will be reading every part of the demo.

This is assuming a lot, and should not be used as a deadline or timeframe.I only really did this to justify my lack of self control when it comes to TWC


lol i fully cop to my own lack of self-control bc I’ll be rereading the demo more often than my textbooks this semester

[slaps hood] this baby can fit so many playthroughs inside!


Same. My adviser’s going to be pissed this term.


First demo is already out on Sera Patreon and will be released for everyone else at Friday!

I could say that I’m excited… But it would be a huge understatement! :star_struck:


Linking to @resuri08’s post in the general discussion thread;

48 hours people, 48 hours.


I will be looking forward to getting off work on friday. :relieved:


OMG omg omg! It’s almost here, we are back again for another round!!



Edit: If it doesn’t load or is slow to load, give it time or try later again.
If it gets stuck loading at the same spot, over and over again, clear your cache (helped me on the phone).
It’s not broken, but simply overwhelmed by the number of Wayhaven Fans. Also happened for the Patreon release.

Best of luck!


Should there be a separate thread for the demo so people who don’t like spoilers won’t risk seeing any and the rest of us won’t have to blur everything we type? Might be a question for a moderator. @Eiwynn, thoughts?


@rose-court should decide this, since she is involved with the fandom here a lot. I would think so, but I want to let Rose coordinate everything.


Would be nice to have a thread to discuss this and future demos/betas, without bringing the spoiler button to a breaking point :sweat_smile:

Will wait for a decision before posting anything.


There’s a separate thread for the Book 3 demo. I would suppose fans could discuss over there rather than here.

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