The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two (Discussion)

Yo @Novachrome, you can post normally here. Just try not to post another thing immediately after you post one thing.

Hope that makes sense!


Okkaayy… thankii everyone :grin:

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And dating all four is like a dream.:blush: But I will always be partial to M :black_heart: with A in 2nd place.

Like anyone would pick the weasel over 4 dreamy vampires but that’s just me. :blush:

That is a good description for Bobby in particular :joy: S/He had their chance. I wonder if Sera will ever implement a Bobby romance. :neutral_face: I read Elidor is going to be a RO in future books. I think.


Meh, I know some people who would literally run over the entire world for a chance to get back with their exes, even though they said that they “were over them”.

Point is, human beings are weird and we should never trust them :joy:


I just got around to playing this story and all I can wonder is why it took me this long to play it in the first place. Maybe romance wasn’t really my genre until Farah.

Please never make me have to choose between Farah and doing my duty again. Pleaaaase. When that choice came up, I actually had to put down my phone, drink a glass of water and remind myself that this is a game.

Thank you for making this series. I got far more than my money’s worth.


Welcome to ‘The Wayhaven Chronicles Anonymous’ :sweat_smile:

Always happy to see someone new stumbling over this wonderful series and enjoying it.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ongoing and upcoming ride.


I plan to :grin:. Thank you


I remember when I found it by accident and decided to read it because I was bored I’m glad I did since I love the series the only bad part is that I gotta wait for the next books


I can’t download/purchase the game. It’s not available in my country. I bought the first book. Is there any way the second book be available for purchase in my country?

You can only buy recent CoG and HG titles (if you live in the Philippines, this is from my personal experience ) through the omnibus app found in the Playstore. In this case, you need the Hosted Game omnibus app for Wayhaven Chronicles 2.

Edit Its also available on Amazon Appstore as a standalone iirc, Steam and the Choice of Game website.

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Nope. The only romance options for all 7 books will be the 4 vampires.

Unless you mean books after Wayhaven Chronicles is done.


Perhaps you were thinking of Agent Fuller, in Curse of Creek Edge?

In regards to Wayhaven, UB is more than enough imo with all the branches that Sera is implementing!


nobody know. And it’s against the rules to ask. It will come out when it is ready.


Long time no see guys , have we finally turned every nook and cranny we could in book 2? :sweat_smile:


Probably yes, although we haven’t exactly run out of theories yet… :sweat_smile:


If anyone’s interested.


Sooo… it seems a beta may come up for B3, chapters 1-3.
I’m torn between wanting to participate and getting more info and something to help pass the wait time and at the same time, I’m worried it’ll just make the rest of the waiting worse and maybe has me appreciate the complete Book 3 less.

What do you all think? Will you grab it, as soon as it’s available, or will to you wait patiently for the release?


I think first demo will only include chapters one and two. :thinking: And well… I’m definitely playing it as soon as it’s available! Simply because I’m not capable to wait patiently for the full release. Patience isn’t exactly my strong suit, even less when it comes to this book. :joy:


I thought she said 1-3 but could be 1-2. Either way, the first chapters :sweat_smile:

For B2, I actually waited until only a few months before release to read the demo and in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t, cause the demo was still fresh in my mind and sort of reduced my enjoyment for the full book a little, since I had just read the part.

On the other hand, this beta would be waaaay earlier and maybe not have that effect?
I want to read it so badly… but since the hibernating beast would be awakened again, will it make the waiting for the rest worse?

Decisions, decisions…

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Coin toss.

Although I would say just go for it.