The Walking Dead Video Game

Oh that I didn’t know @FortunesFaded for me Ben falls in the alley and gets himself hurt and Kenny stays with him while a mob of zombies come so yeah. Urgh I hope they make a season 2!! I want to see what becomes of Clem, Omid and Christa :smiley:


My Lee seems to have a thing for both Lilly and Carlie. But Carlie moved first and an episode and a kiss later bang I felt sad for Carlie. Though not as shitty as I felt telling Clem I was going to die :frowning:

Hmm, I for one actually don’t want to see Clem in Episode 2. I’d rather they leave her be, and introduce someone else as the PC. Personally, I’d like for it to be Molly - they spent so much time discussing her past in Episode 4, and then - whoosh! - she leaves. And no matter what, she can’t die without you having to restart (the closest you can get is leaving her outside with a group of zombies, but it never shows her die). So I have a feeling she will be coming back


Clem would probably be a cameo in Season 2. The PC, will be a new character probably.

Was I going crazy at the time but wasn’t Molly pregnant? I could have sworn she was pregnant or I could be wrong…


I think that was someone else.

Oh ok then I was going crazy lol thanks for correcting me

Christa is/was pregnant. Anna Correa from Crawford was pregnant. That might have been where you got it from.

I’m unsure about what I want to see in season 2. I think seeing Clem again would be good, but I don’t know if I’d want to spend another whole season watching over her (well, I’m sure I would, but variety is the spice of life they say). I think it would be cool to have a season with an episode or multiple episodes set in the winter.

You spent a lot of time as Lee teaching Clem how to survive or well I did
Maybe the next part we will play as her
Might be cool
Girl was a crack shot lol

Quite a good game. I’m really hoping Clem is back in season 2.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Clem, but I don’t think it’d be the best idea to focus another season all around her (note that I said “not the best” - it could still be done well).

I doubt we’ll be able to play as her because she’d still have to be young, since they aren’t allowed to advance the timeline ahead of the comics - and as far as I know, the comics have only covered maybe two or three years since the outbreak. So we’d be playing as an 11 year old at best.

Oh I agree, it wouldn’t be the same without the Lee-Clem dynamic and they’ve done well to finalise it but as a player I want to see Clem back in some capacity whether as a character we interact with or a character we see but don’t get to accompany purely because I want to see how and if she followed all the advice I gave her in season 1.

^^ Keep that hair short, everything is dangerous but you learn chick ^^ (just watch them show her get eaten to spite me now… @_@ )

I wonder if they’ll ever mention Lee’s wife again. Not just that she cheated on him but more about her. I’m not sure if I really want to see her in Season 2 but I’m just curious lol.


I think Lee’s wife would be dead by the time season 2 starts (probably died in the same wave of walkers that killed his family)

Well, I’m not so sure about that. Lee’s wife didn’t live in Macon, she lived somewhere else. It really doesn’t give any hints as to her current state (shes most likely dead, seeing as most people died, but then again, maybe not)

I wouldn’t mind having a new PC, as long as they bring in SOMEONE from Season 1. At the end of the game, the people who might be alive are Clementine, Molly, Christa, Omid, and the Cancer-Support Group people (and Glenn, Hershel and Lily but they are TV/Comic characters). All of those people I feel could be implemented in some way or another into the next season.

Question so if they bring in a new PC do you think they’ll stick with the current time period or go back from the beginning from another point of view? I think it would be current but who knows.

I think it’ll be set after season 1 and you’ll probably bump into Clem and whoever she sees at the end.

I think they could do either, or both. They could start with, say Episode 1 being from the beginning, then Episodes 2-Whenever it ends being afterwards. You know how they skipped ahead like a month from Episodes 1 to 2 in Season 1? Maybe they will do the same here?

Then thing I’m most curious about is those people who spotted Clem at the end. Who were they? Is is just Omid and Christa? Or someone who is new to the series?

I have a feeling that not even Telltale is sure who they are. They could be Omid and Christa; they could be anyone at this point.