The Walking Dead Video Game

Well, to lower the amount of spam we were putting on the Zombie Exodus page about this game (Sorry @JimD!), I decided to make a thread devoted to the Walking Dead Video Game. So go ahead! post your thoughts, opinions, favorite characters, etc. etc.

Warning! May contain spoilers.

I quite liked it, it was more an interactive story than a video game per say, but I still quite enjoyed it. I think Clementine may be one of the better written child characters in the history of video games, her relationship with Lee was really well handled. And yes, I did cry at the end.

Dissapointing implementation of the choice and consequences mechanic ( bioware?) for a game that advertises that aspect. Still, game was not bad overall and I enjoyed playing it.

I loved it. Episode 2 was my favourite, although all of the episodes were great pieces of work. Great writing, awesome characters, but it’s a shame they died so liberally. But, that’s the Walking Dead for you. It was good that they stuck to the source material.

Some of my favourite characters included Mark, Andy, Doug, Chuck and Omid. Of course, Lee and Clem are at the top of that list.

The end was sad; I teared up a bit. Great game.

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I’d say it’s a form of interactive fiction.

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Anyway, I know what you mean about how sad it was! I teared up as well at the end. My list of favorites would probably be as follows:

I also really liked Kenny, even though he was rough around the edges. Chuck also was a great (albeit short-living) character

Yeah, I was surprised at how Chuck went, and how fast at that. I liked Kenny too, but not everyone can make the favourites list!

I was so shocked at what he did though the first time I played through the meat locker scene (I tried to save Larry). Man I love that episode. Starved for Help is so good.

I tried to save Larry as well, but I played a real neutral character most of the time. It turned out that after Lilly left (I left her on the side of the road for shooting Carley) Kenny and I got much closer

Yeah, same. When Lilly shot Doug my jaw just dropped. I was shocked. Didn’t know what to say, except that there was no way she was coming with us. I was surprised so many people brought her along (in the stats trailer). When I played, the majority left her behind.

Hm, I agree I was surprised as well. Though I can sort of understand it. I chose to save Carley in Episode 1, and in Episode 3 Lilly believes that Carley was stealing from the group (it was obvious to me that it was Ben, not Carley). So when Lilly shoots Carley and does not have any proof that she was guilty, I chose to leave her. However, I understand that if you save Doug, Lilly believes that it was Ben who was the thief, and the only reason Doug died is because he tried to move Ben out of the way. In that case… I may have chosen to keep Lilly with the group. Only because it was just an accident, instead of where with Carley she shot her and intended to shoot her (plus she was Lee’s love interest, so he had to get some revenge for that)

Oh yay TWD discussion ! I sobbed a bit when Lilly shot Carley ! Then I was pretty pissed at Ben and was tempted not to save him in Episode 4 I think? Sorry my memory is terrible so ya but to me Ben was a waste and I hated the fact Kenny stayed with him in Episode 5 but I understand why but that’s just my opinion :smiley:

I brought Lilly along considering she was and still is my favorite character in the comics and the game lol :smiley:

i loved Larry that old man was my best friend joking hated him and Lily his daughter the most

Have they fixed the save game problem?

They did release a patch a while ago that claimed to fix problems related to the save game problem, but people still report it occurring. Personally I have never had the problem, and know one I know has, but I think it still exists in some degree.

Larry was a d***k , He knew that Lee was a murderer and yet instead of considering the group he decided to take advantage of that. (Though I’m glad he didn’t as I could stand to see what Clem would think!)

@SianaA Yes I know I felt so bad for Lee! He finally gets a love interest in the game and then she’s killed! D: As for Ben, I actually managed to kill him in the bell tower. What I did was rush to his aid at first, then he told me “You can’t help me, just let go”… so I did lol. Kenny still died, but it was for another reason (he drops the walkie talkie in a dark hole and goes in to get it for you)