Telltales Walking Dead final season


OMG…I am on ep 3 and bawling. Half of it is the story the other half is Telltale being done…i am a fan. I loved THE WALKING DEAD series and A WOLF AMONG US and even BORDERLANDS even though I didnt play the other Borderlands game…and GAME OF THRONES…they were just legit games. I am astonished that they went bankrupt and sad. What say you!!!


I am a huge WALKING DEAD fan but can admit that the telltale stories are far mkre compelling than the shows as of the last several seasons


What character did you romance violet or louis ?


I was also sad, but not surprised. Ever since the first season of TWD it’s been going downhill. Too many games, but also the same thing over and over. I’m extra sad since i can see such an improvement in the final season! But too little too late i suppose…

I very much hope Skybound keeps up this style of TWD games, since Overkill’s TWD was a wreck, and I dare say not what the people were looking for. I for one started watching, reading and playing TWD because it’s fascinating to explore how different people would react the apocalypse! Not a simple pew pew zombies, there are other games for stuff like that (not saying those are bad, but not what i’m looking for)

And as far as the show goes, I agree. It’s also been getting worse and worse, sometimes it feels like the writers don’t know what they’re doing. How do you mess up so bad when the story is already written for you? At least there’s still the comic!


I romanced and saved Violet.


I went both routes but i will admit, Violet was far more satisfying even though I usually play a straight gal. I love you Violet :heart:


There are no words to describe the atrocity of Carl’s Death let alone season 8. How do you make All out War boring !?!


I didn’t even know the 3rd episode was coming out at all, I was so excited when i saw it trending on tumblr :sob: I looooooove the final season and I definitely started bawling when Lee showed up;;;;;
Lee: You’re strong clem, you can do anything
Me: (loses it)


For those of us who have played the new episode, Who let AJ kill Lily and who spared her ?


I really like this final season, its come closest to matching the heartfelt magnificence of Season 1, Lee’s cameo made me nostalgic and I actually kept holding out some vain hope to redeem Lilly because she’s the last surviving member of Lee’s group, even though I know she’s too much of a different person now.


I spared Lily because James convinced me that AJ will change to become more of a cold/heartless person. My baby isn’t going to be just another remorseless killer. Though I did feel bad about what happened to him


I romanced and saved violet mainly because I seen someone do the Louis route and wanted to see if the violet route was as good


He’s probably going to feel guilty for not preventing his death though. Also if you tell him killing Marlon was wrong and that he should atone he even says he realizes Marlon wasn’t a monster but Lilly is. But I understand where you’re coming from.


I let him kill her in my 1st playthrough


killed that blanker
mostly cause i miss carley ^_-


I didn’t let AJ kill Lilly because I want clem to do it herself. I need to get revenge for Carley.


I understand, it would be a shame if letting her go just so YOU can personally kill her causes you to lose everything in the finale. (An unlikely outcome, but food for thought.)


I agree it would be sad if they made you lose everything just for the people who wants to kill Lilly themselves. It would also show how petty revenge would be.
I also made a save where I killed her to see what happens to AJ.


This. No way am I passing up the chance to kill her, by my own hands or not, after what she did in season 1.


What’s sad to me about this situation with Lily is, She and I were cool season 1 but then she just murders Carley or Doug for no damn reason. I didn’t even leave her on the side of the road or help Kenny kill Larry. But now I can’t stand her.