Telltales Walking Dead final season


Aside from Clem, who is your favorite character from the series? Lee is an obvious choice. Louis and Violet are both so solid…but man, I miss Kenny. :frowning:

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Let him kill her for the educational effect alone. She was clearly a threat and for me it was obvious that Lily is beyond redemption or turning back from what she has done.


I miss him too. I wish we had a dream sequence with him, similar to Lee’s. Wish Clem could show him how well she raised AJ.

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My fave is AJ but Kenny is my second favorite

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I had AJ kill Lily. James talks about how AJ is going to become the type of person that Clem and the kids fear, but I’ve held the opinion that it’s more important to make sure people you care about survive, than it is to make sure they are nice people, especially in the current state of the world in The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Besides this, Lily has no regard for human life, not even the life of children. She’s murdered some (like Mitch), she’s brainwashed and traumatized others, tortured children (depending on your choices), and used children as cannon fodder. She deserved to die.


I regret coming on here because I am avoiding spoilers until the whole series is out so I can play Clem’s story in one big epic story but… is anyone else having problems with downloading Episode 3 in the UK on PS4? I have looked all over the PS Store and not a sign of it, it’s not appearing on the home page either. I suppose it might be available via the game itself but I don’t want to spoil anything first until I get the chance to play the first three seasons (including my first time with New Frontier). Am I doing something terribly wrong or missing something? I figure I need to ask these questions to see if it’s just me, because I get the impression others in the UK have been playing it. :disappointed:

EDIT: Found out you can download Episode 3 but only on the game itself. Annoying but as least I know now.


I really do hope Clem and AJ get a happy ending for ONCE especially since this is the final season.


I do too…but the scene where they talk about what happens if she were to turn, gave me flashbacks of Clem and Lee. Made me think that they may end her story the way that it began, except she will be the Lee and AJ will be the Clem… :frowning:


I’ve been saying this a lot, and I can’t say I’m completely sure about Clem dying in the last chapter but there are so many moments tha foreshadow that happening especially this scene about Clementine dying and AJ shooting her or not.

Also, idk how to feel if it ends up happening; in one hand I can see that it would be a fitting ending in some way (if it’s good written of course) to see how AJ has turned in the future if Clem dies and seeing if he still carries all the principles she taugh him, but in the other hand Clem has been in every season and making her die after all we’ve been through with her I would like to see her happy for once ;(

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I stayed out of this thread until I had gotten the chance to play chapter 3, and now that I have…

It’s gonna end bad.

I hope I’m wrong. I really hope that the writers find someway to create a happy or at least hopeful ending, but I don’t see it. Maybe Clem and AJ, and Violet or Louis could find some safe place to live for a while, but that’s not an ending. In the universe of the Walking Dead finding safety is how the story starts. The Farm. The Prison. That town with the walls (I forget what it was called). Or in the game, its the school, the motel, the home depot. The story is about our protagonists having their safety ripped away, or about them destroying what ever safety someone else might have found.

So if the story was going on there could be a happy ending. Clem and company could find a new place and we could try to defend it in the next season, but this is the “final season,” and I think that there’s only one way it can end.

Thematically it works too. The survivors are the real walking dead in this universe, right? The world is over and there are a few people who are still going through the motions of surviving, but there’s no progress. People aren’t building new cultures, even families are rare. In this world dying is a release, and a realization of reality.

Wow. I kinda got carried away there. I hope I’m wrong. I love Clem. She’s honestly one of the favorite characters I’ve ever gotten to be in a video game. If she dies, I’m going to be devastated, but I really think that’s what’s going to happen.


In your opinion, who’s the better romance ? Louis or Violet ?


@CreoleGuy519 James


I did both…I always go for charismatic dudes so I did Louis first. It was cute but it felt like I was almost betraying Violet after all she had done for Clem. Then I did Violet’s and hers was good too. I think it’s a matter of what your Clem is like and whether or not you want a more playful or more intense romance. I always play a flirty, sarcastic MC which is why I went for Louis first…but it turns out my Clem is more serious and values loyalty in her World soooo Violet ftw :heart:

Wow. I can BABBLE. Basically they are both good, just depends on your Clem. I am going to be So sad when this series ends. So freaking compelling. :frowning:


So uhm- anyone wants to scream about the latest episode 'cause im in denial of it being over and casually searched the game up on this forum in hope to feed my bittersweet sadness with some discussions filled with muffled tears? And yes- I finished it literally minutes ago but came here after scrolling through tumblr for a minute or 10.


Gahhhh…I am waiting to play this weekend…but your post makes it sound like it ends the way I thought it would :frowning: so now I will have to rethink which day this weekend I can sacrifice to bawling my eyes out.


I can’t believe it’s over >< but I liked the ending at least. Didn’t expect it.


This thread made me want to play it before being spoiled, so I’m downloading it to play now haha…


I thought you did download before :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?

Never mind, you guys are talking about the final episode.


Yeah, I’m downloading the final episode! My PS4 died a few months back though so I have to play from the beginning again… :sob:


Welp, considering it will probably take a total of 10 hours for the whole season, this will sound like fun.