Life is Strange

I wanna know how many of you guys have played this awesome game by Dontnod. Any thoughts on the choices? Opinions on the plot? Favorite characters? Remember to tag any spoilers!


Hey! I played through Life is Strange! My thoughts?

The dialogue often made me wince, not gonna lie. They didn’t seem to get teenagers use things like “cereal” for serious and “hella” for hell ironically, so when the characters used these in serious situations I groaned and it really took from the emotional impact. I’m specifically thinking when Chloe confesses to Max that she thinks Nathan sexual assaulted her. It could have been a really emotional moment, but the dialogue completely took me out of it.

I liked Max as a character and actually really like Nathan as a character. I like most of the side characters to be frank. Chloe didn’t grow on me until the final episode so far, which I know isn’t the normal. I just thought she was too clingy and high maintenance, not to mention the constant guilt tripping she’s giving Max.

I would say my favorite character is Nathan hands down. I feel for the guy, but I also don’t trust him. He’s such a good scapegoat that I chose him as my suspect even when I didn’t think he was the one pulling the strings. At most I thought he had sexually abused/raped Kate and the other girls, now I’m wondering if he’s the one who even did that.

Frank would tie in as my second favorite character. He’s an ass, but he can be very loving too. When you befriend him/ally him later on, I really liked him. You can tell he really loves Rachel Amber.

Despite some of the games flaws, it’s really good with foreshadowing and subtle hints. Looking back through all the clues, I can really see I should have picked Jefferson as the suspect. There was just so many clues! Even his pictures that you see around campus give off the “kidnapper” vibe. The conversation he’s having at the beginning in class was about innocence.

I love the story as a whole and I love trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. I love how many little details were put around the game for you to find when you’re exploring. I do think the characters could use some work and the dialogue, though.


I think Chloe is clingy because she’s scared to lose someone (again)

And the game is pretty good except the part where you have to find the bottles (but at least you get to make Chloe shoot herself in the boob and rewind)

And I couldn’t save Kate the first time so I switched my console off and on to retry because she’s my favourite character


Chloe is my least favorite character hands down.


it one better episodes games that is out there, way better storyline then any game of thrones or any others out there, do you do play teenage girl, there nothing teenage about it, the game does a lot stuff that will make you want to play again, but the choice are great sometimes you want to choose more than one, for 20 dollars for this game, it well worth it, square enix did wonderful job here, But the best part about this game that you can control time, something that been missing for long time

And yes- things like “hella” and “cereal” seemed too forced- them trying to NOT seem mainstream kind of made it more so, the dialogue I mean. The plot is pretty original.


I decided to wait until the last part of it comes out. Learned my lesson after The Wolf Among Us.

Yes! I personally like the dialogue, it’s fitting for teenagers, but I know some moments weren’t quite there. I cried my eyes out when they found the body in the bag.

Regardig Chloe, I kinda went backwards. I started really liking her, then she annoyed the hell out of me in the second and third episodes, with all the choices you can make to piss her off, like being on David’s side for once. I really liked alt reality Chloe, tho! She was pretty awesome. Right now, I’m starting to understand her character a bit more and I’m gradually liking her again.

I also am a big fan of Nathan, can’t wait to see more of him. David too, after you snoop through his things and realize he knows something fishy is going on.

I could have never have pegged Jefferson as the bad guy, he was just so nice! I still don’t hate him, I just know the game is about to throw some real shit in the fan yet.


Yes, that part was a bit annoying. I did like finding out Rachel and Chloe’s hideout, and the photos you take there are sweet!


A lot of people seem to think so, and I don’t blame you. Her attitude towards serious things is super immature. She has been through a lot of stuff, and in alternate reality, you can see that the reason she’s so possessive, clingy and pissy cause her dad died. Also, the developers are french, and I found out some time ago some of these teenage expressions were suggested by the daughter of one of them devs. I did find some funny, and the puns were my favorite. The more cringeworhty, the better.

I know why she’s clingy, I wouldn’t have minded it so much if she wasn’t such a jerk about it though. Like I imagine she would be the type to yell at you for letting her phone call get past the second ring.

One of my all time favorite parts of the game is when Chloe begins to break down about her father in the car when she’s driving with Max. It was so completely realistic it brought me a year back or so. I know that’s how I ended up reacting after finally being willing to feel about someone I cared about dying.

Her line about how he “just left her” hit home. That is how you can feel when someone you love dies suddenly. Really the stages of grief Chloe goes through are very realistic and I loved it.

I also kind of liked David but I didn’t believe he should get to stay with Chloe and her family like a lot of the player base seemed to. The fact that he hit her proved to me he was too unstable to be worth it. No matter the intention, that is not okay, David!


Idk why I thought the creators were Canadian XD
I liked Alt. Reality Chloe too. If they didn’t make the plot line so linear- (I love simulation games so this is basically impossible for a regular- or episodic game like this) I would try to find ways to keep her dad alive ;o;

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The euthanasia part breaks my heart. Her dad is alive and she had everything good going for her up until the accident. She had time to grow up and develop with a caring and loving family and all of a sudden she becomes a burden for them. It’s really really sad. Keeping her dad alive means she dies and keeping her alive means her dad dies. It’s like a cycle of inevitability that mimics life.


And yeah, I had forgotten about that time! That’s the one defining trait for David for a whole three episodes, so you initally hate him if you take the blame for the blunt or keep hidden in the closet either way. And he sort of harassed sweet Kate too. He has good intentions, however, he has PTSD, which makes him super paranoid and pushy.

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@belgrade Yeah, I know one commenter compared Chloe’s two fathers to the cars they each gave her. One was flashy and nice, but not reliable Her getting in to the accident the other was rough around the edges but kept her safe.

And I agree that David could be a good step dad, but he shows tendencies for violence when she doesn’t listen and let’s face it, when does Chloe listen? I know he “only” smacked her and didn’t beat the crap out of her, but I feel like it could get to that point, and I just can’t…

So when I got the choice to throw David out, I took it. Not because I thought his intentions were wrong, as the game automatically assumes, I did it because for all that he’s a good person, he’s still dangerous.

That is one HUGE thing I hate about the game. It gives you all these morally grey areas and awesome story points, but then it assumes you could only be doing something for ONE really black/white reason.

For instant, what I described with David above, or when I chose Nathan as my suspect. I didn’t choose him because I thought he was the murder, I chose him because he was the best lead. Why would I go after the creepy teacher or PTSD security guard with I don’t have nearly as much proof against them. Going after Nathan is logical, he obviously knows something/did something and he’s sloppy enough to leave a trail.

All I can say…is Life is Strange is a freaking awesome game, and the voice acting is top notch for the most part…The only thing killing me is the wait for the finale episode release (hopefully on time) October 20th.

Love the story, love the characters, love the game.

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You all should look up “Dashiegames” on YouTube and watch him play- I love him so much

Lol I was thinking that the final ep was going to be released on October 11 to coincide with the day of the tornado. A whole month left to wait for the ending then. Can’t wait to see what happens and how Max gets out of her current situation.

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Dude…I’ve been tweaking since EP1 I got LiS at launch…This will teach me to wait till the WHOLE game is released before buying…With the ending cliffhangers of all episodes namely 3 and 4…It has been a very trying time. Dotnod has a real gem here, they should be proud.

Personally I would had enjoyed it more if the protagonist was male.

I can’t rp as a woman…

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Eh, there is already so many RPG’s with a male lead. Witcher comes to mind.

I know? I still bought and played life is strange I just wrote down my personal preference.