Life is Strange

As was I. I wasn’t trying to be hostile or anything. Personally I have no trouble RPing as a male or female role. I grew up playing RPGs and a lot of them only had male MC’s, so I just got used to them.


True and thats probably the reason that the female protagonist leaves a bad taste in my mouth if I play her for too long.

So Episode 5 just released. Thoughts?

Remember to tag spoilers for episode five here so that people don’t accidentally see them.

Episode 5 spoilers (Not in depth, the choice is not described)

The final choice was just so messed up, I honestly sat there for a good five minutes. Go figure it had a complete 50/50 in the final graphs.


I’m downloading episode 5 right now (excited squeal)

I had a urge revive inside me that I wanted to play as a man and punch everyone.


Having played the finale now… Hats off to everyone who worked on this game. The ending was amazing.

I just finished the the fifth episode minutes ago. The endings were beautiful either way and it couldn’t have been done any other way. Excuse me. I need to go find a quiet spot and just…do stuffs.

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Just did away with the ending.

So in a none spoilery way I will say my opinion now.

Episode 5 is a load of pretentious crap.

Thats the gist of it.

I went from this is a nice cool story to Really? Really? Fuck you storywriter pretentious fuck.

Spoilery Opinion:

Fuck it fuck it to hell episode 5 is shit beyond mass effect 3 levels of pretentiousness. Who the fuck do the developers think they are to ask us to nullify our entire fucking list of choices?

No screw you developers I make my choices and I fucking keep them.

I could write a fucking better ending.Fuck I will.Jefferson for some asshine reason actually gets the power to remember what you do in the alternate timelines like we gained our power.The whole thing climaxes in the light house amidst the storm where you get to choose between killing jefferson while hurting chloe in the process or saving chloe and hurting yourself and jefferson getting arrested after that.

See its not that hard.

What’s this game for? Ios? Android? Is it a platform game?

It’s a PC game. I think it’s also on consoles.

I just finished episode 5 and I loved it I don’t know how to do the spoiler thing so I’m gonna say THE TOWN HAS BEEN SAVED and when Max started crying two pieces of dust flew into both my eyes (pffft totally didn’t cry)

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[spoiler] [/spoiler ]

Without the space between the final r and ]

Please edit that into your post.

Nobody is gonna say anything about my opinion?

Well I wouldn’t go that far to say its shit, yes your choices don’t really matter but its not really about the ending for me it was about the story, and to have a better ending let Max sacrifice herself to save chloe

Edit: oh yeah I liked the me3 ending (it wasn’t what I expected)

I mean that would be way more out of nowhere. Jefferson suddenly getting powers is absurd, especially with no foreshadowing.

And none of your 3 choices were relavent to the rest of the game, either.

This ending was foreshadowed, planned, and built up from the beginning. Yours isn’t.


Is the ending different if you kiss Chloe in an earlier episode

@SheaMcD If you earned enough Chloe points, in the sacrifice Chloe ending, Max and Chloe will kiss again. No changes in the sacrifice Arcadia Bay as far as I can tell.


Yea I got that ending I was just asking

Regarding episode 5… I found the whole arc in which Chloe being alive causes the tornado a bit lazy, I was hoping for something different than the “butterfly effect” ending. Saved the town here, but I’m really curious about what happens and who dies if you just save Chloe.

All in all, I really liked the final interaction with David, that dialogue humanized him a lot. The dark room saga was damn scary, Jefferson is a major creep! Too bad we couldn’t talk to Nathan again, that phone call you get in the car to the diner broke my heart. Guess I’m a sucker for redemption.

That reality warp thing is sooo weird! Love the little details on that sequence, like the flashbacks with Chloe and the dorms, ugh that was fun!

I’ve got nothing else but praises for this game. This final episode had me brooding for the past day something awful. I stopped only to play the last episode of Tales from the Borderlands, which also came out on the 20th.

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@belgrade No idea. They never showed who dies in the tornado. Just a lot of destroyed buildings, one body in tarp and that’s about it. The Two Whales is still up but Warren never gets your message to evacuate because your messages never went through. It’s possible that most people survived but it’s also possible that no one survived. No kiss in this ending but I feel that the timing is inappropriate to allow for one anyways. Regardless page 73 of Max’s diary definitely shows that they will go all the way eventually.