Life is Strange


Red or Blue ending?

To be fair though they did do A LOT of forewarning and foreshadowing of what all your actions were leading up to. Now with that said, they should have expounded on the ending, hell a little vague write-up to what happened to the characters would have done miracles.

Before the ep5 9/10 game after 7/10 .


I’m conflicted about it. One one hand I think the Chloe ending would have been great if LiS was a non-choice game or a book, but it being a choice game annoyed me.

I mean why was telling David about Chloe a major decision? What did it change?


It changed nothing the ending of life is strange takes the mass effect level of pretentiousness to 11.

By the way I still want a better ending for mass effect 3.


My thoughts on the LiS endings: the game’s narrative have always been building up to those two endings and it was never going to be a happy ending at all. To me, this is the main difference with the ME3 endings in which the Task Manager’s presence was never even foreshadowed in the first place (which is the main reason why the ending for that game sucked hard for me).

LiS never had a fix what went wrong vibe to it and in fact there were lots of instances where Max’s actions cause things to go way worse. The first instance of photo time travel is the most obvious one, but there’s also the reason why Victoria was kidnapped by Jefferson in the first place. Because you warned her about Nathan’s potential involvement and she ran off to Jefferson’s arms.

There is a sense that while some things can be made better by time traveling, there is also a sense that a lot of things cannot simply be bandaged up by reversing time and choosing something else. We choose things based on the information presented to us at the time and hope for the best because it’s all we can do, which feels like the game’s general message to begin with.

That being said, I do have some things that might improve the game’s endings. Firstly, elaborate a little more on the save Chloe. Who died? Did they leave immediately after the tornado ended or did some time passed? A kiss during their drive away from town would be inappropriate but a kiss before making this decision would have helped and Max could confirm that she would never leave Chloe again, that sort of thing.

Secondly, add a third ending: Max sacrifices herself when she photo travels to prevent Chloe from dying. Since the troubles of the game came about due to Max’s time traveling shenanigans, this would also have been a good way to end the tornado, saving the bae and the bay at the expense of her own life. What? Were you expecting a happy ending from me after what I just said?


It would have changed the David’s attitude if you saved the town instead of Chloe (Team blue all the way), but it was rendered to thoughtful head-cannon since they did not extrapolate the endings.

A big fix in tl;dr terms one paragraph write up after the final choice about what happens after the storm, would give full closure, but as it stand it still feels like an open wound.


I like the bae and bay part but yea I would have liked that 3rd ending


Found out through reddit a lot of people weren’t happy with the ending so here are some thoughts;
At some point, any game that rely on choices is going to have converging endings, rendering some of your choices meaningless. There is no way to fit in every sigle probability on a linear story and expect different endings that correspond to all of them. Bioware, Telltale, Quantic Dream, all of these developers have limited resources and time to create a certain experience to the player, selling the “choices matter” motto. While they make that the most important factor, along with writing, they do have a lot more to work on. The beauty of CoG games involves two factors: simplicity and imagination. The engine is simple, a combination of IFs and the writers imagination to create something richer than words. Big developers are occupied not writing changes and programming consequences because they are working on player guides and environment.
In the end, we have these big companies having to make choices for the player because they simply don’t have time or money to make something with a bigger impact story-wise. LiS was a low budget project, and while the end felt dull by making your choices meaningless, I sort of already knew it was going to be like that. Too many variables, like Mordin once said. I liked the ending because I knew what to expect. Something good does come out of this for the developers: people talk. The indoctrination theory for Mass Effect 3 got a lot of people talking and one thing I learned from Alec Baldwin’s character in 30 Rock is that an unsatisified audience is an audience. People still bought the game, I still bought the game even knowing about that trainwreck of an ending. And I wasn’t disappointed (much), the story is absolutely amazing if you discard the last 20 minutes. That ending wasn’t even lazy, it was a slap in the face of all fans of the series.
'Nuff said about Mass Effect. Life is Strange is an amazing, emotional experience. It left a bittersweet taste in my mouth and I loved it to bits, from start to finish. I understand why some people didn’t and I don’t blame them. So there, some of the reasons why I think it wasn’t a bad ending.


Third ending, nice! The more the merrier. Although I think the tornado still would’ve happened because Chloe is alive. The one rule of time travelling is not changing anything about the past, and saving Chloe in the bathroom is changing something, I suppose. Could be a small tornado though, since there’s one week left untouched by Max’s little time-travelling nosy hands.


I usually dont buy games but since the first episode I fell in love with this one and I simply had to buy it. This game is one of the games of the year along with Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones and The Witcher 3.


@belgrade I personally think that it would have ended with the snowflakes. I think that it’s not Chloe being alive that made the difference, it’s all the changes that Max made that changed everything. But everything from this point onwards is speculation only. So have fun speculating!


Loved it. Played through all 5 episodes after eagerly awaiting the 5th after finishing the 4th -_-

It was 100% great.


Excellent game! this studio made a very good job.
And the author, Alain Damasio, is working on Windwalker, the adaptation of his novel La Horde du Contrevent.


And because life is weird


I very much liked this game! Though it linear…
Plot interesting) the Best character, of course Max!


Very cool mork!


Hey guys i saw that DONTNOD made the first episode of Life Is Strange free so i though it was a good idea to put the link here since it a kind of COG (and also give you a good opportunity to play this game if you didn’t do it since the full release, how can you live without Chloe “Hella” Price ?)


That game was amazing. It wasn’t really my type but I found it interest. The only thing I found wrong with the game was the fact ethan was the only romance. I mean WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!. What about Chloe (am I saying any of these names right?)? In my opinion she or anyone else should have been a choice any one else???


Well Chloe was a romance, sort of (not sure if spoilers or not but I’m too lazy to do the whole spoiler tag thing) 'cuz on my play through Max kissed Chloe twice (but you need to get the sad ending to kiss her a second time)


I think there are only two possible “romance” in the game Warren (the USB guy) and Chloe even if it’s not really in the game except for the dare kiss and the player imagination.


Sad endings suck. But what I mean is if there’s a second game (fingers crossed) Chloe could be a real romance instead of just boys. Choice game are all about choosing. I.E Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Witcher and all the rest.


There is a second Life is strange game on it’s way but for the moment we don’t know if thre will be Max and Chloe so let’s play the waiting game.