Life is Strange


I love the friendship between Max and Kate. I would ship’em but Kate’s religion stands in the way. Other than that they could make a great couple. Max’s tomboyish nature plays pretty well off of Kate’s girly girl nature. Plus there’s a Game of Thrones Tell tale Game where the player plays a group of characters. There’s a member of the Forrester family that looks like Kate.

I keept thinking of Max, Chloe, and Kate somehow traveling to Westros and Kate and her doppleganger would meet. There’s a few differences between them. Kate’s eyes have dark bags around them.


It could, but, at the same time, it might not. You can be religious and gay. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Just 'cause someone might be gay/lesbian or bisexual doesn’t mean that they can’t have faith in a higher being. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s actually a very well-executed and beautifully drawn fan-made VN of the game, Love is Strange. I think it was mentioned earlier in this game before it was actually released by @Grapefruit, but it’s actually fully finished and out now for free. As a gay man, I’m not particularly interested in it, but for the folks that are interested, it’s free and can be found over on their tumblr page. It’s PG-13, mind you.


Oh wow, just finished the game, I can honestly say, thats the best game I have ever played. Life is strange game is osom, incredible, interesting. I like the atmosphere, characters, reality. I just can’t express my feelings…


I love this game!! My Max is gay. In the pool I had Max say, “Boys are icky.” to Chloe and when she’s talking to Kate Marsh and she asks that the boy who likes her can come. I Max says, “No. Only girls allowed!”


Life is Strange is probably one of my favorite games ever and the music was amazing. I actually hadn’t played this until recently when my girlfriend, @_l1ttleliar, was talking to me about the soundtrack and I mentioned I had never played it so she suggested that I fix that…I spent the next 10 hours straight absorbed. I was constantly yelling “Tell her you love her!” at Chloe and Max and “Give me 3ft!” to Warren (I just wanted to slap that guy).


There is a fan visual novel called love is strange and you can romance Kate, Chloe, Victoria and Rachel in it


Yeah I played that and it was pretty good, though I only played romancing Chloe since they are soulmates and I can’t bring myself to have Max fall for anyone else! :heart_eyes:


I have but one quote to say about this game:

Bae over Bay.


I liked the Victoria route better


So surprised no one has talked about the announcement of Life is Strange 2? I’m hearing all sorts of suggestions like it’s going to be a prequel with Rachel Amber and Chloe, or just something with the same feel but otherwise new characters and possibly different powers. Regardless I think it’s an interesting world and whilst I’m looking forwards to Vampyr first I wait to see what Dontnod have in mind for LIS2.

Oh and LIS is currently a Playstation Plus freebie, so if you don’t have it yet it’s a way to get to play it for free.


Honestly I refused to believe it until I saw actual proof :stuck_out_tongue: My girlfriend and I talked about this prequel since she was the one who got me hooked on the first game. Both of us truly feel that Max and Chloe are soulmates and felt a bit jealous when Rachel got brought up so having the next installment dive into the relationship of Chloe and Rachel is a bit hard for us.


Have the same feelings here I shipped those two from the start. What I have heard about LiS2 has left me with a meh attitude, going from awesome time warping powers to Chloe’s backtalk…(Tho I do love a good verbal throw down now and again).

Heh might be I am still miffed at the ending of EP5 of LiS (I knew the outcome would come down to a red or blue choice, but there was no closure, a little a la Bioware slide show to offer a brief insight of the future. Like who might have survived the tornado, or if you accidentally clicked the wrong button and saved the town instead of Chloe, what would the be aftermath and how each person lives would be affected.


I felt the same about the ending of the first, like all that and still no “I love you Chloe!” :unamused: I didn’t personally see a choice in the end, but then again I have no issues with what I had to do to protect the girl I love (or Max loves :stuck_out_tongue:)


Apparently the prequel Before the Storm and LIS 2 are two different projects. Deck Nine is releasing the prequel game whilst DontNod will eventually release the sequel. Sadly because of the Voice Actors Strike the actress who plays Chloe can’t be involved so they have a voice alike, but apparently she actually checked over and helped write a lot of Chloe’s dialogue to ensure the younger Chloe sounds right.


Honestly, the whole prequel with Chloe thing doesn’t appeal to me at all. What brought me to this game was the interesting time rewind aspect and the different changes and outcomes you can reach depending on your decisions. The soap opera was always secondary.


I agree to an extent, without the time travel aspect something is lost a little with the choices since you could see where things might go a little easier as Max in the original. But they do have an interesting set up given how unknown a quality Rachel Amber was in the first game, so it might be interesting to see what sort of person she is.

Two additional interesting tidbits to know about… the game will have a playlist of songs you can mix and match in the game’s background with, and whilst the main game will just be three episodes with the first in August Deck Nine are planning a bonus episode as part of the Season Pass where you get to play as Max again, thought it will be set before Max left Arcadia Bay.


Could be interesting, but it seems to me this will be a slashfic writer’s fantasy, and I’m definitely not among them lol.


Yes played this game. It is very interesting game. If you want to play this type of game find out here games similar to life is strange.Find out here Life Is Strange alternatives


Testament to me liking the genre that I have played most of those games already, though I downloaded Murdered: Soul Suspect a while back and still have yet to play it.


Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Bundle is now up for pre order, Episode 1 is out the end of the month. The Deluxe edition (with pre order) apparently includes:

  • Pre Order Exclusive: Chloe’s classic outfit from the original Life is Strange (including blue hair?).
  • Pre Order Exclusive: Special LIS: BTS PS4 Theme
  • Access to all three episodes.
  • Exclusive Bonus Episode ‘Farewell’ where you play as a young Max.
  • Exclusive Mixtape Mode: “Design your own playlist from the Life is Strange licensed soundtrack and listen to it alongside a cinematic scene from the game.”
  • Exclusive Outfits Pack: Dress Chloe in Punk, Hawt Dog Man and Illuminati outfits.